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He felt her pain before he heard her screams. The sadness engulfed him as he emerged in her emotions. It seemed when she had touched him, she had passed some of her into his mind as well. She cried out, but no one was answering. No one was there. No one cared.

Below, still within the Statue of Liberty Logan stared upward before he glanced at Scott “Can you hit it?”

“It’s moving too fast. I might hit her.”
There was silence as everyone considered. One life gone to save all of New York. Logan’s expression hardened as he realized what they were thinking. “Get me up there.” He murmured.

“It’s too unstable. You could fly right over it.”

“If I do, I do.” He muttered “Worst comes to worst Cyclops here can just blast it. No harm done.”

“Jean, steady him.” Scott murmured.

Logan felt the gravity below him dissapear. Butterflies flew through him as he left his stomach somewhere down there. He landed hard on the top of the machine, no soft landing. But he could take it. He stabled himself slowly and looked down at Rogue struggling for her life, barely strong enough to scream now. He held out one hand in attempt to hit the spinning wheel but something had locked his joints into place.

He looked down to see Magneto, one hand extended and holding him in place. Unable to move--there was no hope.
Suddenly a red ray shot through the air and hit Magneto, and Logans arm shot forward destroying the machine and saving all of New York.

Rogue fell limp into his arms like a rag doll. He closed his eyes angrily. “No,” he whispered. “Don’t die.” Within moments the air rushed around him and lights shone down on them. His arms tightened around her as he glanced up to the X-Jet lowering towards them.


“She has suffered severe energy loss. Her body is having difficulty defending itself as it repairs her immune system.” Professor Xavier murmured. “She is vulnerable to ever the slightest of illness. She should stay here until she is completely healed.”

Logan nodded without speaking. He had convinced himself this was his fault. She never would have left the mansion if it wasn’t for him. He sighed and rubbed his forehead as he stared at her in her bed, unconscious. Rogue’s hair, now had a sleek strip of white through it. She might as well have been sleeping had she not been so pale. He wished he could hear her voice again with that southern drawl that appeared when she was angry or nervous.

He didn’t take his eyes off her, even as several different people left the room. He sighed and didn’t move, even when he noticed Bobby give him an annoyed glare from the corner of his eyes.

A while later he woke to Jean doing a regular check up on Rogue. He stood up. “Is there anything I can do?” he murmured.

Jean’s gaze shifted as she realized what he was thinking. “It’s too dangerous to try to pass your ability onto her Logan.” She murmured. “It is a great risk to you and the possibility of your soul being lost in her mind till she dies is... likely if she kills you.” She bit her lip. “Plus,” she said on a lighter note. “She’d take on a bit too much of your personality traits if you did it long enough to heal her. We don’t need two of you around.”

He raised an eyebrow, clearly not having realized how strong she was until then. He sighed as he watched her leave.

The silence was deafening. All he could hear was the slight sound of a ticking clock and the occasional tap of people walking outside. He stood up and walked up next to her bed and sat down on the ledge. He reached forward, brushing one strand of her white hair behind her ear.
With a glance towards the door, he took her hand.

At first there was nothing.
He let go and took a deep breath.

(Song- Bad Romance: Lady Gaga)

He’d seen it in far too many movies. But he leaned over her, hesitantly and brushed her lips gently across hers. Innocently at first, before he pressed harder and felt the pain flowing through his veins. He felt completely strained as though he had been running for days. Then there was the constant drain of energy, something pulling him towards unconsciousness like gravity. He was on the verge of passing out when she opened her eyes and pushed him off of her.

“Logan,” She gasped.

He swayed slightly, his eyelids fluttering open. “Rogue?”
“Yes.” She whispered staring at him. He nearly fell limp but her arms caught him. Slowly, but surely he was beginning to heal. The dizziness was beginning to fade. “Are you alright?”

He nodded slowly. “I’m fine. You stopped just in time.” He paused. “Are you ok?”

“Yes.” She muttered after a moment. “I’m not sleeping beauty Logan.” She hissed darkly out of annoyance. Logan was gaining strength quickly and was beginning to notice things, like the thought flickering behind her eyes. Her gaze shot to his. “They told you not to do that.” She accused. “It was too dangerous. What were you thinking?”
He raised one eyebrow. This was a bit harsh for her. “You heard that?”

Rogue pressed her lips together, shaking her head. “No.” She corrected. “I saw it.”

His eyes narrowed. “I don’t understand.”

“Me neither.” She agreed. “Not fully.” She took a deep breath and clenched her teeth. “I take more than energy Logan.” She rubbed her forehead. “I take thoughts, traits... emotions.”

“Thoughts.” He echoed, trying to sound indifferent.

Rogue bit the edge of her lip, restraining a smile. “Yes.” She started to adjust the blankets around her, swinging her legs over the side of the bed and standing up.

“Be careful,” he said, one hand held out to help when she stumbled.

Logan saw her teeth clench together. “I don’t need your help.”

That was when he realized it. He nearly smiled. “Personality traits huh?” Rogue’s eyes froze when it occurred to her. He grinned roguishly “I would think I’m a bit more charming.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” she hissed, a smile on the corner of her lips. She began to walk towards the door but he stepped in front of her, standing abnormally close.

Logan stared into her eyes for a long moment, but she couldn’t hold his gaze. She glanced down, eyes on the ground. He smiled, that was more herself. She could never understand why he loved to look at her. Rogue simply had a heartbreakingly low confidence level; one that made it difficult for her to get close to anyone. Logan ran his fingers along her jaw line before lifting her chin to face him. He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers, gently at first then stronger. Her lips reacted to his, but there was no pain on his part. Rogue found her hands traveling up his chest, her fingers locking around his collar, pulling him closer.

She tried desperately to focus. Her mind grasped at the seams ripping her apart. Rogue couldn’t let this be ruined by her power. She had to control it. Logan’s hands slid down to her waist, one on the small of her back, pulling her into him.

All of this had been waited for so long. It was happening. It was something that had slipped in and out of their minds since they had first met. But it had always been thought to be impossible. It was wrong. It was right. It was difficult to describe. Something no one else would understand.

She stumbled backwards, pulling him with her. She backed into the wall, pinned against it. His hands began to under the buttons in the front of her shirt as he pulled away briefly. “Wait,” she whispered suddenly. “Logan I don’t have full control of it yet.”

His gaze flickered to hers and he leaned in and kissed her hard. “Maybe it’s worth it.”

Rogue almost laughed as he began to kiss her neck. “Worth dying?”

Logan smiled. “I said maybe.” He leaned in again and felt her smile against his lips. He began to undo the buttons on her shirt, too slowly. He felt her hands on his belt buckle, and then the button of his jeans. She fumbled slightly as her hand slipped downward along with his zipper. He had his hands on her hips, pushing her backward till she stumbled back onto the bed. He pinned her down, dragging off her jeans and pulling her legs around his torso.

At the same time as the frantic desperation to hurry, she felt the control slipping away. There was little warning but all she wanted was to ignore it. A slight fear rose in her, what if she lost control?

He felt the hesitation in her lips but knew what it meant. Despite that, he knew the regret that would live in both of them if they decided to stop right now—along with the growling sexual frustration that would surface in him if he left this any longer. Her hands wound into his hair, her fingers locking around his skull to hold him closer. She gasped slightly, yearning harder to keep focused.

A scream erupted as he thrust into her, as his and her hips began to move into a rhythm. Her arms locked around his neck as his hands pulled her closer and closer into him a rough grip on her hips. Her legs wound tighter around his torso as he lifted her and they slammed against the desk which hit hard against the wall causing a surge of destruction. She gasped, letting out a long scream. Both of them were breathing hard as they toppled onto the floor.

She felt her control sliding away as he buried his face into her neck, pushing his hips further to her. “No,” she breathed out. “Logan, I can’t... I can’t... Stop—I—I...” A sigh escaped her lips. He thrust harder into her, determined to savour the last moments.

It was happening. She cried out trying desperately to stop it. She grasped frantically at her control but it felt like trying to hold on to thin air. It was gone.

“Logan...” she cried out. “LOGAN!”


(song-Starlight by Muse)

Logan didn’t open his eyes when his hand reached out to stop hers. “That tickles.” He murmured quietly.

“Good to have you back.” She said smiling down at him.

His gaze flickered towards the door then to her eyes again. “Couldn’t wait to get my shirt off again huh?”
Jean rolled her eyes. “Well, you have been busy lately.” She added with a smile.

He ignored her flirtatious gesture. “Where’s Rogue?” he murmured under his breath sitting up.

“She’s back to her regular self.” Jean said sufficiently. She leaned in closer placing her hands on his knees with a smile. “She took on some of your more... charming personality traits for a while.” She placed one hand on his collarbone, letting her fingertips trace along his chest. “What were you two doing I wonder... that led to you being stuck here again.” Jean bit her lip and raised an eyebrow as Logan looked very interested in something on the ceiling.

“I... I touched her while she was resting—I needed to speed up the recovery rate I suppose.”

“And that’s all that happened?” Jean prodded.
His narrowed eyes met hers. “Why does it matter to you?”
She shrugged. “It doesn’t. Not really.” She slipped one hand against his cheek. “It’s not like she’d ever be able to do what I can to you.” Her fingernails slid along his bare chest causing goose bumps.

Logan wasn’t able to stop the smile from curling the corner of his lips. “You’d be surprised.”

Jean’s eyes widened. “She’s a student. And her mutation... the professor said it would take years to control let along prefect.”

He pulled the cords that measured his heart rate off of himself and sat up. “She figured it out for long enough.”
“She’s a student!” Jean hissed, getting angrier. “The professor will never allow it!”

Logan stood up now, frustrated and angry with her response. “I love her Jean. There’s no better way to explain it. I know what the consequences are and I’m willing to suffer them.”

Jean took a deep breath and brought her hand up to touch the side of his face again. “I thought that you—”

“I’m sorry Jean.” His hand caught her wrist and finally her gaze met his. “My heart belongs to someone else.”

He was given no time to find Rogue when he left Jean. The second it happened he was summoned to speak to Xavier and told of the possible evidence he might find in a location up north. He needed to go. And that thought alone was ripping him apart.

He wasn’t sure if he could face a goodbye. And he knew that by doing so—it made her seem like a one night stand when she was so much more than that to him. There was nothing that he could do. This was not what he wanted. But as he walked towards the door he froze, knowing that it was her coming after him.

“Hey,” Rogue called after him quietly. “You running again?”

He grinned at the sight of her as he turned around. “I’ve got some things to take care of up north.”

Her face fell slightly. “I don’t want you to go.” She took a step forward, one gloved hand clasping around his dog tags. She smiled as her gaze flickered from them up to his eyes watching her. She leaned in, using his chain to pull him closer and said as quietly as she could. “Can I keep you?”

His smile spread further across his face, but he knew he had to go. There were so many things that he needed to know, no matter the need to stay with her. He pulled off his dog tags and placed them in her hands, closing her fingers around them.

“I’ll be back for you.” He murmured to her quietly. There was someone standing in the doorway behind her and he did not want to risk them hearing. No one else would understand this. No one would comprehend what they were feeling. There wasn’t anyone who could identify with these emotions that they themselves did not understand.
He pulled her into his arms and she rested her head on his chest for a long breath. He pulled back only enough to look at her before he gently kissed her forehead. Her entire body tingled from a single touch. But that was when he let go of her and began to pull away.

Rogue knew there were people around, but she didn’t really care. Somehow it didn’t even seem like anyone was there when she couldn’t let him go. Her hands reached up and grasped his collar and she pulled him in for a kiss. He leaned in to her obligingly.

Her arms locked around his neck, never wanting to let him go while her fingers wound through his hair.

But he felt the stares the same time that she did, and both pulled away. She didn’t break his gaze as she murmured a goodbye with a smile.

Logan nodded.
And then he was gone.

Rogue closed her eyes, not wanting to face the people around her. Not yet. No questions just yet. Wait. Her hand gripped tightly at the necklace there. She wasn’t sure if she’d ever let it go.
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I hope you liked it. I may or may not continue the story into X2. Let me know.
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