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Nothing can keep true lovers apart.
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Story Notes:
I recently reread a book by one of my favorite writers, Kay Hooper and in the story the hero and heroine fall in love life after life and only he remembers their previous love from one life to another, so in each new life, he has to tell her about what they have already shared. Well, a plot bunny came to life for me. This isn’t exactly the same kind of concept, but in some ways, it is similar, because I’m exploring the ‘what if’ Marie and Logan had known and loved one another before and what if the strength of that love is fated to bring them back together. So if this is off the wall, or just sucks, blame the damn bunny and not me cause he is one vicious SOB.

1. Reunited by Lisa Greeneyelove [Reviews - 3] star star star star star (9718 words)