rules are made to be broken by cschoolgirl
Summary: Let’s start with a cliche and see where it goes from there.
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I bow down to my betas’ infinite wisdom. Nebelwerfer42 suggested a change of tone and RogueLotus gave it the final stamp of approval. Without them you wouldn’t be reading this.

1. Chapter 1 by cschoolgirl

2. Chapter 2 by cschoolgirl

Chapter 1 by cschoolgirl
When Wolverine first agreed to become an X-Man after the Statue of Liberty, he’d set one rule for himself. No personal relationships with anyone in the mansion. It didn’t mean he couldn’t be friends or care about the others, but there would be no getting romantically or even sexually involved with any of them. Sex always made teams a walk in a minefield, especially when the relationship didn’t work out. He was well aware of the fact that his relationships never worked.

That still left the possibility of flirting. ‘Ro was good at flirting and played the game in the spirit it was meant to be done and never took it seriously. Jean liked to flirt, and he didn’t mind if it riled Scott up. They had an understanding that there was nothing more between them and it would never go further.

The younger women just entering adulthood, he considered off-limits for flirting, though he was friendly. If a grunt in greeting or a kind word when they were hurt counted. Besides, they had boys their own age that gave them all the attention they could ever crave.

The rule worked for almost three full years. If he got an itch, he went looking elsewhere to have it scratched. It was a simple rule that made life easier, that assured no problems. That was until the morning he found himself balls deep in Marie’s tight pussy.

He stared down, her tits bouncing with every thrust. Her messy hair spilled off the sides of the bench in the locker room. Those big brown eyes looked at him in a mixture of trust and awe. It wasn’t something he’d planned, because he was damn sure it wouldn’t have been like this.

Somewhere during his time with the X-Men, Marie had expressed an interest in being trained for the team and he’d taken on that responsibility. They’d trained in the Danger Room ever since, even after she made the junior team. It had become part of their routine.

Her status in his life was an unquantified thing. She was part of the younger team, like Bobby or Jubilee. They rarely interacted in any type of mission capacity, so she wasn’t really a teammate. Kurt and Hank were friends; drinking buddies, and she didn’t quite fit solidly into that category either. Despite all that, she was a strong, constant presence in his daily life.

This slip of judgment started like any cheap porn would. Marie walked into the men’s locker room, barely hidden behind a small hand towel. She carried on about some soap or lotion that had been lent out. Basically, standing there like she wasn’t checking him out and failing miserably.

That tightly controlled bun that she always wore for combat training was falling out, leaving large wisps all over. The swell of her breast and her nipple were in view. His eyes traveled further down to the curve of her hip and the curls of hair peeking out from the towel.

He was turned slightly from shutting his locker, his own towel flung over his shoulder and nothing hiding the rest of him. Never mind that he’d heard her walking in, she wasn’t quiet about it. He was sure she wanted him to know she was approaching, but he’d been caught by surprise at her state of undress. She smelled heavily of adrenaline and arousal, wet for him.

Glancing at him coyly, her lush lips formed a perfect O when she saw his cock standing out from his body. “I haven’t seen this side of you,” she breathed out.

He growled at her with a snarl on his lips. Blushing, she batted her eyelashes. She stepped closer, giving him a smile and a cheesy line. “My, what big teeth you have.”

Or it was something like that. All he remembered was trading a few lame pick up lines and then she was on her back. In a rush, he plunged into her; her eyes widening, fingernails digging into his flesh. His rule, a forgotten line he wasn’t to cross.

He stopped to let out a breath and possibly rethink what he was doing, what they were doing. In those seconds, she regained her composure and whispered in his ear, “Fuck me, Logan.”

The animalistic side of him didn’t want to reason. It took those words as a wish to be fulfilled. The logical side of his brain only made the stipulation to leave her satisfied in the process. If the words of encouragement that continued to fall from her lips were any indication, he was on the right track.

She tried to change her position, but the narrow bench didn’t allow for much movement. He dropped a hand to her hip, helping her tilt them. With the new angle, she fell silent; eyes squeezed shut, hands with a death grip on his biceps.

“Marie,” he growled. Her eyes flew open as she convulsed around him. He lasted only moments longer, filling her with his hot cum.

On the second knock, Rogue heard the grunt that meant she was allowed to enter. Slipping in, she quickly closed the door and leaned against it, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. The moonlight coming in the window was enough to see Logan laid back in bed, hands behind his head, sheets bunched around his waist. A cigar and a bottle of whiskey were within easy reach on the nightstand.

Several days had passed since their encounter. It was important to her that he knew things wouldn’t change between them. She wouldn’t spread the word all over the mansion about them or behave differently around him.

Mostly, she needed to know how he was going to act. He hadn’t left, which was a good sign, and more importantly, he hadn’t changed the way he treated her. That gave her hope that this plan had a chance of success.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. She’d heard that often enough growing up in the South. Only Logan wasn’t from the South, and food only meant so much to him. It had taken her some time to figure out the appropriate angle.

“I need to apologize,” she said, walking over to the bed. He grunted, body full of tension and his jaw doing that movement when he ground his teeth, getting ready for a fight. His dark eyes never left her, following her every movement.

There was one thing standing in between them, his rule. She’d already pushed until he broke it, but would he do it again? Over the years, she’d absorbed enough of him to know how he felt about her and how his feelings conflicted with the rule. There was also the fact that she’d seen his fantasies about her.

The strategy she put together revolved around these snippets and memories of sexual encounters. It was a foolproof plan, and she felt a twinge of guilt at doing this to him. Yet she’d tried to discuss this like adults, but he was deliberately obtuse, covering up his feelings for the sake of his rule. The Wolverine was a stubborn man and her appeal had to be made to his feral side.

A moment longer she stood there, getting her nerve up. With deft fingers, she untied the knot on her robe. It fell to the floor and still, he only watched, not making a move to stop or help her. Goosebumps multiplied along the surface of her naked body, motivating her to slip under the covers.

She molded her body to his, resting her head on his warm chest. Not only had she borrowed memories over the years, but pieces of his mutation were becoming permanent, enhancing her senses. They would never be like Logan’s. But even now she could make out the scent of the cigar he’d been smoking and the undertones of his whiskey. What drew her attention was his need under it all. It was an earthy smell, spiked with a touch of adrenaline, mingling with her own musky scent.

Rogue placed a kiss on his broad chest and he relaxed, bringing an arm down to hold her to him. Tentatively, she explored his chest. This was supposed to be an apology, but she couldn’t find the words to say what she was feeling, what she wanted him to know about her need for him.

Hoping her scent was enough of an explanation, her hand drifted further down his body. His muscles tightened in anticipation as her hand crossed his abdomen. She liked the subtle intake of breath when her hand wrapped around his hardening flesh.

He whispered her name, low and needy, in her ear. His hot breath sent a shiver up her spine. She lifted her head for a kiss and he obliged with a slow, languid exploration of her mouth so different from the rough, needy kiss of the other day.

Gently, he tried to guide her on top. She wanted to resist this position, her own experience lacking in what to do. This, however, should be about him, offering him more than a quick fuck he could get anywhere. Closing her eyes, she found the relevant bit of knowledge needed and looked into his imploring eyes. Acquiescing, she lifted herself up as he helped her situate herself. Descending on his hard cock, she shuddered when his thumb grazed her clit. He let out a soft growl, his hands already on her hips, moving her.

No sooner had she found the rhythm on her own than his hands moved elsewhere. They were at her breasts, fondling one and keeping the other at his mouth to suck at. Her insides were already tightening too quickly, and she felt him shift, crossing his ankles in the attempt to last through it. She gripped his shoulders, trying to hold back the moan building in her throat. He twisted her nipple, the other hand back on her hip. He mumbled, “Don’t stop.”

This wasn’t the slow lovemaking she had wanted to provide, it was proving too fast. She cried out as the orgasm hit her. He kept her moving; she knew he wanted the second wave that might accompany the first. Her body didn’t disappoint, and his name was wrung from her lips with the new rippling of her muscles.

He was flipping them over by the time she tried to slump down on his chest. She was a wreck, and he took advantage of it. Letting her catch her breath, he readjusted her legs, setting a leisurely pace. Being underneath him, caged in by his powerful arms, was everything she had wanted. Tomorrow she would be sore in all the right places.

Before long she was begging him for release and sinking her fingertips into the hard muscles of his back. He lost his rhythm as she arched into him, and he tried to look away. She had enough presence of mind to say his name and catch his eye as he spilled himself into her.

They lay tangled up for some time, neither of them moving. Rogue wondered what she should do next. She was spent and didn’t want to leave, but was that up to her. Soon enough, he rolled to his side and pulled her back into his chest. The problem was solved until the first rays of sunlight prompted her to leave the comfort of his arms for her own bedroom.
Chapter 2 by cschoolgirl
Slamming into her, he knew he’d regret it later, but right now he was so high on adrenaline and her endorphins he couldn’t help himself. He gripped her hips in a bruising hold, feeling the start of her convulsions as she worked her clit. She pushed away from the low wall she was using for support and glanced back over her shoulder at him. Moving his hand up her spine and along her neck, he forced her to watch him.

“Oh god,” she moaned, and he leaned in, swallowing her scream.

Logan knew he was addicted to this, to her, and no matter how badly it ended, he didn’t want to give it up. Another shallow thrust, and she bit his lip. Her hand moved between her thighs until his balls rubbed against her fingertips. He growled, but she wouldn’t release his lip or allow him to push her feet apart to go deeper. Marie was in control, and he filled her with his hot seed.

Moments later they were straightening their uniforms, no time for anything else. Pausing, she tugged at his cowl, correcting it. She left her hand at his sideburn for a moment, a spark of mischief in her eyes as he placed his hand over hers. Moving, she pressed her fingers to his mouth before he could say her name. There was so much he wanted to tell her, so much that needed to be said.

Her earpiece crackled, and she tilted her head. “Be there in a minute,” she responded, and tapped his earpiece. “Later, tater,” she said with a laugh as she trotted off into the distance.

“Yeah, yeah, I got it,” he growled at Cyke. He’d heard most of it from Marie’s earpiece. The battle had been mostly over when he’d run into her, not that it was a serious fight. The junior team and the primary team had cooperated on this mission for practice. Now he had to track down a sneaky villain that had slipped through the ranks.

The regret set in later as Marie boarded the jet. He’d been discussing a plan to deal with said sneaky villain with Cyke and Jean. Marie walked past with Kitty, and her eyes lingered on his for a second too long. Cyke, if he cared to notice, continued with the discussion. Jean, on the other hand, watched Marie walk by with a thoughtful look.

Frankly, he didn’t care who knew he was fucking Marie, when or how. Yet he could feel the beginning of the tiptoeing around the subject. Discussions would be cut short when one of them was nearby. This had been a big part of the reason for his rule.

Logan’s true concern was that his feelings for Marie had developed, and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. No longer could he safely tuck away those feelings. They were out in the open and she knew it and returned them. Neither of them had mentioned love, but he knew it was on the horizon and he’d have to put a stop to this before it got there. Before he created that minefield.

The problem was there was a lump in his throat every time he thought about the things he wanted to do to her. Things he’d wanted to do that made his hands itch with need. Things that a cold shower couldn’t quell. Presently he’d let those desires override his better judgment, and they’d violated a rule that should never be crossed on a mission, a rule that when ignored could end in her getting hurt or worse.

Rogue sighed as she sat down next to Kitty. Today’s mission had been light work, nothing like what Logan put her through in the Danger Room. Even though she probably wasn’t supposed to, she’d had a good time. Maybe because of a recent absorption from Logan and his love of a good fight had lasted a little longer than usual, or that he’d been away a few nights on a different assignment and hadn’t been around.

Whatever it was, by the time she ran into him as she took a shortcut to the others, the adrenaline was pumping through her veins. The sight of him in uniform looking all feral sparked something in her. A sly smile, a few well-spoken phrases, and the flashing of a boob had forced his hand.

Sex on a mission wasn’t something she’d ever thought about. No, that was a lie. There were a couple of fantasies or so (one less now). However, she was positive that kind of behavior was heavily frowned upon by the others. It didn’t matter if she needed the Wolverine fix she’d been denied for several days.

With a glance in his direction, she knew from the set of his jaw she wouldn’t be getting another hit for a while. He’d dusted off his old rule and was going to stick to it until he needed that rush too. They were both a couple of addicts that refused to confront their problem.

They had a real predicament on their hands. It was obvious they both enjoyed the sex, even the cuddling afterward. She wasn’t na´ve enough to believe everything said during sex, but some things were repeated often enough to be hinting at the truth. Then there was the way he said her name, it gave her goosebumps just thinking about it.

It was as if they had everything they wanted but were afraid of what would happen if they talked about it. And they did need to talk about it. Until they did, he would keep putting down the line in the sand and she would move it elsewhere. It was a recipe for disaster, and she understood the reasoning behind his rule to begin with. However, knowing the right thing to do and actually doing it were two different things.

“Get dressed up, we’re goin’ out,” she muttered to herself. Rogue was more disgusted with herself than she was with him. Finally, she’d thought, they were going to have that talk. They would settle everything and she would move into his room, because he had one of the bigger corner rooms.

Sighing, she elbowed the thug behind her and then kicked the one in front of her in the nads. It wouldn’t keep him down, but it sure made her feel better. Sparing a glance in Logan’s direction, she noted that he at least got a swig of beer in before that dude knocked it out of his hands. He might as well have taken her to an actual hole in the wall bar instead of the Danger Room.

Real world experience was probably what he was aiming for. She got enough of that on the team, only with him would she need this type of fighting experience because she wasn’t planning on going into dive bars by herself. Ducking to miss the wide swing from some bar fly, she grabbed a discarded mug of beer and hit the bar fly’s man that was coming to the woman’s rescue.

“That’s not what I said, Darlin’.” At least he was pretty sure, and this was the usual time for one of their practice sessions. Meet me at the Danger Room should have been a huge hint, and he knew she heard that because she got herself down here.

It wasn’t like she was dressed to the nines, she’d worn clothes that she could fight in. Not that a skirt would be his first choice, but the chunky boots were fine. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting, as they’d had nothing but miscommunication lately. And there hadn't been any sex since the mission.

Every time he thought he’d gotten himself squared back away, along she came with her curves and her sass. He didn’t want to lay any blame on her because that made it sound like he was powerless and he wasn’t. Any other woman would try the same stuff and he’d ignore them completely, but with Marie sometimes her scent was enough to make him question his rules.

He turned to check on her and was just in time to see her disappear out of the door that led to the alley. That was the wrong place to go in one of his simulations. Ordering the program to pause, he followed her out of the bar and caught her by the arm.

Rogue spun around and slapped his hand away. “Are we done here?” she asked with a hand on her hip. He hadn’t touched her in days, and she was getting cranky. The entire thing was making her tired, the only reason she kept her hopes up was the memory of mind-blowing sex.

“Haven’t even made it out of basic level,” he said.

God help her, he could be so obtuse at times. Then again, she wasn’t furthering anything along. If she was so tired of it, why hadn’t she started up the conversation? If she wanted a relationship, it would take both of them to make it work, and waiting around for him to take the first step was the worst of ideas. Obviously, she hadn’t learned anything in all of this.

“No, no, we haven’t,” she said, dropping her arm and stepping toward him. This wasn’t the optimum time, but sooner was better than later.

Logan should’ve turned on his heel and gone right back to the fight in the bar. There was something in the way she looked at him, he knew she was going to push him again. The rule he’d been able to keep in place all of a week was going to fail him. He couldn’t muster the energy to be sorry about that, as that meant he hadn’t been able to touch her for a whole week.

He rubbed his fingertips against his thumbs in an attempt to stop the itching. Before he could turn away, she’d pulled him to her with the last vestige of his borrowed mutation. Her mouth was on his and he was helpless to resist, as she did know all his secrets. His hands sought out her hips to bring them in contact with him so he could grind his rising hard on against her.

Breaking the kiss, Rogue said, “I love you, Logan.” She saw the uptick of his lips, the beginnings of a smile, and it gave her courage to continue. “Trying to act like we don’t, that this isn’t a relationship is doing me in.”

He nodded and walked her backward into the wall. It was clear where this led to, and she had no objections after she got a confession of sorts from him. “Logan?”

“Your room or mine?” he asked.

She knew he wasn’t talking about sex, because that was going to happen right here. “Yours,” she answered, undoing his belt buckle.

“Bigger,” he agreed, as she wrapped her hand around his erection.

He was running his hand up her thigh, hitching her leg around his waist. “No more sex on missions.”

That was a rule she could live with. Besides, the Danger Room didn’t seem to be off limits for sex. There were plenty of mission scenarios that she could use to work it out of her system here, if it ever became necessary. “Deal.”

There was a brief struggle with clothing in the way. He tried not to get frustrated as he grabbed her ass and lifted her. Their relationship details were mostly settled for the moment, enough that they could move forward. When he was finally freed and her panties had been jerked to the side, she bit his shoulder, muffling her cry as he thrust into her.

Hissing out a breath, he took a second to balance them properly. She relaxed, and he slid in even further. He inhaled her scent and had to clench his jaw to retain control. It wasn’t how he’d wanted this to happen with Marie, not the way he would have ever envisioned starting this relationship but that ship sailed a long time ago. What he needed was the things she whispered, he needed to hear them, things that made his feral side strain to make her belong to him. In that attempt, he’d given himself to her completely.

The Danger Room had always felt real enough, but she was really amazed at the roughness of the bricks of a fake building at her back. She hadn’t thought sex with Logan would be so raw, so hot. He knew just the right force to apply to give her the friction she needed, maybe it was the sounds she made or her scent that guided him.

Her thoughts were cut short as he licked at the vein along her neck. He nipped, causing her to moan, then thrust followed by a second thrust before he sank his teeth into her neck. She gasped in surprise at the sharpness when the growl rolled through him and into her. Her orgasm hit hard, but she was aware of his sporadic thrusts as he filled her.

When they were both breathing normally again and she could stand on her own two feet, Logan glanced at her. She was beautiful the way she glowed, and for the first time, he was glad there was someone in his life to challenge his personal rules. It didn’t hurt him to rethink a few things in life, and with Marie, this probably wouldn’t be the last time he’d be questioned.

“I love you,” he said, leaning in to kiss her.

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