Author's Chapter Notes:
Logan’s steady gaze bore into her silent expectation, his brain short circuiting. The smoldering flame he saw there devastated his control, and his pulse pounded. He had to fight the deep primitive tug that drew him closer to her. The enticing memory of her full lips softening under his and the feathery strokes of his tongue and the fervor of her response sent a fierce flare of want through him like lightning, shaking his resolve to pieces. He hauled in a breath and tensed, muscles bulging.

“What’d the Professor say?” his gravelly words raised goosebumps along her flawless skin.

Rogue pushed away the ice cream, hiding behind it as her excuse. Her eyes spoke of so many things left unsaid. She covered it well with a saucy grin.

“That I dropped you on your head.”

Marie drew her exceptionally pretty legs up, placing her feet on the chair seat, crossing at her ankles and draped her arms around them. Her hair disheveled. A dark aura encircling her head, wispy platinum bangs sweeping across her forehead.

Logan grimaced in good humor and attempted to shackle his raging lust. This girl was tampering with his sanity.

“That explains a lot.” he’d always admired how she could be as playful as a girl one moment and as composed as an intelligent woman the next. She was just so damn disturbing to him in every way. It was maddening. “What’s it like?” he asked, curious, watching her face where a wildness brewed beneath the gentleness.

“Flying?” she choked out a laugh. “I don’t know.” a melancholy frown flitted across her features. “There’s something wrong with me, Logan…” her eyes glistened in the light.


He hated this. He hated the Professor for screwing with her head and her body. And he hated himself for lying to her about it. So, Logan did the only thing he could think of.

“Truth or dare?” his voice cut through her melancholy.

Her mouth curved up slightly in an almost imperceptible smile.

“Dare.” she replied, barely above a whisper on the breeze.

Logan traced the beautiful landscape of her face.

“Do you trust me?” he matched her tone with a low rumble of sound.

The heart stopping tenderness in her eyes told him everything she felt.

“With my life.”

Not a second’s hesitation.

“Close your eyes.”

Her soft dark lashes fluttered shut over the graceful arch of her cheekbones. Logan froze with a moment’s indecision before he reached for her.
Chapter End Notes:
I hope you liked it. Thank you so much for your feedback! Ya'll are the bestest readers, ever. :)
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