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Last chapter. the spelling and grammar might not be perfect but I'm tired and can't be bothered to triple check. xXx

I saw him, he actually did it, he actually shaved off his mutton chops. I never thought that he would. But he did. For me. Maybe Jubes was right and he does love me he’s just to “Up his own hairy, muscular finely sculpted arse to see that he loves me and needs reality check because you are HOT! I’d do ya” you’ve gotta love her, even when she’s in her I-could-so-be-a-lesbian phase again but that’s mainly after a breakup. I don’t know why she’s so upset; she the one that always does the dumping.

She woke me up this morning, jumping on my bed singing;

“I know something you don’t know!” looking down at me with her eyes sparkling in mischief.

“Well it’s apparently not the ‘Don’t wake Rogue up’ rule.” I grumbled hiding my head further under the covers.

“NOOoooo…” She sang in that voice again. “It’s something about Logan” That caught my attention. “And his shocking lack of bodily hair” I jumped up so quickly that she fell of the bed and onto the floor squeaking.

“What!... Oh sorry.” I get out of bed and help her up. She looks pissed. “What happened?” I asked hoping that she was still willing to tell me after I all but tackled her to the ground.

“As I was saying… are you listening?” she asked

“What?” seriously this girl on?

“Well, I’m not going to tell you if you’re not going to listen, so are you listening?” She asked in her grown up voice, or what she thinks is grown up.


“Sitting comfortably?” WTF?


“Hungry? I could get you a snack. Something to drink?” I’m going to kill her.

“JUBILEE!!!” I practically screamed at the annoying little toad.

“Alright, alright jeez. No need to screech. I don’t know what Logan see’s in you, far too angry and uptight.” Now I know that she has a death threat.

“Ah’m ganna Kil… What do ya mean what he see’s in me?” I ask as the realisation hit me.

“Well he did shave off his famous Wolverine mutton chops and all of his oh-so-manly stubble for you if that isn’t love them I’m not sure what is. Well except sex, coz’ you know how sex equals love and all.” Oh My Great Granny. It worked, Storm rocks and I’m ganna get laid finally.

“Jubes… Ah gotta go but we’ll talk about the whole sex/love thang when ah get back k’.” I sprinted out of my room to his in record time. But he wasn’t there.

So I ran down to the kitchen only to have Bobby and John staring at me in my rather revealing Silk nighty. Oops.

He wasn’t in the rec room, the danger room, gym or locker/changing room. Where the hell is he?

“If you’re looking for Logan he’s in the garage fixing up your car” Scoot said creeping up on me with a huge smile on his face.

“Erm Scott listen ah-“ God this is awkward and I’m half naked. I start to tug my flimsy excuses of a nightdress down in an attempt to cover up. Looking down I noticed that my boobs were almost falling out. Shit I need to change my clothes.

“Erm… it’s okay Marie, Jean explained it all to me last night and I understand completely. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t have done to get Jean and I can see that your love for Logan is the same.” He said wrenching his eye’s (Glasses) away form my partly exposed breast. “Logan’s in the garage. Go get him.” he said tapping me lightly on the arse and walking off. I’m too nervous now to be embarrassed.


“Logan” I called out quietly into the darkened garage, knowing that he could hear me I didn’t bother shouting. I hate when he doesn’t turn the light on, I know that he can see in the dark but I can never find the light switch. OUCH! Fuck that hurt, who the fuck leaves fucking car parts on the fucking floor of the fucking garage, the fucking idiots? I think I broke a toe. Suddenly the lights flashed on and all I could see was bright light.

“Darlin’ are you alright?” once my eyes had adjusted I could see, what used to be Logan staring down at me, clutching my foot, with an amused expression on his face.

“Logan what tha hell did ya do ta ya face?” I asked moving over to him to touch his face, my foot forgotten. It wasn’t as smooth as Bobby’s used to be but I felt great to be able to touch a new part of Logan’s skin. As I looked up into his hazel eyes I realised what I’d done.

“Logan ah didn’t mean it lahke that. Just that this isn’t you.” I said careful not to hurt him again.

“Yeah well kid” Ouch “maybe that’s the point” he said turning back to my car.

“But ah liked how ya looked before.” I said getting closer to him. My plan didn’t seem so genius now but I was so close to getting his to admit his feelings. I might have to say it first though and I really don’t want to, just in case.

“S’not enough” he grumbled out, closing the bonnet of the car and leaning forwards on it with both of his hands and his head down. Seeing that he really didn’t know just how much I loved him I started moving towards him slowly so not to frighten him off.

“Logan.” I whispered as I moved next to him. When he didn’t respond I ducked under his arm and sat on the car bonnet and took hold of his face. “Look at me, Please” his head move up to look me in the eyes and I saw such sadness and loneliness that it was like looking into my own eyes, we are truly meant to be together.

“What?” he whispered, his mouth getting closer to mine. Fuck it, who needs pride anyway? I moved my lips to his and wound my arms around his neck pulling him as close as possible. His lips are so soft and yielding and he tastes so good as I open his mouth with mine and slide my tongue into his mouth. He fit so perfectly between my legs that I slid forward on the bonnet and rap them around his hips pulling him onto me, my lack of clothing stopped me from sliding around too much. He moved his hands to my hips ad he pushed his into mine and growled into my mouth. I move my hand down his chest to his waist and try and un-tuck his vest but I can, his jeans aren’t cooperating with me and I need more skin to touch.

“Logan… Help.” He started to chuckle and let go of me while he took his shirt off and I found out just how great it is to touch someone else’s hairy chest, now I know what I’ve been waiting for all these years. I am ganna have a killer stubble rash tomorrow in some unnecessary places. Especially now that his hands are moving to my waist and pulling my nighty over my head, exposing my breast to the cold air of the garage and his intense eyes. He moves his hands over my skin, leaving a trail of goose bumps under his touch.

“You feel so good Marie, so soft like silk. You’re so innocent, so good.” He moaned into my ear. I’m not as innocent as he may thing. Moving my hands down his chest, feeling the hairs roughly against my hand I bit his lip sharply, distracting him as I tackled his belt buckle, undoing it with practiced ease and moving onto his zipper. More, I need more and I need it now.

“Marie stop! Stop darlin’, ya gotta stop.” He said taking my hands in his and resting his forehead against mine.

“What? Why?” I asked, tears forming in my eyes at the sting of rejection, yet again.

“Darlin’… Marie. I’m not going to fuck you on the hood of your car.” He said gruffly looking me in the eyes for the first time since I kissed him. That’s what you think, bub.

“Really?” I asked raising an eyebrow sarcastically after a minute or so. “Well that’s fine, if you don’t want to have sex with me.” the bulge in his jeans tells me otherwise. “But I do” looking at the confused expression on his face he clearly doesn’t understand. Maybe he’ll understand this.

As I lie back on the car and look him straight in the eyes, I slowly move my hand to my breast and play with my hardened nipple. I put my finger in my mouth and begin to suck on it, getting it all moist and start to rub the other nipple, slowly circling it then gently pulling on the tip. I bring my feet up on the car of steady myself with my legs open for his view. As his eyes move from mine and down to my new exposed panties as I move my hand down my bare stomach and into my panties, gently stroking my lower lips.

“Logan, would you mind helping?” I ask innocently raising my hips in invitation for him to take my underwear off. As his hands move shakily toward my hips I push a finger into myself and moan loudly bucking my hips higher into the air, letting my eyes close and my head drop back onto the car. When I felt Logan’s movement stop I looked over at his, he looked somewhere caught between shock and desire. After a few minutes of pleasuring myself in front of him, moving my finger over my clit slowly grinding into it while pumping my fingers into my heated wetness I decided that he’s had enough.

“Please Logan. Ah need help. Please” I pleaded in a whisper taking my hand from between my legs and bringing it up to my mouth to clean when his hand caught my wrist and dragged my forward to straddle him again where I could feel his hardened penis rubbing against my wetness. He brought my damp fingers to his mouth and began to slowly suck on them. It was possible the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, the man I love sucking on my finger, cleaning them of the juices that he had created.

“If ya don’t wanna fuck me on mah car… where’s ya bike?” I asked moving my mouth next to his ear and bit down on his lobe.

“It’s not where Marie, don’t you want your first time to be gentle and not in the schools garage?” he asked as I moved my hands back to his zipper, not stopping me this time.

“Logan tha only thing I want from my first time is you, cumming inside of me. Is every time we make love going to be soft and gentle?” I asked moving his jeans down his hips discovering that he doesn’t wear underwear. That can’t he healthy for a man who usually lives in cold environments.

“No darlin’ I guess not.” He said with a smile.

“Then let’s start as we mean to go on shall we?!” I asked in my straight American accent while pushing him away so that I could turn around to bend over my car, dropping my panties to the floor and exposing myself to him completely.

“Marie, are you sure?” he asked as he stepped behind me and positioned himself at my opening.

“I love you Logan, always have.” With that he thrust forward into my tight and waiting entrance and broke through my last shred of innocence. I hardly felt the pain through the sheer pleasure of finally having Logan inside of me. He didn’t move his hips but lean forward and began to bite gently on my shoulder.

“You okay?” he asked in a whisper.

“Ah’d be better if ya’d keep moving” I said as I began to move my hips closer to his. Getting the message he started to move faster, pushing himself into me getting deeper with each thrust. Moving faster and harder, if I wasn’t sweating so much I would have gotten friction burns from the car. I could feel my every muscle in my body clench as my vision began to blur. Every orgasm that I had ever given myself seemed like a sneeze compared to this, this was a full-blown seizure. And I loved it, my inner walls clenched down on his thick cock, pumping away inside of my tight and moist channel. His teeth bit down onto my shoulder again only much, much harder this time drawing blood. But he most fantastic part of it was, when he came he called out my name. Mine. Not Jean’s. Not darlin’ or kid. Not Dolly the waitress. But Marie.


“Logan get up or Ah’m ganna poor water on ya again.” I yelled at him from the doorway. “Ya got 10 minutes to get dress, so get tha fuck up.” As I approached the bed to grab the covered off of him and arm sprang out and dragged me onto the bed.

“Mornin’ to you to Darlin’” he said smirking and my startled expression.

“If we’re late Jean’s going to kill us.” I said unenthusiastically.

“Fine I’ll get dressed. But you gotta do something for me first.” He whispered into my ear.

“We ain’t got time for this Logan.” I said sternly trying to get off of the bed but failing miserably.

“Just one thing Marie.” Stupid man.

“Sure what?”

“Tell me that you love me?” Sweet man.

“Ah love you.” I said before kissing him. “Now get up”

Five minutes late but fully dressed we were sat in the back row of the chairs acting as pews on the mansion grounds I sat next to my lover, boyfriend, friend, my soul mate.

“Jeanies looking a little big ain’t she?” he asked looking at Jean’s rounded belly.

“Shut up she looks beautiful. And she pregnant you idiot.” I said wiping my tear. I love weddings.

“I know but she swelled up big.” I looked at him with disgust on my face.

“Ya’r a pig, what ya ganna be lahke when ah get pregnant? Ganna tell me ah’m fat?” I asked quietly knowing I’d found my moment.

“Well that ain’t ganna happen any time soon so don’t worry about it darlin’” he whispered back with a smirk on his face that I would so love to wipe of with my fist. I’m telling you it’s a good job he’s got such a big and useful dick or I’d have broken it off ages ago. Ever since our first fight/make up sex he’s been trying to start a fight so that we can repeat the incident that lead to a broken bed. Stupid man never learns.

“Well if that was tha plan then ya probably should have gotten better condoms sug’s” I said smiling when his smirk dropped. Revenge is sweet. And so it wedding cake.

“This is delicious Logan ya want some?” I asked him later during the reception, bring a fork full to his still shocked face.

“YOU’RE PREGANANT MARIE?” what is it with this man and shouting out private information in crowded places. Looking up at his face to yell at him I see that the smirk is still firmly in place. Evil man.

“Yup and if it’s a boy I’m naming him Scott, after his daddy” HA! That got the smirk right off his face.

The End.
Chapter End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed it, not my best work but it'll do. I'll probably write more in a couple of months when my exams are over. xXx
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