Logan woke slowly the next morning, resting his forehead on the bare shoulder of the sleeping woman in his arms. He realised he had overslept when a moment later his alarm went off, a reminder that the first transfer of the day was due. Marie woke as he leaned over to switch off the alarm, watching her yawn and stretch leisurely a worrying thought suddenly occurred to him.

"Marie... are you controlling it?" he asked her suddenly, drawing Marie's still half-asleep attention to him.

"Huh?" she asked, sleepy and confused, as she frowned up at him.

"Your skin Marie, it's not doing anything, see," he added, reaching out and running his hand across Marie's belly, and up until he was cupping one of her breasts.

"Oh, my skin is doing plenty," Marie murmured, as the flesh in his hand tightened, and her little pink nipple jumped up to say hello. "I see what you mean though... no, I don't think I'm doing anything," she said softly, torn between excitement and worry. She wanted nothing more than to be free to touch, skin-to-skin, even if the only person she could ever touch was Logan she could live with that. But what would it mean for her health, if Logan couldn't heal her any more.

Obviously catching her concern Logan smiled reassuringly. "Let's not worry about it now, you're doing good, Jean & Hank will be back on Monday, we can get them to check it out then, maybe you just don't need my healing any more, maybe you're all better," he suggested confidently, sweeping a lock of hair off her cheek as he ran his thumb across her silky soft skin. "Let's just enjoy this while we've got it," he added, awe and a little bit of wonder creeping into his tone.

"I like the sound of that," Marie replied shyly, as her own hands joined the action.

When they finally left the bed, hours later, they migrated to the bathroom for a bit, before finally making it down to the kitchen around lunch time. If anyone noticed their Saturday morning absence none of the few people they ran into said anything. If Marie smiled a little wider, or Logan looked just a touch cockier than usual, it wasn't worth bringing up by any of the others, and when they disappeared later that afternoon no one thought anything of it.


"What do you think?" Logan asked, as Marie jumped out of the back of the truck camper she had just finished viewing.

"There's no bathroom," she replied, "I'd pick that one because it has a bathroom, stopping to pee on the side of the road might be fine for you but I would have slightly different needs in that department, I suppose it works for you though."

They had had a couple more discussions about moving on from the mansion but it seemed Marie still hadn't fully cottoned on to the idea that he was indeed planning on taking her with him when he left next time. Maybe she was worried such hopes were wishful thinking, either way, it was time to make it clear, if it still wasn't after last night. She was his, and he wasn't going anywhere without her right by his side.

"Alright, a bathroom," he turned to the sales guy who was following them around the lot, "The lady has spoken, newest model all mod-cons, and a bathroom, what do you have?" The sales guy pointed out three units a short distance away, running over the specs but warning them they were very new models, the year before, and that was reflected in the price.

After looking through all three of them Marie responded to Logan's querying, pointing out the second one of the group of three. She wasn't sure exactly what it was about that one that she liked over the other two but he asked so she answered. She almost fell over from shock when the salesman gave Logan a price, she knew he got his last camper to cover a bet some idiot redneck had made on one of his fights, but the twenty-seven thousand dollars the guy quoted was a lot more than she had been expecting. Apparently not Logan - though he managed to knock a few grand off the price for cash on the spot, and a promise to collect before closing, only two hours away - he didn't seem fazed by the price. And sure enough, he had twenty-five thousand dollars, in cash, on him.

"Where the hell did you get all that money from?" Marie asked, a short time later as they drove away from the RV lot, with a receipt of sale; they would need a different vehicle to get the camper moved. "And you know the Professor doesn't have any pick up’s, right? How are you going to collect the camper?" she added, as she wondered just what exactly Logan was up to.

Without a word he pulled into a car yard a little way down the road, flashing her a cocky grin before he got out of the now parked sports car.

"The pick up's already paid for," Logan said to her, as she trailed him across the lot, "We just need to make one final decision, the red, the blue, or the green?" he turned to Marie as he pointed to the three trucks not too far from the office. "Well?" he prompted, when she just stood there, staring open mouthed at him.

The salesman from this yard just watched in amusement, as the scene before him played out. All three trucks were the exact same, except for the colour, when the rough biker looking guy had paid for the vehicle the day before he hadn't been able to pick a colour, instead asked for all the available options to be on display, side by side, so his girlfriend could pick.

"They're- they're all the same except for the colour?" Marie confirmed, casting a calculating eye over the vehicles. "...The green," she eventually stated.

"Green it is," Logan declared, accepting the appropriate key from the salesman, along with a receipt confirming the vehicle had been collected. "You want to drive it?" Logan asked, offering her the keys with a smirk.

"No! No thank you," Marie replied, surprised that Logan would offer to let her drive his brand new truck. No way did she want to be responsible for crashing it on its way out of the lot.

"Suit yourself, you drive Chuck's car then, but you stay right behind me," he said, handing her the key to the sports car they had brought from the mansion. She was thankful is was just the sporty looking Mazda, and not the Porsche Logan usually preferred to borrow.


They pulled up out the front of the mansion about an hour and a half later. Logan pulled the new truck, with its new camper, around the garage and parked hidden away beside the building, while Marie returned the Mazda to its spot. If Logan had been hoping to sneak his new truck in unnoticed, he failed, as several students, and Ororo, saw them drive in and came to see who the unfamiliar vehicle was delivering. Some, seeing it was just Logan, wandered off again, while other curious souls – mainly the youngest students – timidly asked if they could see inside the camper.

"Are you planning on leaving?" Marie heard Ororo softly ask Logan, worriedly, from where the two were standing a way off, while Marie supervised the kids exploring the camper.

"Eventually," Logan shrugged nonchalantly.

"Uh, well, where will you go?" Ororo asked, now frowning uncertainly.

"Wherever the road leads is usually how I operate," Logan replied.

"H- How will we contact you if Rogue needs you again?" Ororo queried, catching more of Marie's attention; just what exactly was Logan planning. His only response was a secretive grin and a wink, before he headed back to the camper, and ordered all the 'brats' out. Ororo seemed satisfied with his non response, as she smiled softly, before ushering all the kids back to where they had been playing, leaving Logan and Marie alone again.

"So, how will I contact you while you're cruising the highways in this thing?" Marie asked curiously, as she closed all the cupboards the kids had opened.

"I imagine opening your mouth and letting words come out would be sufficient most of the time, you know, if we're in here, or the cab, might have to raise your voice a little if we stop to explore," Logan replied, that grin still playing on his lips.

Marie decided to bite the bullet, Logan had been dropping hints for weeks now, and the fact he had bought the camper she chose, was all leading her to think this was all part of some elaborate scheme to get her to come with him. His comment from weeks earlier had been playing in her head fairly regularly, 'I'd be happy to wander with you ... you never know, you might like the company', he had said.

“So, are you going to be taking me with you then?" she asked directly.

"No," Logan replied, "I'm not 'taking' you anywhere... but I won't stop you if you want to come with me, I'd like your company."

Marie felt her own smile grow as he spoke, until she was smiling so widely she felt like her face was going to split in half. It took her a moment to realise why the room was growing fuzzy, as a tear finally slid down her cheek. "When do we leave?" she asked, happily.

"No rush," Logan replied, "When we're ready..."

"Sweet, I'll be ten minutes, just gonna run in and pack my bag," Marie replied, giggling when Logan scooped her up, as she made to dart around him out of the camper, before sitting them both down in the small couch.

"That's cute kid, but no, we need to check in with the docs first about this latest development," he reminded her, again running his bare hand over her bare cheek, before tugging her forward to kiss her gently. "Plus, this thing needs to be stocked, it's got appliances but it needs dishes, bedding, that sort of shit, we can do that tomorrow though," Logan said, pulling her back to her feet, and leading her back out so they could head inside for dinner. Both feeling nothing but contentment in the knowledge that they weren't alone anymore.
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