Hank looked at his watch it was going on 20 minutes since he and Scott communicated. He was fearing the worst. Jean came to his side also with a look of worry etched on her face.

"Have you heard from Scott?" Jean said.

"Not since 20 minutes ago."

Nothing but worry, guilt, and bone chilling dread inundated Jean. Scott never did radio silence, she felt like something terrible was happening. It wasn't all that different than the feeling she got before Stryker's goons attacked the school and she nearly sacrificed herself for the team. She allowed Kurt to teleport her to safety before the treacherous waters crashed down on her. That's when she heard grunting.

"Logan!" Jean exclaimed. "You need to relax, your healing factor took quite a bit of damage."

"I'll be fine red, stop fussing over me." Logan said with more irritation than was necessary. Jean gave him a shocked look, but backed away from him. He didn't mean to be so harsh, however if he was ever going to have a future with Marie then he needed to show her that Jean was no longer a contender for his heart.

Looking around Logan noticed Marie was missing. "Where's Rogue?" Logan asked.

"Scott, Rogue, and Stark haven't made it back yet," Jean said, and the hint of distress and worry in her voice didn't go unnoticed by Logan.

"How long have they been gone," Logan practically growled not liking what he was being told.

"Going on 25 minutes now," Beast said interjecting himself into the tense exchange.

That's when they felt the jet's foundation begin to shake, before mere moments later a catastrophic explosion was seen from where the facility had been. The abled bodied X-men ran down the ramp of the jet, and toward the explosion. Logan could smell the surronding woodland burning and creating the smell of ash, and a more acrid smell of burning flesh.

Running ahead of the others, he started to scour the woods trying to pick up Marie's scent.

Jean picked up Logan's panicked thoughts Come on darlin', where are you? Please be alright. Please for the love of god be alright Marie

Then Jean picked up another mental signature. She's gone, god they're really gone. Come on Tony they deserve to know.

"Oh god no," Jean cried out falling to her knees. Tears starting to prickle her eyes.

"Jean, what's wrong?" Beast inquired concerned over her emotional outburst.

Jean look over to her left seeing Tony stumbling before them. His face plate was lifted up so it wasn't hard to see the grave look on his face. Tony looked toward her and silently voiced his condolences.

"What the hell..." Logan said looking between Jeans grief stricken position and Tony sans Marie and Scott.

"Where is she? Where the hell is she? Logan screamed not willing to acknowledge what was staring him in the face.

"I'm so sorry my friends. They gave me a message that they wanted me to show you. It would be easier if we did this on the jet."

The X-men walked solemnly beck onto the jet, and Tony placed his face plate on one the seats. A projection popped up with Marie's face.

Hey Guys, I guess we all knew this day would come. This is the work that we do, and the ugly truth is sometimes heroes don't come home. I love you all. I will always always always love you. You guys have to take care of each other now. You have to remain strong and continue the good fight." Then Scott's face emerged in the projection. "It has been my prestige to fight alongside you guys, and have you as my family. I will always love and cherish you all. However the good of the many outweigh the good of the few. Goodbye and be strong X-men."

The majority of the X-mens heads were hanging low in grief. Some openly crying at their fallen teammates. Logan was about to ask Tony what happened, when he heard in the distance sirens and footsteps.

"Beast we have to go," it took a great deal of effort for him to leave Marie behind.

Beast readied the jet, while Storm still in pain due to her sprained ankle manned the co-pilot seat. Storm can you give us some cover please. Storm's eyes turned milky white and the atmosphere outside became grey and foggy. Lifting the jet in the air they flew off without being noticed, saddened that they had to leave two of their loved ones behind.
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