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“What the hell happened?” Logan finally managed to choke out around the jagged gaping wound in his chest where his heart used to be.

“Follow me.” the Professor spoke softly, whether out of pity or discretion, Logan wasn’t in any shape to try and discern. A muscle flickered angrily along his jaw, mind still reeling at what he had just witnessed.

Charles Xavier’s office looked every bit the part of what you’d expect the dean of an elite educational institution’s quarters to be. Lush, expensive high wing backed leather chairs, every volume of encyclopedia he’d never heard of resting on the floor to ceiling shelves behind his generous mahogany desk. Warm sun filtered in through the generous sized windows lining either side of the room. It smelled like old paper and orange furniture polish. It’d been awhile since Logan had been called to the Principal's office...

Xavier rolled to a cabinet on the right side of the room and did something that caught Logan completely off guard. He pulled out two glasses and a bottle of very expensive, very old scotch. He’d never seen the Professor take a sip in all his time at the mansion. That bad, huh? He still hadn’t spoken a word and the anticipation coiled in the Wolverine’s limbs laced the air thick with tension, massive arms crossed, fists clenched, nostrils flared. He had to remind himself to breathe before he blew a gasket.

“Shut the door behind you.”

The Wolverine turned and did as he was told, grateful and terrified that this appeared to be going somewhere, for all the world feeling like he was standing on the edge of an extremely high precipice. Not that it would kill him, but still. It would suck. A lot. The Professor set the fancy crystal tumblers side by side nearest to the guest seating and poured a generous amount into each. Logan quirked a brow. The Professor took his and went around to the other side of his desk, leaving the other glass. Logan slowly walked over and did what he thought was expected of him and took a seat. Charles took a sip of his, still not looking at Logan, but staring out the window once more, appearing to be seeing something else entirely. Something older and farther away. Logan swallowed his in one smooth burning gulp. Whew. Yeah, that was the good stuff. He quirked a brow, resting his arm with the glass on the width of his thigh, thick with muscle, knee bouncing, restless.

“What’s this about?” he finally said when he couldn’t stand the suspense any longer.

“I think you know.” Charles’ eyes locked on Logan. The Wolverine’s teeth grinded under the scrutiny.

“Why don’t you enlighten me?” his voice rough, frustration getting the better of him. “What the hell happened the other day?”

“Jean Grey is the only class five mutant I've ever encountered, her potential limitless.” Xavier said. Logan was confused again.

“Ok. What’s that got to do with Rogue?”

“The sheer mass of water that collapsed on top of Rogue should have obliterated her. The only explanation of her survival is that when she absorbed Jean’s powers, it wrapped her in a cocoon of telekinetic energy. And along with access to your healing ability, amplified by the raw power coursing through her at the time, she was kept alive.”

“So, how did she get out?”

“Do you remember the tremors you felt before you woke up at Alkali Lake, that knocked you from Scott’s motorcycle?”

“Ya, what about it?” he asked.

Xavier just held Logan’s bewildered glare, patiently waiting for him to make the connection.

“You’re saying that that was Rogue? She caused an earthquake?” his voice incredulous rang out around the room.

“Jean’s mutation is seated in the unconscious part of her mind and therein lay the danger. When she was a girl, I created a series of psychic barriers to isolate her powers from her conscious mind. The Jean you know now always has her powers under control, but there is a dormant side. Purely instinctual. All desire and joy and rage.”

“Does she know all this?”

“It's unclear how much she knows. Far more critical is whether her powers will eventually wear off of our friend Rogue, who is, by no fault of her own, nowhere near as controlled. Between the other personalities and their powers already in her mind from the other’s she’s touched, and Jean’s level 5 mutation, she’s nearly as unstable as a nuclear weapon.”

“What?” Logan ran his big hands over his disbelieving face.

“There is every chance that she could’ve very well killed you the other day. I’ve taken every precaution I can, by putting up the same psychic blocks that are in Jean’s mind to keep her under control. As well as…” The Professor opened up a drawer and reached inside, taking out a rolled up piece of black fabric. Untying the strings binding it closed, he laid it open across the desk to reveal several syringes.

“This suppresses her mutation. Or mutations, I should say. From my earlier days, developed by a colleague and close friend of mine. Perfectly safe. The effects however, are temporary. She has no idea that I’ve been injecting her with the serum in the few short sessions that I’ve spent with her since she’s come home. And she mustn’t know, Logan. Her psych is so very fragile right now, and setting her off could be catastrophic. For everyone.”

“Control? You're talking about a person’s mind, here.” Logan spit out, astounded.

“You have to understand…” the Professor started.

“Sometimes, when you cage the beast, the beast get’s angry.” he said, standing up with such force the oversized chair flew back.

“You have no idea of what she is capable.” Xavier squared his shoulders in defiance.

“I had no idea of you were capable of.” Logan ground out, slamming his glass down in front of Charles. It was only by the grace of God that it didn’t shatter into a million pieces.

“I had a terrible choice to make. I chose the lesser of two evils.” he said indignantly.

“You’re talking about a girl who sacrificed herself to save all of us. You think she can’t handle this?”

“The best thing for Rogue is to go on about her life as normal and we wait to see if the borrowed power recedes.”

“And what if they don’t? Lie to her and drug her for the rest of her life? Chain her up and lock her in the basement? What!” Xavier went quiet, a muscle ticking angrily in his jaw. “I think I’ve heard enough.” Logan turned on his big booted foot to leave, ready to get the hell out of there as fast as he could.

“I mean it, Logan. Do not rock this boat.”

Logan slammed the door behind him.
Chapter End Notes:
Hmmm... Did you guys see this comin'? Lol *wink*
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