Author's Chapter Notes:
The mountain range flew by in an evergreen blur. He wasn’t quite sure why he was in such a hurry to get where he was going. There was nothing but pain waiting for him. But he was being pulled, by some invisible force. Like… he was being called.

He always knew eventually that he’d go crazy. It was expected, living a life like he had. Honestly, it’d taken a lot longer than he’d thought it would. But either way, here he was, tearing down the empty road winding through the seemingly endless expanse of wilderness, the frost biting his nose, snowflakes clinging to his eyelashes. Part of him thought fondly of swerving to hit that patch of black ice just for the hell of it. Just to feel something other than the empty numbness that had settled into his chest and limbs, weighing him down more than the cold ever could. But walking the rest of the way didn’t sound that appealing. Neither did hitchhiking. He might end up having to stab some random psycho, and he wasn’t in the mood to have anymore bloodshed on his hands. Not today.


There it was again. He closed his eyes and gripped the handle bars tighter, just barely reining himself in enough to keep from snapping them.

“Damnit, Rogue. Stop it.” he ground out between slightly chattering teeth. Tears he’d never admit to prickled his golden green eyes. He twisted harder on the throttle with thick fingers, kicking the Harley into the next gear, grateful for the icy wind that whipped all the evidence away.

He was close. He could sense it. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end as the thick tires ate up the pavement.

His heart thundered and suddenly he couldn’t breathe. Like he was suffocating. Drowning on land. His vision swirled and he felt the ground shake violently beneath him, the trees on either side of him swaying with no breeze. His hands went unsteady, wobbling. He hung on, trying desperately to keep himself and the motorcycle upright.

Logan squeezed his eyes shut. He was choking. And somehow, he was underwater. He could feel the pressure of the current spinning him out of control like he was trapped in the agitation of a giant washing machine, and he had no idea which way was up. Bubbles whirled among… he couldn’t be sure, but he thought those were trees, spinning beneath him. Under the murky water. And then, everything went dark…
Chapter End Notes:
What the hell just happened, right! Guess you'll just have to keep reading to find out, lol. I love you for it. :)
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