Author's Chapter Notes:

Logan reluctantly opened his eyes, still a little buzzed, to a cute little girl. Standing over him. While he was sleeping. Because that wasn’t weird... Where was he sleeping? The couch. Marie had left him there in front of the fire last night since his room wasn’t ready yet, due to repairs. To a window. Oops. He heard giggling behind him and felt a tug on his hair. He sat straight up, swatting the little hooligans away. When that didn’t work, he popped claws and glared, menacingly. The little girls just crawled up next to him, oohing and ahhhing.

“Can we touch ‘em?”



“Where do they go when they’re gone? Do they hurt?”

“Do you stab people?”

Logan’s eyes went wide, starting to panic a little. Give him bikers, give him apocalypses, crazed killer mutants, but kids? He had no idea what to do with kids. Or more specifically, how to stop them and their super annoying powers.

“Logan, get your ass up. You’re late.” Scott Summers said, as he strolled by the foot of the oversized sofa.

“Late for what?” The Wolverine snapped, standing up, trying to shake one of them off of his leg.

“You didn’t see the schedule? Danger Room session. You’re on duty for, say, the next decade.”

Logan quirked a brow, scowling.

“Unless, you were planning on going to pick up my new Harley today?”

Logan turned his hand towards him and dropped all his claws but one. Scott grinned and turned to carry on about whatever his business was. He stopped for a minute and looked over his shoulder.

“Logan. I’m glad she’s ok.”

The Wolverine just nodded slightly in response. And then Scott busted out laughing.

“The hell’s wrong with you?” he growled. Scott just shook his head and kept right on cruising down the hall, cracking up the entire way. Logan glowered after him.

“One eyed…” he rumbled under his breath, looking down at the big blue eyes staring up at him, raptly alert, waiting for him to finish what he’d been saying. “...bad person.” He cleared his throat and gave her a small smile. Ya know, she was kinda cute. When she was sitting still and was quiet.

“Sneak attaaack!”

He’d forgotten she had a friend. Who launched herself onto Logan’s back, tiny arms choking him. He swayed, slightly unsteady, attempting not to trip over the girl sitting on his boot, but failed, lost his balance and hit the floor. They immediately pounced on his back, unharmed and started bouncing up and down.

“Horsey ride! Horsey ride!”

Logan sighed and closed his eyes. Maybe if he played dead they’d go away.
Chapter End Notes:
Just for fun.
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