Author's Chapter Notes:
Rogue ran her fingers over his name, the metal cold and heavy in her hand. Like her heart.


Her breath hitched in her chest and she braced herself against the ache. What a fool she was. A little liquid courage and she literally lit the line that had always silently existed between them on fire. She’d done the unthinkable. Not that she hadn’t thought about it. Dared to dream. Wished, hoped maybe…

She stared at her name etched in stone and wrapped her arms tighter around her, bowing her head against the frost biting her nose and sniffed, hair billowing around her, eyes stinging with… the wind. What a beautiful place this was. How surreal the past few days had been. She’d never been crazy enough to think her life was normal, but this?

How had she gotten here?

Not long ago she’d been the untouchable girl. Now everything she touched crumbled around her. Shattered. Bobby, Logan… Her life. Her heart.

She wished with the deepest part of her that the picture she stared at was real. She wished it’d ended there. Things were less complicated when she’d let that water swallow her. It’d hurt less. A hot tear escaped the mirror of her eyes as she placed his dog tags on the arch of her grave. She’d bury his promise there.

Like her love should’ve stayed buried.

“Nice jacket...”
Chapter End Notes:
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