"Here goes."

Rogue placed her hands hovering just above the compound fracture in Logan's leg. The tibia had been broken, one jagged end of it forced through the skin. As she called up Magneto's powers, the metal lined bone began to move. At Logan's pain filled gasp, she stopped, conflicting emotions running through her. Magneto laughed, Sabretooth thrilled at the smell of blood, Logan growled, David shied away from the sight of blood, and Carol didn't know what to think. Logan had been downright mean to her when they'd been back at the mansion, but here he'd been really understanding. She realized that she didn't want him hurt.

"I'm sorry," Rogue whispered to him. She reached out to stroke his forehead, to comfort him, but she pulled away when she remembered she didn't have any gloves on.

Logan nodded at her, then breathlessly answered, "S'okay, just try to do it a little faster."

"I don't know how much control I have. I don't want to hurt you more."

"I trust you," Logan replied, and she could see the perfect trust reflected in his hazel eyes. It made her even more nervous about what she had to do.

Focusing Magneto's powers she prepared to try again. However, using Magneto's powers while trying to keep Magneto's personality down just wasn't working. He kept coming to the fore, trying to hurt Logan at the same time she pushed to help him. She sat back in frustration. Logan needed her help, right now. She had to get control of her mind.

Suddenly, the cacophony of voices faded and died. Marie was surrounded by silence, only broken by Logan's labored breathing.

'What happened?' Marie thought.

'I've got them under control,' Carol's thoughts broke through. 'Hurry. I can't hold them all back for long.'

Marie focused and pushed the bone back through the skin, snapping it into place and smoothing the adamantium over the break. Logan sucked in air like he was going to scream, his eyes bulging. Then they lost all focus, rolling back in his head as his breath came out with a sigh.

"Logan?" Marie asked, shaking his shoulders. "Logan!" She was starting to panic when she noticed the steady rise and fall of his chest. He'd passed out. Perhaps that was for the best.

Marie tried to hurry, resetting the bones before he regained consciousness. Eighteen breaks in all. She could see the open wounds healing, if she looked close enough, but it wasn't going nearly as fast as she'd hoped. They had to get out of here. Mystique and Toad could come back any minute. Sabretooth had a healing factor, and she hadn't touched him that long. Who knew when he'd wake up.

When she turned to look at Sabretooth, she saw Jubilee.

"Jubes!" Her friend's face was bloody from the gash on her forehead. "Jubilee, wake up."

Jubes muttered and reached out her hand to push Marie away. Marie jumped back just in time to avoid the touch. "C'mon, Jubes. I need ya to wake up."

"Five more minutes," Jubilee muttered.

"Jubilation Lee, get up this instant!"

Jubilee's eyes snapped open and focused on her face. "Rogue?"


"Why are there two of you?"

"There're more of me than that," Marie muttered, then said in a louder voice. "Jubes, you were hit on the head. I need you to help us get out of here. How did you get here?"

Jubilee groaned as she tried to sit up. "Motorcycles."

That was not what she wanted to hear. How was she going to get an injured Jubilee and Logan away from here on motorcycles?

"Where'd you leave them?"

"About 5 miles away."

Damn. Of course, even if they were right outside, they were next to useless. She was going to have to fly them out of here. That would be awkward at best and deadly at worst. Jubes had a head injury and Logan was unconscious. What if one of them panicked? What if she dropped them?

Sabretooth's groaning made up her mind. Grabbing Jubilee under one arm and Logan under the other, she took flight, speeding down the remaining corridors and out into the open air.

They'd only gone about 50 miles when Carol's strained voice startled her. "Marie. Land. Now."

She'd just touched down in the middle of the forest, laying Jubilee and Logan down, when the voices broke through Carol's blocks and overwhelmed her.

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