Story Notes:
Marie tells Logan that Scott is sexy to annoy him and decides from his reaction that this is the perfect way to get something that she really wants. well perhaps needs is a better description.
Author's Chapter Notes:
First instalment. I warn you I have a sick sense of humour and can be a bit of a pervert. I think I'm funny so you might too. Sex scene is guaranteed... eventually. xXx
Bacon And Beer. What else could a guy need on a Saturday morning? Well this particular guy anyway. I’m pretty sure that most other guys need other things, but I’m not entirely sure. I’ll ask some later. And I’m also sure that most people, let alone guys don’t need beer first thing in the morning, well perhaps need is a bit of a strong word. Strongly desire - is probably a better way of putting it. He could live without it but it makes things easier. Lubrication, if you will, for the day’s transactions. So anyway…

Bacon loaded sandwich with extra grease? Check

Chilled Molson in a glass bottle, not can because it adds a funny taste? Check

Revelling top? Check

Small amount of make up, to brighten my eyes? Check

Scentless deodorant, no perfume or scented soap applied? Check

Dog tags placed between boobs? Check

Okay, I’m all set. As I walk up the stairs to the teacher’s wing to wake him up, I contemplate whether he’ll smell the food coming and wake up or if I’ll be given the pleasure of waking him up. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a weird fixation about waking guys up it’s just that this particular guy sleeps in the nude. Oh shit I just walked past his door. Stupid imagination. But also very inventive imagination that helps with the Oh so long winters.

I get to the door and realise that with a bottle and plate in my hands’ I cant open the door. Oops. After a few seconds of trying to open it with my teeth, the door opens to revel a very amused looking wolverine. Although the amused expression is an assumption, I was too busy looking at the denim-clad bulge in front of me to notice the raised eyebrow.

“Kid, you ganna give me my food before it gets cold or just sit there droolin’?” I look up to see that he was only wearing his jeans. Wow! I lift the plate and bottle up for him to take and scramble into the room, not bothering to stand up, and crawl onto the bed.

“Thanks” he said moving over the window and sitting on the window seat, facing me. I pull my legs in crossing them and reach over to grab the TV remote, turning to the sports channel. Ahh hockey, the only time when it’s considered taboo to not yell, scream, swear and antagonise people. I love it. And the fact that Logan’s the only one willing to take me is just a bonus. Scott did originally take me and after 10 minutes he finally gave up telling me to stop swearing but it took over an hour for the blush to move from his face. Who’d have thought, Scott embarrassed by a lady (Yeah Right!) using profanities and in a public place to. The shame of it all!

“You’re up early,” I say noticing his hair is slightly wet, probably from a shower. I tried to make it an observation and not a question but I think I failed by the raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, Scott and Jeanie decided to say good mornin’ to each ova’ kinda loudly, woke me up” he said in-between chewing his, almost raw bacon sandwich.

“N’ this made ya’ wanna have a showa’? Ah cold one? Or were ya’ just feelin’ dirty?” I raise my own eyebrow this time and stare him straight in the eye smiling.

“Bit of both.” He chuckles and gets up, putting his plate on the dresser next to his TV. Quickly I devise a devious plan…

“Ah know watcha’ mean, Mr summers is the sexiest man in the mansions, I understand why ya’d have ta take a cold showa’ afta’ listenin’ to that” How I kept the smile off my face I have no idea but I managed it while he studied my face for a sign of amusement, his had a look of shock and possibly disgust which made it all the harder not to laugh.

“What the fuck are ya talkin’ ‘bout kid?” he asks in genuine bewilderment.

“Scott, obviously. Who doesn’t talk about him? Some of the girls in my class stalk him down to the guy and just watch him. Surly ya’v noticed how sexy he is?” I said, not technical lying. If I did he’d know. And I know what your thinking, I already said that Scott was the sexiest man in the mansion, which is technically true. Logan only lives here for about six months of the year and thus is names the sexiest man in the world. His sexiness cannot be contained to just one place. So when he’s gone Scott holds the title, unless the professor waxes his dome then he hands down wins, that man is sex on wheels. I kind of hope he’s not reading my mind right now. That would make things awkward.

“Are you insane? You think that Scott is sexy? Scott? Scooter? Mr Jean Grey, wife to Dr Grey?” He asks then drinks his almost full bottle of bear and places it next to the plate.

“He’s not as Feminine as you think, he’s manly and he takes care of his appearance. A true modern man, it’s not fair that the girl has to look her best at all times while the guy just sticks on a pair of battered jeans and we’re suppose to swoon” Ouch, it’s true though. It isn’t fair, unless you have a natural ability to look sexy in a pair of battered jeans then you’re not included. Humour

“You’re fucking with me aren’t ya?!” He asks in disbelief but I just stare him in the eyes and raise a brow giving him a look to say “Doe’s it look like it bub?”

In response to this he stomps off into the bathroom and I take it as my que to leave. Grabbing the plate and empty bottle I make my way to the kitchen and contemplate my next move.

Later at dinner I sat next to Scott and Ororo. Logan eventually came and sat opposite me, looking a little put out that I didn’t save him his usual seat next to me, big baby.

Once we were all sat around the table with our food the conversations started. All of the students have their dinner earlier then the teachers, university students that still live her and train as an x-man, like me, Jubilee, Bobby (My Gay boyfriend) and various other students can eat whenever we want. But I choose to eat with the teachers so I can talk to Logan, our resident personal trainer and recruitment officer. Basically he hangs around the gym, gives ‘Danger Room’ sessions and picks up mutants from all around the world. Which is why he’s gone most of the time.

Seeing that Logan was about to say something to me I gently put my hand on Scott’s arms, looked deep into hid eyes/sun glasses and said “Scott, how do you get your hair so silky and smooth?” I run my other hand up into his hair and stroke it slowly. “You must use some sort of conditioner.” I move in closer, slightly rubbing my breast on his arm.

“Erm… I uh… No. J…just head and s…shoulders. #Cough# No conditioner.” He averts his eyes from my breast finally and ducks his head to eats, failing to hide his blush. Looking up I see Logan staring at me with a scowl on his face.

“Kid! There’s a hockey game on to night, you in?” Logan asks through clenched teeth.

“Okay, sounds good. Scott do you want ta join us?” I asked in a hushed tone, blinking my lashes at him. “Ah promise Ah’ll be a good girl for ya and wont curse once.” Over kill I know but I love to watch our fearless leader blush and stutter.

“Erm… Well… I!” He looks over at Logan them over to Jean, who just smiles, barely holding in a laugh by taking another mouthful of her pasta. “I don’t know… Isn’t t…that that you and L…Logan usually do together?”

“Yeah! It is.” Logan replied before I could speak. He looked over at Jean with a look that said “What The Fuck?!” but she just smiled. As if I would start Hitting on Scott without Jeans go ahead. Silly man. He doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. I’m a professional for goodness sake.

“Oh we don’t mind, Scott. Ya presence will only make tha experience More pleasurable” Logan’s eyes widen, the professor put his head in his hands, Ororo Giggled and Jean started choking on her food.

Chapter End Notes:
Not sure how many chapter's I'll do. I was bored and felt like writing. I will defiantly finish it. no more than five chapters. Any idea are welcome and feel free to criticise. I'll probably ignore you but you can if it'll make you feel better. xXx
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