Logan’s Past 13

“Marie?! Ma--*”

You wouldn’t think it was so very hard to hit one little switch to turn off an appliance, would you? Just one little switch! Or, even easier, click one little mouse button to change windows? Yeah, nothing too hard about that is there? Heck no! But am I coordinated enough to do either? Hell no! And once again I find myself to be the fortunate one to witness a confused and sputtering wolverine! If the look on his face didn’t concern me so much I might actually laugh. But he’s none too happy.

Enhanced senses aside, all it takes is 20/20 vision and the photographic record of wedded bliss on my computer screen is clear as day to anyone.

“Marie! What the hell is that???”

“What the hell is what, Logan?”

“Th-th-that! That picture! On your computer! I-It looks like a goddamned wedding picture!”

Now, I could make a snide joke and call him something cute, like Captain Obvious, but I really don’t think he’s in the mood for something like that, do you? Nah, I didn’t think so either.

“Well, that really is a coincidence, Logan, it looks like a wedding photo because it is a wedding photo!” Can’t help but fold my arms over my chest and looked annoyed. It wasn’t a conscious thing, just came along for the ride while I was talking. Logan comes stomping over, leaning in, staring for all he’s worth at the computer. Forehead all screwed up, eyebrows knitted so close together I swear he just knitted two and is on his way to ‘pearling’ one!

“Tell me that isn’t you, Marie! Tell me right now! Because you are too young to be married!”

Can you tell that he’s ranting on pure emotion? It hasn’t registered that the photo is a sepia tone black and white. It hasn’t registered that the clothing is so far out of date, the costume department for Titanic: The Movie used this picture as inspiration. And last but certainly not least, he hasn’t noticed that the ‘me’ in the wedding dress in the photo is standing next to ‘him’ in a very sharp, but alas, also out of date, suit!

I ‘could’ go ahead and tell him that it’s not me; but is it? Or, isn’t it? Or, well, you know what I mean! I don’t want to drag it out and drive him totally insane. I mean, we all know that Wolverine is half way there ninety-nine percent of the time anyway, no sense in pushing that last percentage point for no reason. But something inside me is really very hesitant to try and answer that ridiculous question. More than likely it’s the part that has no freakin’ clue as to the damned answer!!

Do you suppose he’d pop the claws if I were honest with him and said I didn’t know? Yeah, I’m not sure about that either!

Aw, shit!

“Logan, Logan!” he’s starting to get that crazy look in his eye, I know I’m taking too damn long to answer him, but what the hell does he expect me to do?? Well, here’s hoping that I’m fast enough if the hardware does make an appearance!



Well, I gotta give him credit for looking at least slightly taken aback. Don’t think I’ve ever yelled at him like that!

“Logan, sit the heck down and I will *try* and explain.”

“What the fuck are you talkin’ ‘bout, Marie? What d’ya mean ‘try an explain’?? What’s there to explain?? Either you’re married or your not, and ya better well not be, I’m tellin’ ya that right now!!”

“Logan, I swear, if you don’t lower your voice and stop yelling at me, I will not be responsible for what happens to ya when I let my ‘Southern charm’ out and decide to let it bash your hollow metal head in! NOW! SIT. THE FUCK. DOWN!”

Heh! Shoulda started using that tone of voice a long time ago! Logan just plopped down like a scolded puppy! I think I mighta just managed to scare him! Woo-hoo for me!!

“Ok, thank you. Now, before I start to explain this, ya gotta understand that I can’t explain ‘everything’ just yet.”

“Aw c’mon, Marie! Waddya mean ya can’t explain everything? Like I said, either you’re married or your not, what’s so hard about that?”

I swear, that head of his really is hollow!! “Logan, what I mean is exactly what I said! Not everything is as crystal clear as I’d like it to be at this point, and because of that I was NOT ready to talk to you about all this. But seeing as how you managed to stumble in here, unannounced, uninvited and without warning; as usual, I’m gonna try and do the best I can! So the least you can do is sit there, shut up, listen and hold the peanut gallery comments until I’m done! D’ya think you can do that? ‘Cause if you can’t, I’ll be more’n happy to haul your butt down to the med lab or the DR and secure you m’self before I start talking!!”

And here I thought a speechless Logan was such a rare thing! It’s becoming such an occurrence here, I’m thinking I might just have to remove it from the endangered species list!

But, ok, he seems to have settled, at least what passes for settled for Logan. Standing up and running my hands through my hair, I pace around a bit, trying to figure out where the hell to start. Some stupid smart ass from the recesses of my mind hollers out from the great abyss, ‘from the beginning!’ If I had the strength to figure out who it was, I’d hunt their fool mental ass down and kick it! But I’ve got more important crap to deal with right now, and hell! I might as well go with the only bit of advice I got…..

“Ok, Logan, the first thing I’m gonna warn ya is that you’ve gotta have kind of an open mind about some of this. It might seem a little too fantastic, but in a world with a memory and power sucking woman, a man with a metal enhanced skeleton and the world’s most powerful psychic, ‘fantastic’ sorta takes on a whole new definition if you catch my drift. Now, do ya think you can keep from bitin’ my head off if some of what I say sounds a little ‘out there’ at first? Or am I gonna havta get rough?”

Gotta give the man credit, he may look like he wants to tell me I’m full of shit, but I honestly think that curiosity has got this wolvie! He doesn’t sound very convinced, but he gives me his word, he’ll try and behave.

“I got no idea where the hell you’re headin’ with all this Marie, but I’ll listen. Don’t go bringin’ in any damned aliens or such nonsense, that’s where I draw the line!”

He’s got no idea what I’m gonna be tossin’ at him! “Not a problem, sugar. No aliens, I promise!” Just don’t lose it on me when I start babbling about time travelin’ dreams and screwed up alternate realities!

“Ok, well, it’s sort of like this……
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