Author's Chapter Notes:
Marie closed her eyes.

“Maybe I’m not such a big fan of the cold anymore.” The words were velvet edged and quiet.

“That’s funny. Because you seem pretty cold to me.” Bobby’s tone was accusing, but curious. Like a lost boy.

Rogue grimaced at his irony laced words but offered no reply, eyes riveted on the towering spruce trees lining the distance, not really seeing them.


“Don’t. Please, don’t…” she held up a delicate lily white hand halfheartedly and cast her eyes to the crystalline powdered ground, brushing a pearl lock of hair behind her ear, sniffling a little at the chill. She didn’t know which was colder, the weather or the silence that engulfed them.

“He doesn’t love you the same way that I do.” The harsh truth echoed out around her, as etched in stone as the fate in front of her.

Her laugh was bitter as she threw her head back, choking around the sharp knife in her back. Recalling the heat in his frigid blue eyes that night that she’d caught him with Kitty, ice skating on the pond outside of her bedroom window. The way that he’d touched her. Longing gazes, playful nudges, gentle caresses… things the world took for granted that were deeply treasured, intimate things to her. Things that were far beyond her reach. Because her love was lethal.

“What are you doing here, Bobby?”

“The same thing you are. Lookin’ for a girl I once knew.”

Rogue locked her tears behind the prison of her lashes, and turned, tawny eyes frozen on Bobby’s sensitive face. His classic boyish good looks suddenly made him seem so very young to her. She felt like she’d lived many different lifetimes. And with all the voices in her head, maybe she had.

“She’s dead.” Marie’s jaw fluttered against the rogue tear that escaped down over the plane of her wind whipped cheek and came to rest at the curve of her sweet curled lips.

Bobby reached for her hand.

“So please… stop haunting me.” He whispered, his blue eyes desperate and pleading as they searched her face for answers she couldn’t give. He hesitatingly leaned toward her.

Rogue couldn’t help it. Her walls flew up and she felt the old familiar warmth hum in her veins, like sparks on her skin, and the icy drag of power. His own thoughts joining the chaos in her head. Bobby’s eyes bulged and he went starker than the country side, mouth open wide and gasped like a fish out of water.

“Then let me go.”
Chapter End Notes:
Shout out to the readers/reviewers! You keep this story alive. Thank you, so much. :)
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