Author's Chapter Notes:
The fate of Scott and Rogue
Rogue and Scott saw the portal close rapidly once the explosion thrust them into space. Using remnants of Jeans mutation she created a cocoon of telekinetic energy around Scott and herself, however she was tiring out quickly due to not only the frigid vacuity of space, but also not having Earth's gravitational pull. She looked over at Scott and could tell his body was having an even harder time adjusting to the new atmosphere.

"Where did you learn that trick?" Scott asked dyspneic.

She could feel her muscles begin to shiver due to the ever increasing wintry chill. As she began to respond she could feel her teeth clatter and her body convulse more violently. She knew she would be lucky to maintain this little air pocket for the next 30 minutes if that.

"Hank and I discovered everytime I touch someone whether human or mutant a portion of their genetic blueprint grafts onto my DNA. If I touch the same mutant repeatedly the graft becomes distinctly more palpable." she replied back through her teeth clattering. Scott nodded though she wasn't sure he understood her chill induced stuttering.

She figured with her albeit brief but copious absorptions of Bobby she might be able to withstand the frost a bit better than Scott, but she didn't want to watch the man she grew to love as a brother die in front of her. They were in this together.

Both trying not to expel more energy than was necessary both Scott and herself became deathly silent. She began to think of Logan, and of how she never got to love him the way she would of liked too. Granted he didn't feel the same way. She was always just "kid." She hoped Jean and Logan could find some sense of peace with each other though. She looked back at Scott and really felt for him knowing his unfaithful wife might not grieve him the way he would crave.

Her head lolled to the side due to her become drowsier and drowsier by the second, and thats when she saw it. She couldn't be sure if she was hallucinating due to hypothermia or if that was a real spaceship. It was pitch black, which made it increasingly hard to see in a portion of space with no discernable light source. The overlay looked skeletal in structure, with weird bone like protrusions. It also had orange fiery like ripples that scaled the ship like waves, which added to monstrous visage.

The shivering had blossomed into full blown convulsions and paroxysm, she was surprised she was able to maintain a normal hold on Scott's hand without crushing it. She looked over at Scott, and followed his line of sight toward the incoming spacecraft. She felt her seventh sense tingle before they along with the tesseract which had managed to stay close them was swallowed by the ship. Her last thought before unconsciousness took hold was Scott and herself would of better off dying if her precognitive instinct was anything to go by.
Chapter End Notes:
I will try to have chapter 3 up by next weekend
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