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I'm also known as My Broken Quill down in and I fell in love as soon as I saw The Back. You know what I'm talking about.


In The Works

* A long one that starts as a Logan/Jean but ends up Logan/Rogue. Lots of angst, romance and drama.

* Logan/Rogue Rogue/Remy. A sad one this time.

* Third part of the Logan and Marie: Rough and Loving It


I canít be bothered to write this on every chapter of every story so Iíll just write it here and tell you it applies to all. Although I play I do not own anything, in fact Iím not even allowed to borrow, which sucks because Hugh Jackman and I would have such cute babies Ö you know, if they uh took after him.

If you spot a mistake of any kind donít be shy to tell me, I will thank you kindly and give you many smilies.

Oh, and yes, you can archive as long as you tell me and give me the address so that I can go swoon at my fic on your fancy site.

Thatís it from me really,

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