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It rumbles. Kicks alive. Then sputters out. AU. Meaner and grittier and quicker-paced than my usual stuff, but thoroughly, profoundly Rogan.
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Story Notes:
“Sleeping Dogs” (jaqofspades), “Other Ways of Speaking” and “Run” (lachlanrose) are all AUs and are all stories I hold near and dear to my heart. They helped to inspire this one, and if you haven’t read them and you like Rogan I would go back and do that immediately before reading my silly crap. All three stories, in my opinion, depict a gruffer Logan and a more volatile Rogue, at least initially, and that sort of depiction of their characters was something I wanted to explore. This starts off kind of like X1, but diverges from canon almost immediately. So, as a mild disclaimer, please know that I am intentionally writing both Logan and Rogue a bit differently than I did in Fray and right now for Twelve, even if they are, in the end, the same characters. But they might do things ya don’t like, at least in the beginning.

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