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She was so dizzy that she didn't realize he was lowering her onto the bed until she felt the mattress pressed against her back. It took her a ridiculously long time to figure out what was happening, or how they’d gotten there. She gasped as he partially covered her body with his. Breaking away from her mouth, Logan’s eyes glowing with a savage inner fire, captured hers.

“I should stop.” He whispered. His voice, thick and rough, sending delicious shivers down her spine and pooling warmth between her legs.

“It’s ok.” her hand cradled the back of his neck, caressing the tense tendons there with sensitive fingers. His burning hazel eyes held her still. “...I can control it.” she whispered. Electricity seemed to arc through her. “Don’t you dare stop.” Rogue pleaded softly, her dark eyes unfathomable beneath her feathery lashes, nails digging into his back. She lay panting, her chest heaving. The tension increased between them with frightening intensity. A volcano on the verge of eruption. Her stomach clenched tight.

“I shouldn’t be doing this…” Logan growled.

His last words were smothered on her damp, pleasantly bruised lips as he covered hers hungrily with his own, reaching for her hand above their heads resting on his pillow, tracing her bare fingers in a soft caress and intertwining them with his as he crushed her, his hips grinding against her. She let out a tiny mewl of pleasure and Logan groaned deep in his chest, swallowing the sound. She could feel the corded muscles of his chest against her breasts through the thin fabric of their shirts, her curves molding to the contours of his hard body like puzzle pieces.

His breath was hot against her cheek as he dragged his mouth away, grazing her earlobe. She moaned as she felt his tongue flick against it and trace down along her jaw. His free hand reached up, recklessly tilting her head back, trailing a series of slow, shivery kisses down to the pulsing hollow at the base of her throat, sucking, licking and gently nipping. His lips seared a path along the soft ivory flesh of her shoulders, sliding the fragile straps of her top down and out of the way of his assault. Blood pounded in her veins, leapt from her heart and made her knees tremble. The hot tide of passion raging between them both. She gasped in sweet agony as he cupped her breast greedily, fingers dipping under the edge of the lacey cup of her bra, lightly running his thumb over her dusty pink nipple, instantly hardening beneath his masterful persuasion. She never dreamed his hands would feel so warm, that such a feral man could be so gentle. She writhed against him, urging him on. She felt like she would shatter into a million glowing stars. She needed more. His hands became less tame, her hips rolling in response. He let out a tormented groan.

At last, reluctantly they parted and he held himself suspended above her, panting, marveling. Sure he would wake up at any minute. She could sense the barely controlled power that was coiled within him.

His jaw clenched, his eyes slightly narrowed, the rich outline of his shoulders straining. With great deliberation, he straddled her. His eyes raked boldly over her, the heartrending tenderness there making her pulse skitter erratically and her breath quicken, a rush of pink staining her cheeks. She was conscious of the occasional jolt of his thigh brushing her hip, setting her body aflame where he touched her.

“Please, Logan…” The sleek curves of her thighs rubbed together and she bit her lower lip hard, arching her back, eyelids fluttering shut, hair spilling over the pillow like shining glass. This was torture. She’d never wanted someone so badly it hurt, before. She couldn’t stand it if he changed his mind...

“Please, what? You want me to stop?” He rasped, gold flecked eyes penetrating, awaiting her cue.

“Please, don’t.” Rogue felt as if her breath were cut off, her hand on her breast.

The underlying sensuality of her words captivated him. His mind told him to resist, but his body refused. His smile was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen, as intimate as a kiss. His lips slowly descended to meet hers, caressing her mouth. She quivered at the sweet tenderness of it, drowning in the taste of him, pulling him to her, demanding that he never stop. She didn’t think she would ever get tired of kissing him... His hand slid beneath the hem of her silken camisole across her flat, taut belly, his rough calloused fingers light and painfully teasing, before shredding it cleanly up the middle with a sharp *RIIIIIP*, shiney claw extended. Rogue gasped and propped herself up on both elbows, heavy lidded eyes glittering with desire and surprise, hair cascading around her shoulders, plump red lips parted slightly.

“Hey! ...Not fair.”

Logan chuckled, his laugh low and throaty.

“What? You want me to cut mine off, too?”

The mystery in his eyes beckoned to her irresistibly and slowly Rogue sat up, shaking her head softly, head tilting, coy. She ran her hands sensuously up over the plains of his washboard abs, admiringly, savoring the feel of his rippling muscles spasming beneath her naked palm. Logan lowered his thick dark lashes, a low rumble reverberating through his chest. Marie dragged her finger along the neckline of his white wife beater, the barest thread of touch and slipped her fingers inside, tearing it off of him in one swift movement. Logan’s jade-spoked eyes widened in surprise, she grinned.

“That’s better.” She dropped a kiss on his pec. “ I want to feel your skin on mine… Are you afraid?” her voice had drifted to a hushed whisper. He took in a sharp intake of breath and stiffened at the feel of her lips on his body, amazed at the thrill she gave him. Logan stared wordlessly across at her, eyes hooded like a hawk, heart hammering like a freight train. His hands came down over hers possessively. The amusement died from her eyes and she regarded him with searching gravity, misunderstanding the gesture.

Logan couldn’t bring himself to tell her the truth. That the only thing he was afraid of in this life was never being able to touch her again. Or that he knew that she’d had mutant suppressing serum. He hesitated, measuring her for a moment.


“Come on, I’ll take care of you.”

“You promise?”

“Ya, I promise.”



His belt flew off in response. She promptly disengaged her hands. Something disturbing replaced the smoldering look in her eyes and they blazed with amber fire. Her mouth was as pale as the plains of her cheeks in the fractured moonlight. An oddly primitive warning sounded in the back of his brain.


Logan felt ice spreading through his stomach. A glazed look of despair began to spread over his face. He felt a wretchedness of mind he’d never known before.

“Rogue… This isn’t you.” He shook his head regretfully, two deep lines of worry creasing between his eyes. Cupping her chin, he searched her upturned face.

“Yes, yes it is me.” Rogue’s eyes were compelling, magnetic. She tried to pull him to her, her fingers biting deeply into the firm curves of his ass.

“No. Maybe, you oughtta take it easy. The professor said you might be… different.” he choked around that last word, pushing back a wayward strand of her wild mane of hair with his knuckle, genuinely concerned.

Suddenly all pleasure left her face, a tremor touching her smooth marble like lips.

“He would know, wouldn’t he. What? You think he’s not in your head too? Look at you, Logan. He’s tamed you.” her eyes darkened dangerously, her accusing words stabbing the air. Logan’s mouth dropped open as wave after wave of shock slapped at him, his mind floundered, his vexation evident. He ground his teeth together.

“Maybe you should talk to Jean. These are her powers. Maybe she can fix it...”

When he met her eyes he saw pain there flash light lightning. Her mood veered sharply to fury.

“I don’t want to fix it.”

She flicked her delicate wrist and without warning he sailed across the room into the dresser, landing with a thud, the mirror shattering under the force of his rock solid body. She rose in a fluid motion, putting on his leather jacket and reached next to him lazily taking a cigar from it’s box, shards falling from the lid as she plucked one from inside. Her hips swayed in a hypnotic rhythm between where his legs parted and he still sat atop his mangled dresser, letting her hand slither up his steely thigh. She was halted by an iron grip on her wrist, his breathing ragged, muscle flickering angrily in his jaw. She paused for a moment, glancing at his hand and shook it off, plunging deep into the pocket of his crotch hugging jeans, beautiful slender fingers wriggling. The breath hitched in his throat, his eyes slamming shut, nose flared. She yanked his zippo free by degrees, lingering a moment too long. It caught the dim light as she lit the cuban hanging from her sweet curled lips. She snapped it shut with a *click* and threw it down among the wreckage. She quirked a brow, sauntering to the door.

“Call me.” Rogue suggested casually over her shoulder in a sweet silky voice as the antique door opened for her, no hands necessary. His hazel eyes were riveted to her as she walked away. She didn’t bother to shut it behind her.

He straightened to relieve the ache beginning in his shoulders, rubbing his neck and checking for blood, staring in disbelief, glass crunching under his ass.

“Holy shit… What the hell just happened?”
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