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Logan rounded the corner of the underground X corridor, nearly colliding with the founder of the whole misfit outfit. He jumped back slightly. If Logan hadn’t been in such a hurry, he would’ve smelled him a mile away. Charles didn’t even flinch.

“Ah, Logan. Welcome back.” he kept right on rolling his custom motorized wheelchair in the same direction that he’d been heading. Logan raised a brow, eyes following the old man.

“I think you’ll find what you’re looking for this way.”

The Wolverine, curiosity piqued, fell in stride behind him, heartbeat picking up in tempo at the thought of finally reuniting with Rogue. His Rogue.

“Before you see Marie, there’s something you should know. She’s… a little bit different than the girl that you remember.” Charles stopped in a deserted part of the dark wooded hallway. There was a hidden meaning in his tone and Logan’s breath hitched in his throat. He’d known that there would be no hiding what had happened between them at Alkali Lake from the Professor, but he hadn’t been prepared to deal with it just yet. Not before he’d even had the chance to talk to her about it, to find out where they stood.

Oh yeah, he’d noticed that she was different. The words “burning fiery passion” came to mind.... Literally. She’d always been a pistol, but damn…

“Different. What do you mean by “different”?” he feigned well practiced innocence. Not that it would make a difference with the Professor’s telepathy if he chose to employ it.

Charles inscrutable gaze was fixed on the grounds and he didn’t offer a reply. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Logan followed his line of vision, shifting his weight to the other foot. There, by the gaudy fountain in the center of the courtyard was none other than his Marie. ...his Marie locking lips with that Ice prick kid, Billy. Or Bobby. Or dead man walking.... Her brilliant hair a shining curtain, catching the sun, cascading over her… exposed shoulders? Falling carelessly past… the curve of her bare perfect lower back? Where the wrong man’s hand was resting possessively, fingers pressing between her venus dimples.

Logan’s wasn’t sure what the expression on his face read at that particular moment, but let’s just say that he was glad that Xavier’s head was turned in the other direction. He felt like his bleeding heart had just been ripped from his impressive chest (which should technically be impossible) and was being held in front of his eyes for him to see. He felt like vomiting. And using his adamantium claws to skewer that pimply faced punk kid and holding his head under that fountain til it froze and he was stuck there, and he suffocated under that stupid ice he loved so much. Logan would give him cold. One ice cold execution, comin’ up. And he’d watch with a smile as his blood spilled all over the pavement...

If Charles was listening to his thoughts, he was courteous enough not to comment. Logan however was seriously considering launching himself through that window and-

“She doesn’t remember, Logan.” he barely heard above the sound of his blood boiling and the roaring in his ears.
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