Author's Chapter Notes:
“Logan, you’re late.”

Lasers flew over Storm’s bright white hair as she crouched behind a charred sedan, the students already scattered in various defensive positions among the faux disaster.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I was attacked.”


“I wish. By mini mutants.” Storms eyebrows drew down in a curious frown.

“What’s that in your hair?”



“What?!” Ororo side swiped the Wolverine, wrapping her slender arms around his torso, and spun them both, tornado style, out of the line of fire of the burning minivan that was hurtling towards them. Logan looked over at her, panting, head still spinning a little.

“What’s wrong with my hair?”

Ororo glanced up and took off in the opposite direction.

“Son of a bitch…” he pushed away from the scrap heap and casually walked over to the nearest decrepit pickup with a rear view mirror still hanging on by a thread, oblivious to the war raging on around him. There’s nothin’ wrong with my hair. I have great hair…

That was when he saw it. A pretty pink bow perched on the right side of his head. Logan growled. He glanced up and saw Marie staring over at him in surprise and froze. An explosion erupted behind her and the Tin Man turned, instinctively pulling her against him, careful to make sure his hand was on the silky protection of her vivid hair, and they simultaneously turned quicksilver and indestructible. The debris meant for them ricocheted off their protective outer shell and hit Logan full on in the face, showing his adamantium cheekbone and a piece of his forehead. A muscle flickered angry at his jaw as he felt the skin regenerating. Then he remembered the bow. Now that’s how you get rid of that bullshit. With annihilating force. He wondered how much they’d seen. Tin Man was still shaking off the hit. Logan pulled out a cigar. Play it cool.

“The whole world’s goin’ to hell, you’re just gonna sit there? Let’s go.”

They hauled ass, Logan’s eyes following Marie’s the entire way. Until she stopped dead in her tracks. Bobby was fighting fire with ice in the distance, shielding that little brunette girl who could walk through walls. He turned proudly at his victory, and they had a clear eye fuck moment, before it was her turn to protect him against the onslaught of destruction. She wrapped him in a tight embrace, ducking her little head against him as they turned… Well, the shit flew through them. He could feel Rogue’s heart break from where he stood and he had the urge to melt the kid with the giant robot trying to kill them all’s lasers. Same side or not.

Logan used a smoldering flame burning next to him to light the cigar in his mouth, careful not to singe his signature chops. Storm came up next to him, lithe body landing with a thud.

“We’re getting killed out here.” she said, disheartened.

“Yeah, I know. They’re not ready, Storm.” Logan replied gruffly.

Just then a hovercraft dove for Rogue. She shut her eyes against the blinding headlights and held up her hands to employ her newfound telekinesis, and Logan’s heart sank. If she’d had the serum today, her powers would be useless. The thing would obliterate her. Dammit, Charles.

Logan wasted no time launching himself at her, a good ten feet away, and hit right on target, covering her body with his own. A piece of metal lodged in his liver and he howled with fury. He could feel her chest heaving beneath him, full breasts brushing against his sweat slick chest. Her face was flushed, eyes twinkling, locked on his, curious. Logan’s lip curled, bracing himself as he reached a hand around behind his back to yank the shrapnel free. He threw it out to the side of them, still lost in the moment. He realized then that all eyes were on them, and you could hear a pin drop over the sound of the world ending. He pulled himself up, careful not to crush her with his weight, in turn, helping her to her feet. She swallowed and they both walked slowly over to the X-men, who spread out. Alright, that’s enough of this bullshit.

“It’s getting closer!”

“Come on, let’s keep moving!”

Logan walked straight into the sentinels line of fire, staring it down. He glanced over his shoulder.

“Hey, Tin Man. Come here. How’s your throwing arm?” he asked, drawing claws.

“Logan, we work as a team!” Storm hollered to his left.

“Yeah. Good luck with that. Throw me.” the Tin Man glanced back and forth between him and Storm. “Now.”

Understandably more afraid of disobeying Logan. Especially with his shiny claws on display. The big guy went super silver and grabbed Logan by the jacket, swinging him around for added velocity. The Wolverine soared through the air, battle cry and all, and everything went momentarily still. Before a giant robot head slid just short of knocking Bobby’s feet out from under him, red eyes flickering. Logan walked around the dismembered piece of scrap metal, quirked an eyebrow, retracted his claws with a distinct *SKINKT* and announced,

“Class dismissed.”

Storm rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Simulation complete.”

Marie crossed her arms over her chest and hurried out into the hall. Logan lost all of his smugness as he watched Bobby run out after her.

“Rogue, what’s the matter? What happened out there?” he spun her around by the arm, the picture of innocence.

“It’s nothin’, Bobby. I just have to go see the Professor. That’s all. I’m late. So, if you don’t mind, you can let me go now.” The threat clear in her voice. She spun on her heel, hair swinging haughtily behind her. Bobby stood and stared, dumbfounded.. Kitty came up beside him and took his hand, silently. They exchanged a look, neither of them saying a word. Logan broke their touching handhold, shoving his big body between them as he walked down the hall.

“Smooth move, Vanilla Ice.”

At the heart of it, Logan knew it wasn’t Bobby’s fault. At least not completely. But it still made him feel a little better to know that he was on to the prick’s little game and he wasn’t havin’ it. But he chewed on the inside of his bottom lip. The Professor can’t help you kid… Logan glowered. He shoved his palm into a locker on his way out, leaving a clear dent in the metal.
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