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“What?” the Asian girl asked, looking confused, “it’s a lullaby. Eminem wrote it for his daughter you know.” AU for those who are still in denial about the ending of Feels Like Suffocation, Baby. Here you go, now no more death threats please lol.
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Story Notes:
This is for all the people who wrote me reviews basically saying ‘why god?! Why!’ and then ‘politely’ asked me why the hell I couldn’t give Logan and Marie a happy ending. Lol. Seriously, some reviews were vaguely threatening lol.

So guys, this is for you!

I’ll try to keep it angst free. But no promises.

This is an AU of a series I wrote, go take a peek at the series if you have the time (shameless HINT). It goes:

Marks of His Affection
Map Me With Bruises
Feels Like Suffocation, Baby
Lullabies For Laughlin (AU)
Facing Eternity (AU)

Have to warn you though, it is VERY adult and deals with CONTROVERSIAL topics.

1. Lullabies For Laughlin by Kerryanah [Reviews - 12] star star star star (4936 words)