Author's Chapter Notes:
“Can I open them, now?” Marie asked for the fifth time, stifling a giggle.

“Not yet.” Logan reached around her from behind and opened the door, steering her gently through by the shoulders, barely avoiding the furniture in the dark.

She sighed, breathtakingly aware of his brazen, rough hands against her bare skin.

“What about now?” she whispered, reaching out to him with her voice, blood humming in her veins.

“Shhh. Hang on. Almost…” he steadied her when she stumbled slightly.

Rogue tapped her foot impatiently, quirking a brow. He really was rubbing off on her...

“Ok. Now.”

She opened her eyes slowly with a charge of excitement. Until...

“Logan, what are we doin’ out here?” she quipped in confusion.

“I dare you... to jump.” he replied simply, a maddening air of arrogance about him.

“What?!” her doe eyes went wide and Marie resisted the urge to smack him. It wouldn’t hurt him, anyway...

“I thought you said you trusted me.” Logan flashed her a stunning rare smile that momentarily sent her thoughts scattering. Yes, whatever the question was, the answer is yes…

Get ahold of yourself, girl! Marie tried to throttle the dizzying current that raced through her. That was completely unfair. She always knew such an attraction would be perilous. But, really? He was trying to kill her on purpose, now.

“That was before you told me to jump off of a balcony!” she cried indignantly, flailing her arms, like it wasn’t obvious. Just because his mere grin could cause women to hyperventilate from across the room he assumed she would just comply without thought? She didn’t have to think about it. No. This was stupid. “Logan, I’m not that drunk.”

“Do you want me to go first?” he crossed his arms, taut with steely muscles, veins bulging, across the well defined expanse of his perfectly chiseled chest, eyebrow raised in amused contempt. Smug.

“The words, ‘If someone jumped off a bridge…?’ come to mind.” she pointed out.

“You can fly.” his stare was bold as he assessed her frankly.

“And you’re a dick. No, I can’t! Remember? I’m defective.”

“That’s right. Chickens can’t fly...” he mocked her, casually, shrugging.

A muscle in her jaw twitched, her cheeks flush in a tempting shade of pink. She threw him a dirty look.

“Easy for you to say, shithead. You heal.” Marie stated matter of factly.

Logan grinned, golden green eyes twinkling, creasing at the corners. She was so cute when she was sassy.

“Come on, I’ll catch you if you fall.” he didn’t wait for a reply, he just braced himself on the stone rail with strong hands and hopped over with the virile agility of a predator, landing with a soft thump, legs bent at the knees, arms slightly outstretched for balance. Effortless.

Rogue mulled it over, hugging her arms tight around her. She chewed on her bottom lip and called over the ledge, hesitantly,


He straightened and turned to look up at her, pausing for effect, pretending to think about it.

“Well, in all fairness you did drop me first.” he said.

Rogue spun on her heel and walked straight back into his bedroom, sheer white drapes billowing around her.

“I’m kidding! Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I promise.” he groused.

“You better not have your fingers crossed.” She hollered, peeking over the edge at him.

He greeted her wtih a deep chuckle and Logan held his arms out, patiently waiting. She stood frozen in the doorway. When she still didn’t jump he quirked a brow.

“If I drop you we’ll make snow angels. They don’t fly either. We’ll be in good company.”

“I hate you.” Marie ground out through stiff lips, reason on the verge of tumbling into oblivion.

“You love me.” the teasing laughter lighting up his eyes. He was enjoying this entirely too much.

“Shut up.” Marie pulled in a deep shaky breath and held it, squaring her shoulders, and climbed up onto the edge of insanity. Willingly. Sorta… “This is ridiculous… Hey, Marie. Jump off a cliff, why don’tcha? Sure, Logan! Sounds great. Good thing I’ve already got a headstone!” she mumbled haughtily.

Logan employed selective hearing.

“Trust me.” he coaxed again, with a semi-reassuring lopsided grin.

Marie gazed heavenward, praying for a miracle. Or maybe just not to die a squished splattery death. Or, maybe, for her powers to actually work...

If she died, she hoped Logan got squished too. She squeezed her glittering eyes shut and let go of her fear. She waited for the tell tale feeling of her stomach dropping and the onrushing of the wind as the ground rose up to meet her. But when none of that came, her honey colored eyes went round. Her feet seemed to be drifting along on a cloud.

“Hey, Logan! I could walk on sunshine.” Marie couldn’t help the bubbling laughter as she twisted in the air, aloft, amazed at the sight of him on the ground beneath her.

“No, shit.” there was a tinge of wonder in his husky voice.

Panic quickly replaced bliss.

“Oh. Logan… did I mention that I’m afraid of heights?” she squeaked.


She only had a moment to take in his surprise before she fell fast and hard, crashing into his big solid body with force, tangling in each other, snow flying. At least there was snow…

“See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Logan groaned through clenched teeth, eyes squeezed shut in soreness.

“As far as near death experiences go, I’ve had worse.” Marie’s voiced, not entirely steady. “How did you know that I could do it?” she asked, her breath coming out in ragged little puffs of smoke.

“I believe... that underestimating you... would be a mistake.” he huffed, chuckling. The feel of her lithe body sliding upwards against him, hips trapped beneath the apex of the smooth curve of her legs as she tried to gain balance igniting a reckless savage lust that stripped away his self-restraint. Sinewy arms held her captive. Her scent rising to torment him. Logan watched her face, conflicted.

“Rogue…” his words all gravel. Something intense flared through his entrancement. He sat up and she straddled his thighs, thick with muscle, his jaw tightened. And maybe his pants...

Marie’s heart jolted and her pulse pounded, a tingling in the pit of her stomach. Brain unable to focus. Heat and power radiated off his rigid body. It was so damn potent, she felt like she would fly apart with the onslaught of infuriating raw physical need that defied all reason if he didn’t touch her. Right fucking now. She clutched fistfuls of his shirt, dragging his mouth just barely shy of hers, eyes demanding his surrender. So sick of this dance, she was dizzy. The Wolverine loomed over her, brooding.

His smoldering gaze finally slid shut in ecstasy, fingers tangling in the thick silken mass of her hair and fused their bodies together. Logan growled, nearly maddened with want and welcomed her with an opened mouthed kiss. The falling snow melting in the air around them, sizzling on their skin.
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