Author's Chapter Notes:
“When an individual acquires great power, the use or misuse of that power is everything. Will it be for the greater good or will it be used for personal or for destructive ends? Now, this is a question we must all ask ourselves. Why? Because we are mutants. For psychics, this presents a particular problem. When is it acceptable to use our power and when do we cross that invisible line that turns us into tyrants over our fellow man?” Professor Xavier inquired of his sleepy first physics class of the day. Someone yawned in the back row, the early morning sunlight, warm and comfortable, dancing on their desk through the blinds.

“But Einstein said that ethics are an exclusive human concern without any superhuman authority behind it.” Kitty Pryde spoke up from her seat, front and center, as always at the ready to challenge a professional theory with her quit wit. The Professor smiled indulgently.

“Einstein wasn’t a mutant so far as we know. This case study was sent to me by a colleague, Dr. Moira Mctaggert-Jones.”

He swiveled his chair around and hit the tiny play button on the remote he held in his hand. The class grew quiet, a select few raptly alert. A pretty brunette woman wearing a white lab coat came onto the screen. She was standing in what appeared to be a hospital room, next to a man hooked up to multiple machinery and a possible ventilator.

“The man you see here was born with no higher-level brain functions.” she gestured. “His organs and nervous system work, but he has no consciousness to speak of.” she froze on the screen with her mouth open, prepared to carry on her speech.

Charles circled back to his class.

“What if we were to transfer the consciousness of one person, say a father of four with terminal cancer, into the body of this man? How are we to decide what falls within the range of ethical behavior and-” he paused, his twinkling blue eyes suddenly going flat and unreadable as he stared off into the distance.

“Professor?” Kitty inquired with quiet emphasis, round eyes fixed on the doorway into the hall.

Charles followed her line of vision, coming to rest on Rogue, who stood there panting, doe eyes wild and desperate as they darted between him and Kitty Pryde. He searched the girl’s face, reaching into her thoughts. The temperature in the room audibly dropped by several degrees. Marie swallowed, fists balling at her sides. Kitty’s eyes grew apprehensive. The Professor swung back around.

“We’ll continue this tomorrow. Class dismissed.” He stated calmly, but matter-of-factly.

He focused on Rogue who visibly jumped back several feet to avoid the student’s who flew out the door. Some curious and others just happy for the excuse to skip their morning lecture and braced himself.
Chapter End Notes:
I know! Me and cliffhangers... *sigh* it's just who I am. Don't hate me! lol if ya'll are still with me. I hope so! Lot's of twists and turns ahead. Feedback is my favorite thing EVER. Just so you know.
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