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So friend of mine helped me with this when we went through our obsession with these two characters. It's sort of our "thing." Anyways, a thank you to My Wolverine.
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I'll try to make Bobby a kind character--I say try becuase honestly I hate him. I hope you enjoy this!
Anna Marie slowly stepped out of the truck, dragging her duffle bag full of things behind her. Disorientation and confusion flooded through her as she glanced to the string of warehouses. “I thought you said you would take me to Lothum City.” She murmured to the trucker that she had hitched a ride with.

“This is Lothum city.” He muttered walking away.
Her eyes widened as a flash of headlights ran across her face. It startled her, and with the light gone, now everything seemed so much darker than it had been before. She stumbled towards the first warehouse she had noticed other’s headed to, the door she opened revealed a large room packed with people. They were crowded around what was located in the centre of the bar. She moved through the crowd as she barely listened to the announcer scream about the man that was in the ring who was undefeated.

(Song- Limp Bizkit: My Way)

The name she usually went by was Rogue for more reasons than one. She nearly smiled as she heard the title of undefeated. She was sure she could take whoever it was down without any blunt force. But her eyes narrowed on the man in the centre of the cage.

There was something about him that she couldn’t put her finger on. Literally. As much as she’d like to. But she was startled from her thoughts when a volunteer screamed “I’ll fight him!” He pushed through the crowd taking off his large jean jacket.

The challenger was heavy set and tall, taller at least than the one in the ring known as Wolverine.
The new fighter pushed him down, kneeing him to his stomach. The significant difference between the sizes of the two men made it seem like a useless battle, and it was when he wound up to punch him she figured this Wolverine was done for, when he raised one fist to collide with the other. He got to his feet slowly, his glare penetrating.

Within three hits to the face the challenger was down.
The announcer spoke for the first time “Never, have I ever seen anything like this.” He raved “Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Wolverine!”

Rogue’s eyes widened as she stared at him, still holding the same cigar as he was before, shirtless and muscular. He was tanned but the faint bruising that had been put in place by the heavy set challenger was beginning to faintly fade. Her heart beat flooded through her ears as she watched him before she knew there was something different about this fighter.


Beside her a man sat down and ordered a beer. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him turn to look at her. “We don’t get your type round here.” He said obnoxiously.
Her gaze flickered to his. “What do you mean?”

He smiled when she replied. “I mean—we don’ get none of the young stuff in here. Quiet town. Where yah from?”
She bit her lip slightly before she answered. “South.” She said. It was general enough.

“Is that so? Well how ‘bout I show you some good Canadian hospitality?” He chuckled “Let me buy you a drink.”

“I don’t drink.” She said stiffly.
He snorted. “Everybody drinks.”
She flexed her hands and rubbed them together, considering taking off her gloves. Recently she had acquired a deadly touch. She was in no mood to sit around listening to this guy hitting on her.

It could be good practice to learn to control it though. She had been getting better at that.

“How ‘bout you leave the girl alone.” Someone said as he walked by. His voice was low, gruff.
“I don’t see how this is any of your business.” He hissed.
“You’re right. It’s not.” He agreed. “But if you decide to make a scene of her rejection I’ll have to make it my business.”

He sat down about four seats away, a dark glare meeting Rogue’s gaze to make her glance down the table in front of her. She heard him order something.

The man threw some money onto the table to the bartender, muttered some swears and left.

When she was sure Wolverine wouldn’t see her, she glanced over at him again, he was focused on the TV. But just then two men walked up behind him. One had a puckered red bruise on the side of his face. Rogue realized that he had been the one he had fought.

“You owe me some money.” He muttered angrily.
“Come on Stu,” His friend murmured.
“No one takes a beating like that without a mark to show for it.” He glared at the back of his head. Logan had yet to bother turning around. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take before something bad unleashed out of him.

“Stu, come on.” His friend said again, trying to grab his arm and pull him along.
“You lost your money, keep this up and you’ll lose something else.” Logan threatened. His voice was slightly monotone, but as calm as he was—there was no bluff in his words.

“I know what you are.” He hissed, there was fear in his voice but the last word was said with such venom it might as well have been something else. “Freak.”
“Leave.” Wolverine ordered.

That’s when Rogue saw the switchblade pulled out of his pocket and with a quick lunge he went forward. “LOOK OUT!” She screamed frantically.

In a split second the knife was on the ground and the man was between the wall and what appeared to be three blade’s emerging from his knuckles. Her eyes widened.
Behind him the bartender held a shotgun to his head. “Get out of my bar, freak.” His voice was shaky and clearly afraid, but still stern.

With a quick swipe the shotgun was in half and both men were at mercy of Wolverine. He shot a glare at both before he lowered his hands and walked out the door.

Rogue watched, completely frozen and watched him leave the bar. Something pulled her after him. And whatever the emotion was—it pushed her out of her seat and towards the door.


Logan climbed into his trailer lighting up a cigar with a sigh. He drove along the icy highway. The roads were bad from the descending temperature. Bad conditions for driving, not that it mattered; if he crashed he’d be able to walk away anyways.

His tried to stay focused on the road, but his thoughts traced over the memories that he only got frequent flickers of. Enough to get a glimpse of who he was, but enough to raise even more questions. The nightmares were worse. That was when his subconscious mind took over, bringing unknown memories to the surface.

The wars were the worst. That was all he knew. He had been a soldier, but the consistency was difficult to follow.

Suddenly he heard something move, shifting the trailer being pulled behind with his bike. He sighed and pulled over, though there was no one on the roads. Logan wandered to the back where he saw something beside his bike that had not been there before. He raised one eyebrow before he tapped it slightly and realizing someone was there he pulled the fabric off.

It revealed a girl, pale from the cold with a hood covering half her face. It was the girl he had seen staring at him wide eyes from outside the ring, same as the one who had been at the bar when Joe'd been layin som moves on her. His adrenaline jumped before his conscience hardened. The muscles in his jaw tensed and he glared. “What the hell are you doing?” He muttered.
The girl briefly closed her eyes in embarrassment. “I’m sorry.” She murmured opening her eyes “I needed a ride. I thought you could help me... I—”

“Get out.” His eyes were closed. He couldn’t look at her; he could feel her staring at him. He knew that he wanted to bring her with him—but he was going somewhere that wasn’t safe. He couldn’t be weighed down by some girl. There was too much chance of being attacked. Humans do nothing to help.

She climbed out of the back and adjusted her long green jacket. “Where am I supposed to go?”
He glared “I don’t know.” He answered.

“You don’t know or you don’t care?” She challenged, her voice was beginning to have the makings of an accent he had yet to recognize. Something that only showed when she got angry.

He grabbed her bag out of the trailer and dropped it to the ground with a smirk. “Pick one.”

The girl watched him walk away before she sighed “I saved your life.” Southern accent leaked into the statement.
He didn’t skip a beat. “No you didn’t.” He called without turning around.

Logan got into the car and started to drive away. He had only got a small distance away before his conscience leaked into his mind and he stopped and put the car in park.
She ran and got in.

“You don’t have anything to eat do you?” she murmured rubbing her hands together. She hadn’t eaten since she had gotten in the car with the trucker when she ran away. He reached into the glove box and pulled out a package of beef jerky. She pulled her hood down. “I’m Rogue.” When he didn’t respond she glanced over at him and noticed the dog tags around his neck. “Were you in the army?” she asked quietly. “Doesn’t that mean you were in the army?”

There was still no response. She sighed as she pulled her gloves off with slight struggle. Rogue glanced back at the trailer behind her. “Wow.” She murmured.
His jaw tensed “What?” he snapped.
“Do you sleep here?” She said quietly without thinking.
Logan’s eyes narrowed. “Well, if you prefer the road...”
“No,” she interrupted quickly backtracking. “It looks great. It looks... cozy.”

They were quiet for a while. She rubs her hands together against the cold.

He noticed, realizing how chilly it was and he turned on the heater. Logan reached for her hands in a gesture to hold them closer to the fans. “Put your hands on the heater,” he mumbled. Rogue flinched, her hands immediately pulling away from his. She saw a flicker of anger in his eyes before he spoke. “I’m not going to hurt you kid.”

That’s what her last boyfriend had said. But she had hurt him. Rogue shook her head sighing. “It’s nothing personal. It’s just that...” she hesitated and he glanced over at her. “When people touch my skin something happens.” It seemed like an understatement. Hurt? That was all she could bring herself to say. She didn’t want to scare him.

“What happens?” he asked, curious.
“I don’t know.” Rogue said quietly, thoughtful. “They just get hurt.” She pulled her gloves back on.
He raised one eyebrow, amused. “Fair enough.” He muttered. So she was a mutant. He should have known. He took a deep breath—but the entire truck smelled like her now. His teeth clenched. It was like vanilla or homemade baking.

Her gaze flickered to his hands for a long moment before she spoke. “When they come out...” she said quietly. “Does it hurt?” Her voice shot him out of his day dream.

Logan didn’t look at her when he answered. “Every time.” They were silent for a long time. Both of them consumed by thought. Logan simply tried to think about things other than her. He couldn’t keep her around obviously. Not with this yearning building, it would kill him. Or worse, her. The next gas station. That’s where he’d have to leave her. No he couldn’t... she was so young. There were far worse men than him out there. He swallowed hard, he’d deal with what to do with her when the time arose, for now he’d distract himself. “So what kind of a name is Rogue?” He asked glancing in the rear-view mirror.

For a moment she felt insulted. “I don’t know.” She hissed. “What kind of a name is Wolverine?”
He snickered, amused by her annoyance. “My name is Logan.”
Her gaze flickered away for a moment as the considered lying. Her trust in him wound against it. “Marie.”

Logan nodded with a smile. She mashed her lips together, feeling her pulse grow so loud she was sure he could hear it. In fact he could. Logan smiled slightly as he considered what it meant. He didn’t tell her though. She was just a girl.

The snow had begun to fall, placing a thick white blanket all around them. As he drove they created tracks on a road that hadn’t been used in some time.

It wasn’t for awhile after he picked up speed that Rogue noticed.
“You should really wear your seatbelt.” She suggested.
Logan rolled his eyes. “Look kid, I don’t need automobile advice from a girl—” Suddenly a loud crash interrupted him and he quickly glanced back to the road to see a massive tree fall in front of them. The truck slammed into the trunk spread lengthwise across the road. The windshield shattered as Logan shot through it, landing on the snow covered ground and sliding twenty meters away.

Rogue opened her eyes slowly. Everything was white. It was all a blur.

She felt her face pressed against the dashboard in front of her. Her gaze immediately went beside her to see the driver’s seat empty. She turned her head forward and tried to see further. But everything was so white. It was blinding. Everything was silent. It was deafening.

Slowly, it focused.

Logan was spread across the ground face down. He wasn’t moving. Her heart sped up. A thousand thoughts shattered through her mind. Was he okay? That was a question that appeared repeatedly.

Pain shot through her leg as she realized. “Am I okay?” She thought. Her frantically went to her seatbelt trying to undo it so she could get out of the truck. The button wasn’t working. She struggled, trying to rip it out but it wouldn’t budge.

She glanced back up to where Logan lay and relief soared through her as she watched him get up. Relief. Confusion. Terror. Bewilderment. Disorientation.

A wide gash lay across his forehead and the raw flesh was bloody. Her veins iced through as she watched it begin to heal. “Are you okay?” he asked, the cut nearly completely healed now. She had frozen completely, staring at him in shock. “Kid are you okay?”

He heals. She couldn’t help but think of the possibilities. He can’t die. Perhaps even she can't kill him... Rogue shot back to reality. “I’m stuck!” she muttered loudly, annoyed that she was unable to handle this herself. He started to walk towards her.

All she heard was wind but he heard something else. There was a scent in the air. They were not as alone as he had thought, or hoped.

She knew something was wrong when his hands clenched, and the metal claws cringed out of his knuckles.

The tension rose. Suddenly something flung out of the forest, arms raised. It landed on top of Logan and Rogue gasped, screaming out in fear. She watched the man hold him up by his shirt and throw him towards her.

Logan landed on top of the truck’s front, his head hitting the metal, immediately knocking him out. His claws subtracted into his arms once more, his eyes closed.

The wind around them stirred the trees suddenly and the snow began to fall harder. Rogue’s eyes widened as she struggled desperately with the seat belt, frantically trying to get free. It wouldn’t budge as the two people got closer. She couldn’t see their faces. One had a interesting style of sunglasses on while the other was female, her eyes completely white.

They opened the door to the passenger side of the truck. The man touched his temple with one hand and a red beam shot out of his eyes, breaking her seatbelt. They pulled Rogue out of the car, their names were Storm and Cyclops. Rogue’s eyes went black as she watched the truck she had been in seconds ago explode.


She had heard about them before. The mutants. But never had she dared to think of herself as one. Perhaps that had been why she left home in the first place... she didn't accept herself and so would never expect her family to. Rogue simply envied the others... the term for their powers wasn't 'better,' they were just easier to handle than hers. Rogue envied them.

She sat in a classroom hitting her pencil against the desk while the teacher at the front spoke. The students around her did not yet know what her power was. But she didn’t want to tell them just yet.

The boy in front of her had his hands behind his back, lighting a fire in his lighter before transferring the flame to his other hand. This one could control fire. She watched, not commenting, until she saw the boy beside her reach closer and a chill flew through the air.
The ball of fire turned to ice and fell to the ground shattering. Rogue jumped at the noise.

The boy beside her whispered. “I’m Bobby. What’s your name?”

“Rogue.” She whispered.

He smiled and touched his hand to her desk. When he moved his hand a rose made of ice was where his hand used to be. “Welcome to Mutant High.”
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