Oh, oh, oh! There!" Marie moaned, her voice hard and harsh across his ears. "Yes, yes, oooohhh!" She shuddered violently when she came, squeezing her legs tight against his hand that was currently lodged between her legs.

Logan was panting as well, unable to focus on breathing with the way he watched her writhe on the chair beside him. His arm was happily squeezed in between her full breasts. Swallowing the thickness in his throat, he gave her engorged, wet clit one more flick with his middle finger. "So much for tutorin' you 'bout geography. This is sex-ed–"

"Shut up, sugar," Marie huffed, her left hand reaching between them and fumbled with his belt buckle. She bit her lower lip hard when his stiff length met her warm palm with a weepy pre-cum greeting. Giving him a firm grip, she smiled sheepishly at him and shut her legs tight against the hand still wedged in her panties. "Like that?"

Logan threw his head back in pleasure when she started to move her hand languidly up and down his length. "M-Marie…" A groan escaped his lips when her thumb rolled over that sensitive spot right under the engorged mushroom head of his swollen erection. "R-right there, Marie…"

"My kind of geography," Marie teased before quickening the pace of her hand.

Gotta love these tutor sessions, Logan thought, bucking his hips in rhythm with her hand.

Chapter End Notes:

Prompt: tutor, sex-education

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