Logan tore down the stairs, anger and frustration pulsing through his veins in equal measure, turning the world a dangerous shade of red.

He clenched his fists. This was gonna stop. Right now. He was sick of this bullshit. This dangerous little game she was playin’. No one messed him around, not even the doe-eyed kid he promised to take care of.

He didn’t give a rat’s ass that she was eighteen now either, with curves in all the right places, a mouth designed purely for sin, and a mane of gorgeous silken hair that any hot blooded man would wanna dive right into. He didn’t even care that she could control that damn mutation of hers now.

The fact was, she was pushin’ him to his limits. Crossin’ that line. Yankin’ his chain. Makin’ him look a fool.

A man could only take so much. And he had taken just about as much as he could take. He was getting sick and tired of being the good guy 24/7.

He grinned, eyes glinting chillingly in the half-light. So, let’s see how she liked it when he started playin’ her at her own game. Turn up the heat a little. He’d have her fleein’ to a nunnery in no time at all. Crush all those crazy adolescent fantasies she had created of him…of them…and give her a serious taste of reality. He didn’t want to hurt her but he felt he had no choice now. A little bit of hurtin’ in the present would save a whole lot more hurtin’ in the future, when he fucked things up. And it was pretty much a given that he’d fuck things up eventually.

An’ she deserved more than that.

Hesitating, he ran a hand through his dishevelled hair and scanned the length of the dark corridor. He sniffed. Her scent still lingered but was diluted now. She already had a ten minute start on him. He knew she had left the mansion. Knew she liked being in the forest at night just as much as he did.

He had followed her enough times to know that.

But that’s just how he liked it. Watchin’ but nothing’ else. It kept it safe.

Ok, it was a little bit voyeuristic, a little bit wrong, but he felt it lingered just on the right side of wrong. The Wolverine might hunger for her but Logan cared too much for the kid to unsettle that precious balance.

And it had been a good balance. One he could handle. Until she had tipped the scales, damn her.

They had been working out in the Danger Room. He had been teaching her a few new moves. Ways to fight dirty that he knew Chuck and One Eye would disapprove of but felt she needed to know now that she was one of the team.

A particular move had resulted in her pinned beneath him, the tantalising scents of her sweat, the leather of her uniform, and her growing arousal, tormenting his senses. But intent on keeping the Wolverine reined he had fought his desires and started to get up.

Only she had stopped him. Snatched at the leather of his uniform. Used it to lean up and whisper into his ear.

“What are you so afraid of, Logan?”

He had scowled down at her. “What the fuck are ya talkin’ about, kid?”

She had smirked at him and it had spoken volumes. Told him that she knew that he knew exactly what she was talking about. And that teasing quirk of those voluptuous lips had been so god damn sexy that if he hadn’t been so pissed right at that moment he might have…might have…

But he had quickly gathered his senses, reminding himself that this was the kid beneath him. The kid he had promised to take care of, not take advantage of.

He had leapt up and was towering over her in his next breath, chest heaving with restraint.

She had glared up at him, anger sparking in her eyes. “I thought nothing scared the Wolverine,” she had snarled. “But I guess I was wrong.” Their gazes had remained heatedly locked as she lifted herself to her feet although her initial anger swiftly simmered into disappointment.

His alter-ego - the animal inside - raged at her words, instantly stung. But the anger was equally directed at Logan who kept on denying him the chance to prove her wrong in oh so many ways.

He had clenched his fists as he watched her turn and storm out of the Danger Room, poni-tail swishing, gorgeous ass swaying mesmerisingly. She wasn’t even trying to walk provocatively, he could sense it, it was just the way she was designed. Mother Nature had been generous with his Marie.

Back in the present he scrubbed a hand across his face.

His Marie?

He didn’t really know who she was anymore. It certainly wasn’t Marie who had eased open his bedroom door twenty minutes ago, knowing full well that he was awake, and whispered: “Last chance, Logan. You can do nothing and see Marie at breakfast as usual, or you can have the Rogue right now.” She had hesitated before adding: “You’ll know where to find me.”

His anger returned with a vengeance as her final words echoed around his head like some haunting melody. All this time she had known he had been watching her?! Why did the fact excite him so much? It shouldn’t excite him, god-damn it!

He sped down the remaining corridor into the kitchen and slammed through the glass doors that opened out onto the patio. He wasn’t surprised to find them already unlocked. She was making it easy for him.

As he stepped outside the night instantly swept around him, almost intoxicating, and he inhaled instinctively, always drawn into its embrace. The Wolverine craved the night, especially during a full moon. And tonight was no exception.

It seemed the Rogue had it all worked out.

Catching her scent again, he tracked it through the shadowed gardens, across the large expanse of lawn, down to the moonlit lake. He skirted its shimmering length for a few minutes before suddenly changing direction to step beneath the canopy of trees.

Creamy moonlight, tinted with a hint of night-blue, filtered down through the trees splashing his naked torso with darks and lights as he stalked through the forest. He was close to his destination now and to his surprise his heart was beating a little faster than usual. It riled him that she could reduce him to this. That a mere slip of a girl could render him so…so…fuckin’ powerless. No woman had ever effected him to this extent and if he was totally honest it scared the shit outta him.

With a roar and a stomach churning schnick his claws were out and glinting dangerously in the half-light. A few seconds later and several innocent branches along his route had met with his wrath. As he retracted them again he slumped against the nearest tree, head bowed, tiny beads of hot perspiration riddling his brow.

He should go back. Preserve that balance. Keep it safe.

His eyes flicked in the direction he knew she would be. Waiting. The whites of his eyes were almost glowing in the darkness, whilst the soft hazel of his irises were changing…darkening.

The Wolverine was demanding he stay. Seek her out. Claim her once and for all.

He closed his eyes. The Wolverine was so god-damn strong on these nights…so persuasive…so primal…

This internal fight was getting harder and harder…

When he suddenly caught Marie’s/the Rogue’s scent again it was different this time. Heavy with arousal now. And something finally snapped within him, the Wolverine roaring forward, sweeping Logan and his cowardly uncertainties from his path to finally take charge.

He resumed Logan’s stalking but it had taken on a more determined edge now, each step alert, feral, and focussed solely on getting what he wanted.

There was no going back now and if by some sick twist of fate she had changed her mind…

Too late now. The Wolverine wasn‘t as soft as Logan. The time for games were over.

He intended to claim.


It had been the Rogue that had challenged Logan in the Danger Room. The Rogue that had forced Marie out of her bed in the dead of the night to finally do what she had been fantasising about for far too long. And it was the Rogue who now waited in the moonlit glade. Who had finally snapped and sent Marie away in frustration, to retreat deep within the psyche they shared but constantly fought over. Logan wanted her, that much was obvious, and if she had to lure out the Wolverine from the man who was trying so hard to be the good guy than so be it.

She only hoped she had succeeded. She couldn’t go on like this. She burned for his touch. Yearned for his possession. Needed him like she needed her next breath.

The time for games was over. Marie and Logan were weak. It was time for the Rogue and the Wolverine to unite. Their fates had been steered the moment they had encountered one another in Laughlin City and tonight, years later, their destinies would be properly set in motion by the physical joining they both craved.

An owl hooted close by and it jolted her from her reverie, sending a shiver of anticipation coursing through her. As she leant back against the tree that Marie had long fantasised Logan fucking her against, she felt beautiful, desired - powerful. And as the pale moonlight showered her body, already naked and feverish with desire, she embraced this addictive time of shadows, when the moon was full and the air was heady with promises.

A smug smile suddenly twitched at the corner of her mouth. She didn’t have to open her eyes to know that he was already here. Already watching her. His watching was a caress in itself. Although the lightest snap of a twig was what gave him away.

The Wolverine hadn’t failed his Rogue.

A small groan escaped her lips and she bit down on her lip, her excitement almost too much to bare.

“Wolverine…” she whispered, begged. “Please…”

His deep possessive growl almost took her over the edge then and there and when she opened her eyes he stepped out from between the trees, powerful body drenched in sweat, naked chest gleaming like some Olympian God in the moonlight.

Her heart raced uncontrollably as he stalked over to her, his stare a penetration in itself, his own eyes ablaze like burning coals. His face was a contradiction of emotions, as if the Wolverine and Logan were fighting some inner battle and facets of both were wrestling for control of the surface.

She was relieved to see that the Wolverine appeared to be maintaining the upper hand. She wanted none of Logan’s doubts or lectures tonight.

She wanted action.

As if reading her thoughts his hands suddenly slammed into the tree either side of her, caging her in his arms, making her jump. He smirked down at her, seeming amused by her reaction, then his eyes lowered, heated further, as they devoured her perfect breasts.

His eyes flicked back up to hers and in the next instant his mouth was crushing down upon hers, tongue roughly demanding access, hands eagerly exploring her body, sweeping down to her hips to grab her ass, forcing her forward to grind against him.

Lost to the heat of his mouth and hands she moaned and quivered beneath him, eager to give as much as he demanded, every shred of her soul if that was what it took to sate him. She had belonged to him from the moment their eyes had met across that bar in Laughlin City and she gave herself willingly, only feeling complete now that they were finally together like this.

Their kiss deepened: hungry, urgent, desperate. Insatiable for this connection, this possession, that had been denied for so long. Wolverine’s hands swept back up to her face, cupping her heated skin in a moment of uncharacteristic tenderness, before turning forceful once more, snatching at her hair to force her head back to gain better access to her neck, biting and kissing his way down to her breasts, making her cry out as he teased the sensitive nipples between teeth and fingers.

The intensity of the moment was literally making her see stars. The heaviness of the warm night closing in around them, enhancing the moment, contributing to the seduction.

“Now…please…I need…please…oh my god, please…just fuck me…”

Rogue could barely get the words out, knew she was babbling, but she just needed to feel him inside her now. She was dying. Felt as if she was going to explode. There would be a time for foreplay but tonight it was too much of a torment. Only delaying the true purpose of this night.

Tonight was about claiming. Sealing that destiny…

Her frantic words seemed to trigger the Wolverine’s own impatience, and his hands instantly swept back down to the curves of her ass, lifting her, guiding her, and she quickly wrapped her legs tightly around him. When his swollen cock nudged against her core she was almost sent over the edge before he had even entered her.

When he did finally enter her, in one swift forceful thrust, she screamed into the night, beyond caring that someone might hear her. The initial pain was over in a heartbeat, then it was nothing but heat and burning and the most exquisite of illicit pleasure.

“Harder!” she pleaded. “Harder!” and the Wolverine was more that willing to comply, ramming her back into the tree trunk with a growl that made her almost delirious with desire. She was experiencing the strangest, yet most powerful of emotions, as if she had suddenly ceased to exist and yet at the same time was becoming a part of everything…like they were forging their own imprint onto the very fabric of time…

“Oh my god…yes…yes…”

She barely registered what was happening when he tightened his grip and carried her from the tree to lower her down into the long grass. The earth was cool and soft beneath her body as he continued to plunge into her, face grimacing in pleasure, magnificently unrestrained, every inch the faultless man, the flawless animal, and she had never loved him more than how he was right now, in this raw primal state. As he fucked her harder, lights began to spark in front of her eyes, brighter and brighter, her whole being seeming to expand, inflate into her own overwhelming universe.

They met their explosions together. Crying out as one into the sultry night. And as she slowly came back down to earth she realised that tears were pricking at her eyes. That Marie was slipping to the surface again. But for once she was willing to allow the very different personas within her to merge as one.

She barely had time to recover when his mouth was claiming hers again. Their tongues duelled hungrily as she wrapped her legs tighter around him, needing him closer, deeper…as deep as she could take, wishing this moment…this pleasure didn’t have to come to an end.

As their mouths reluctantly parted their gazes locked and time seemed to stand still. She could feel his heartbeat thudding against her chest, whilst her own echoed rhythmically in her ears. Their hearts were almost beating at the same pace and intensity, and it was the most surreal yet most beautiful moment she had ever experienced.

“You’re mine,” the Wolverine breathed, and it was both a plea and a command.

She smiled. “I always have been,” she whispered back. “And Marie belongs to Logan.”

His eyebrow quirked at that. “They can be the good guys.”

She grinned wickedly. “I like what that makes us then.” She ran a tongue along her bottom lip before adding in her most sultry of southern drawls: “My Wolverine.”

He leaned down to kiss her again but not before growling: “My Rogue.”

The End

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