Author's Chapter Notes:
Song (Yep, you guessed it, not mine.):
“Professor, you’re just going to let him go?” Jean Grey asked quietly as she placed a hand on Charles’ shoulder from behind.

Xavier stared straight ahead and covered her long sensitive fingers with his own rough hand, sighing. His voice sounded tired.

“I think there are very few things in this life that could keep Logan if he chose not to stay.”

Jean tensed. Meeting his sparkling blue eyes, realization hitting her at the underlying meaning in his tone. She raised her eyes and watched as Logan disappeared through the trees, her features deceptively calm. An unwelcome heaviness weighing in her chest. The professor didn’t have to read her thoughts, he just patted her delicate wrist gently and turned his chair in the opposite direction, rolling towards a new day. A dark new day.

Jean wrapped her arms around herself, jumping at the sudden earsplitting shout below, lightning striking in the distance.


Jean closed her eyes and shook her head softly, vivid red hair swinging loose around her proud shoulders. So... Scott knew Logan was gone. He was always the last to know.
Chapter End Notes:
Sorry so short, but it's going somewhere, pinky swear! Feedback of all varieties always welcome and appreciated.
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