Author's Chapter Notes:
This ones longer than usual because My 6 form's making me stay behind at school until 5:30 and I didn't ave any work to do so I did this. Lots of POV switching. Enjoy and review.

This is the stupidest fucking thing that she has ever done. And she’s done some pretty stupid things before, like the time that she got dared by Ice-cube to eat that chilly pepper and she spent the next two hours drinking milk. Or the time she got talked into having a Brazilian wax by Jubilee, couldn’t sit down for days. That was pretty funny. Offered to help apply some ointment and she got all embarrassed and stopped paying attention, sat down and screamed. That was a good day. She wore skirts, she looks going in skirts.

She’s a good kid just not very smart. One of those rare people who never lie or cheat to get what they want. Admirable but it won’t get her very far.

And now she’s convinced that she wants Scott. She thinks he’s sexy. Walking around without my shirt to much has broken her brain, altered her vision of sexy. I should get Jean to check her over.

NO! Not a good idea. She’d probably just encourage her. Not exactly in her right frame of mind either, is she? Actually letting her man have sex with other women! I’d never let someone else touch my girl. I’d brake his weenier off first. Gut him after. I know that some of the girls around here have developed crushes on some of the teachers. Kitty and Piotr (The Russian Guy). John and Ororo. Jubilee and me. Hey, I can’t help it. But Marie and Scott? No, no, no! This is not going to happen.

She used to have a crush on me you know?. I could probably remind her, can’t be that bad. And if it gets Scott off of her mind then it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

She’s mine… in time.

And I don’t share!


Logan’s being weird again. Accept this time he’s not mad but happy, overly helpful and polite. Attentive even, like my feeling are just as important as my psychical welfare. Don’t get me wrong he’s always cared that I was happy, that no one was giving me a hard time about my skin but he’s never exactly been worried about my emotional wellbeing. It’s kinda freaking me out no. He has pancakes for me when I woke up and he even remembered my orange just and the vitamins that I take in the morning. Then he offered to take me out on the bike to get new parts for my car. I broke it… again. Hey! It was totally the cats fault. Anyway when you’re finished judging me…

When we got back he from the car spares (don’t remember what it was called) place he took me to our favourite diner. Lots of meat for him and jacket potato for me, he even gave me his salad that came with the cow. When he asked me if there was anywhere else I wanted to go I got suspicious. What did he break and why was he in my room?

“I didn’t break anything Darlin’ just missed spending time with you, is all” he said, the picture of innocence. Minus the facial hair and bulging muscles… tight jeans that perfectly out line his… eye front Marie. God now he’s smirking at me all sexily.

“Well there’s spendin’ tahm (time) and then they’re lurin’ me inta a false sense of security. Not plannin’ on killin’ me are ya?” I accuse. He just laughs and replies:

“Na, Darlin’. This is just a sorta apology for lettin’ your name slip out the uva’ night.” He stretches his hand out across the table and takes mine into his own. “Forgive me?”

“O…of course L-Logan.” I manage to squeak out in between panning for breath. I really hope that my hand doesn’t get all sweaty and gross. He might not ever hold my hand again.

“Good, coz’ I miss us being friends.” My smile dropped. Friends?!? Not enough, not anymore. I pull my hand away and pick up my milkshake, trying to keep the smile on my face.

“Me too” His smile falters also. Yup you said something wrong. Idiot. “Ready to go?”

“Sure Darlin’” well at least I get to keep darlin’ it’s much better than “Kid” that just pisses me off.


Logan’s POV

Shit. It was going well, her heartbeat was getting faster, especially when I touched her. But then it dropped. I’m such a dick, shouldn’t have said friend. When we got home she stormed off to her room, said that she’d work on the car some other time. I don’t need to be told when I’ve been given the brush off. I’ll make it up to her tomorrow. Right now I wanna talk to Jeanie.

“Logan I am rather busy right now. Can’t you come back later?” She said as she sat at the desk in the lab. She’s only writing, not like it ain’t ganna be there tomorrow, is it?!

“No Jean, now! It’s concerning that soon-to-be husband of your. Your supposed BOYfriend. Your unlovable lover. Your-” damn she cut me off. It was a good one.

Yes thank you Logan I get the point. Scott. What about him, If you’ve locked him in the boot of Rogues car again I swear -”Woow. She is a natural redhead. She’s gone all fiery. Why what did you think I meant? No her skirt ain’t that short. Unfortunately!

“Na I haven’t ‘n’ not anyone else’s car before ya’ ask. He’s just been sniffin’ around Rogue lately. Wanted ya’ to tighten the leash.” She just gives me with a bored expression and replies nonchalantly (Yeah I know fancy word. Get over it)

“Me and Scott have come to an arrangement, as I’m sure you have heard. As of last night is it no longer my business who he chooses to date. And I think that we both know that Rogue isn’t a non participant in this Logan, however much you might wish it. I have work to do if you don’t mind. Goodbye” She dismissed me with a wave of her hand, opening the door without getting up and returning to he work. Snooty cow! Ouch headache… Sorry Jeanie.


Jean’s POV

As funny as this little escapade has become I think that I will have to tell Scott. Last night when he confessed about Rogue kissing him I though that he was about to cry. My poor baby, he really thinks he’s leading her on in some unknown way. He’s more worried about her feelings than the fact that what she’s been doing to him constitutes as sexual harassment. I’m not mad at her for kissing him, just surprised at how far she’s willing to go for this. I’ve always know that she loved Logan but I didn’t know how badly she resented his denial of his love for her. She seems to be almost punishing him. It’s quite evident that Logan is going to have to crawl on his hands and knees. Or completely humiliate himself.

Before Scott and I started dating I had the same dilemma as Logan. He was so much younger and had so many things left to experience that he wouldn’t be able to in a committed relationship with me. But he eventually convinced me to go on a date with him by leaving me a rose in every draw and cupboard of my room. He’s so romantic like that. Three weeks later I was in love and sure that I was with my soul mate.


TO… MUCH… ICE… CREAM! Ganna.... Puke!... Help!

Stupid Logan forcing me to do all this, if he could just be more in touch with his feeling than I wouldn’t have to do this. Although if he was more in touch with his feelings he’d be a pansy-ass-wimp as he so elegantly puts it but he’d lose some sex appeal. Not much but some. I’d still love him though.

“Are you alright Rogue?” asked Ororo in her soft mothering tone.

“Yeah just feel kinda sick.” She just looked at me with a raised eyebrow and an amused expression

“I’m not at all surprised, how much Ben and Jerry’s have you eaten?” she inquired.

“Only two tubs” I replied sheepishly.

“TWO! Most people cannot even manage one. You truly are an extraordinary person Marie” She said letting my name slip out. I’ve gotten used to it now I’ve been spending so much more time around people other than Logan, Speaking of which I could hear him approach the kitchen. Now we’ll be ale to see the wonderful actress that is the weather Goddess in action.

“Thanks for tha tahlk Storm, It feels good to vent and Ah know that ya’d never have similar problems but if ya ever need ta tahlk Ah’m here too. G’night” I leave the kitchen after putting the evidence of my pain in the bin and setting the trap for Logan. If I know him, and I do, he’ll want to know what we were talking about. I’ll know the results of the plan hopefully tomorrow. Yay! I’m so diabolical.


Logan’s POV (again)

As I walk into the kitchen Marie walks out, guess she is still mad. I’ll make it up to her. I walk over to the fridge and take out a stake and a beer. I turn on the stove; uncap my beer and un-wrap the steak. As I put the plastic in the bin I see two empty Ben and Jerry’s tubs. Chocolate fudge brownie, Marie’s favourite. Its ganna take more than a trip on the bike to fix this one. I’m in big trouble.

“Hey ‘Ro.” I say putting my steak in the hot pan.

“Hello Logan. How are you this evening?” she asked in her always pleasant manner. Valium!

“What wrong with Rogue” I growl out in an irritated tone. Fear doesn’t work with her but irritation does, she loves to keep the peace.

“I believe that your interference in her would-be-relationship with Scott has irritated her Logan.” She explained calmly, rather patronising if you ask me. They all think that I’m so stupid. Except Marie she knows better than to underestimate me. I’m an idiot I’ve lost my best friend. Stupid Scott.

“Well why does she want Scott anyway, the guys a wimp” she just looks at me disapprovingly.

“Unlike you, you mean?” she asks raising a brow. “I think that maybe that’s his appeal, he’s respectful, nice, sweet and some might even say hansom.” And I’m not? I’m begging to think that talking to her wasn’t such a good idea. I guessed that she sensed that my reaction to this comment and it wasn’t what she had intended.

“Not that your not hansom Logan, just different. Your very rugged, a bad boy even but this isn’t necessarily what Marie is looking for. Scott takes care in his appearance, irons his cloths, brushes his hair… Shaves! I believe that this was a particular with Marie. I think that she doesn’t want stubble rash when receiving her first real kiss. As most women don’t.” She said breaking eye contact to look down at her tea and taking a sip.

“But she’s been able to touch for nearly two years now. Why has she waited so long to-”

“I believe Logan that she has waited this long because she was saving her first real, well everything for someone special. But when that didn’t work out she settled for something superficial. You know the old saying, ‘if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with’ even if only for a short time. Quite understandable if you ask me.”

“Oh…” wow! I never thought of it that way I just assumed that she was doing all of that stuff. I never really asked. I suppose that I didn’t want to hear the answer. I don’t like the thought of my Marie with some other guy. Putting his hands on her, kissing her. Oh shit. You know what I’m ganna have to do, don’t ya?!


“Yes Logan. Shave. And I believe that many women enjoy the scent of aftershave.” She said getting up and putting her cup into the dish washer (Lazy) and left the room.

I don’t want to shave, its hassle and that aftershave stuff that Jean got me for Christmas stinks. Although I suppose that it will make me look younger. Young enough that when we go out together people wont think that I’m her father, maybe her older brother but not her father. That really pisses her off. I remember once when the waitress asked her if her father wanted a coffee top up while I was in the toilet. When I got back the waitress has a coffee stain down the front of her dress and Marie was throwing her left over pancakes at the manager. I don’t think that they found it as funny as I did. But hell, my girls got some fire in her. After eating and cleaning up (with my hands) I went to my room and took a shower.

Standing in the shower I began to scrub, I tried to ignore it but it was getting very difficult. It was just looking up at me, begging for attention. I slowly moves my hand down past my stomach till I reach my hip. Circling my shaft with my left hand I began to slowly glide my hand up and down loving the sensation of the friction. As my pulse increased so did my strokes, they became faster and harsher. The images at the forefront of my mind was about two summers ago when Marie spent all summer in my room walking around in her bikini where no one would get hurt or hurt her, she heard a scream from outside and worriedly ran to the window. Her top wasn’t tied very tightly coz one the girls popped out before she even got to the window. She just stood there looking shocked and innocent; all that pale skin only made her nipples look even more tempting. Ahh… or the time that used my shower because jubilee was hogging theirs and I ‘accidently’ walked into the bathroom. Oh yeah that’s a good memory. Marie… naked… in the shower… wet… on her knees. Ahh…

I stayed in the shower till all evidence of my fantasy was washed away. Surprisingly this time I didn’t feel ashamed as I have done the many other times this has happened. Maybe it’s because now she’s mine and I’m prepared to take her.

I get out of the shower and stand in front of the mirror. I pick up the razor, goodbye my fury friends.
Chapter End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed. It was as perverted as I dared to get when i was typing this in my school library. lol! xXx
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