Rude Awakening by Lady Firebrand
Summary: Logan gets a wake up call.
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1. Chapter 1 by Lady Firebrand

Chapter 1 by Lady Firebrand

Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men nor Rogan for the matter. Only the cute, troublesome little fur ball named Chewbacca. Lol.

Dedication: I’m dedicating this one-shot to my beta Mephist.




Logan, Wolverine to his enemies and team members during their missions, lay asleep on the comfortable, plush leather couch. The TV has been on the whole day.  He had nothing else to do, not even train the little brats who had pestered him to teach them martial arts. And on top of that nobody dare walk in the living room to steal the remote control from the big bad Wolverine while he dosed off into la la land, with the plastic clicker wrapped tight in his hand.




Twenty -two-year-old Marie looked frantically around the rooms of the big mansion. They were going to kill her. He was going to kill her. It seems Chewbacca had a mind of its own.


“Well, duh, Marie. He is a pet after all,” she murmured it to herself as she dropped to the floor, lift up the silky Egyptian expensive blanket to look better under the big bed. Nothing. Not even a damn fur-ball.


Straightening up, she bit into her full lip. Running a slender hand over her bead-sweat forehead she pouted softly. She had been looking for more than an hour and still, nothing. She couldn’t find the cute little pet Logan gave her during a weak moment, three months ago. Just thinking of him Marie started to feel the familiar feeling pour into the pit of her stomach, smiling devilishly she remembers what today is. She couldn’t’ wait for tonight.


She also could not wait for summer to be over. It was a scorcher outside.


Yesterday had been a warm day outside but today was scalding and burning at the same time, Marie thought to herself as she walked out of the room towards the kitchen. A big glass of cold water would not go to waste.  Her pet was forgotten for the moment.



*Logan’s Dream*


Logan sat comfortable on the big lounge chair, watching as Marie swam around the big pool wearing nothing but a green bikini. A sentimental gift from her friends, who were now in college for the remaining summer.


Relaxing, he propped himself back, holding a beer in one hand, his eyes never leaving her form as she stepped out, beads of water running down her taut figure, slowly, sensually. He cursed his stamina as he felt a familiar tightening in the crouch of his shorts. It was not really surprising to him to find himself in such state. All his little minx had to do was touch him and his groin filled with fire.


Looking over the brim of the bitter beer he’d been nursing, Logan spread his legs open as Marie walked closer to him.
Marie grinned at him at as she grabbed the towel next to Logan’s legs, eyes traveling from his long muscular legs, shifting and flicking her gaze over the familiar growing bulge in his shorts, moving to a sweaty narrow tightly toned stomach and perfectly chiseled pecs to his broad sinewy shoulders.  He was delicious in every sense of the word, positively yummy, and he was finally hers.


Licking her lips Marie continued drying herself, eyes still connected.


Setting the beer bottle aside he pulled her to him when she moved into his reach, sitting her on top of strong thighs.


Straddling Logan, Marie leaned down, dark brown hair shielding them from the peeping toms who might come up unknown them. His arms traveled around her back to settle on her shapely, round bottom. He’d never felt anything more perfect. Lips came to meet his as his hands begin to rub a firm cheek, rubbing, pulling her down on his hard shaft concealed in his shorts. Damn it!


Kissing her softly, pulling her closer to his chest so tightly they molded together, no more room to spare. Logan grinded up between her thighs while he licked, her bottom lip teasing it, biting it, to suckle those sweet candy lips like ambrosia.


Steel arms caged her in, taking her into realms only he could and no other man could even match. Ever. Not if he can help it. He‘ll make sure of that. These were the realms where they could be Logan and Marie and no one else.


His other hand traveled with the same rhythm mimicking his previous hand coming to an abrupt stop as he felt something…puffy?






And silky soft.


What the hell?!


Pulling away from her luscious lips with unexpected haste, his fingers tightened on the same fluffy tail he had in his grip before.




He felt it but couldn’t’ believe it? What the hell was she playing him for?


“Mar-” his talk was cut short as he tighten his hold on her and she let out a terrible small squeak.




Something twitched on his stubbled cheek, the curse of healing powers, a moist nose sniffed him, as whiskers tickled his skin.




“Marie, what the hell are you trying to pull?” Logan growled, he couldn’t help but ask.


Why the hell was he feeling fur instead of Marie’s silky, tan skin?


And why did he suddenly feel warm liquid run down his abs?


*End of dream*


Opening his sleepy heavy-lid hazel eyes to see what the hell was happening, Logan looked up only to stare into reddish, big eyes, instead of Marie‘s green sparking ones, and a white fluffy cute face, twitching into his.


Standing faster than someone could say rabbit, Logan looked down at the little fluffy fur ball. Red, innocent? Satisfied eyes stared straight back at him, licking its little paws.


Waiting for something?


What? Logan didn’t know. Incredibly he couldn‘t help but stare at puss. Logan’s given name for the thing.


What the hell was that little devil doing on him?


Chiseled, masculine lips twitched, as he recalled his daydream. A chuckled erupted from his lips.


Oh, hell, he couldn’t wait to tell Marie what he had been dreaming just minutes ago. 


Still chuckling and looking around, he rubbed his disheveled dark hair, while the other rubbed his wet shirt clothed stomach.


He was hungry for Marie’s especially homemade lasagna, an…-


What the fuck?  Eyebrow crooked, and his head bent to look down to get a better at his favorite shirt. Only to find a big stain on it. As if someone had dropped a glass of water on him? He hadn’t drunk anything while watching TV. Not even his favorite beers. As hard to believe that was.


Nobody could have been because everyone was out. And Marie couldn’t have done that, unless…-


Which only meant one thing.


“Why you-” he lounged himself at the little mother fucker as Chewbacca tried to hop away.


Chewbacca, what kind of name was that? Logan scoffed at Marie’s silly attempt to name her rabbit. The rabbit he gave her three months ago.


He was more than happy to acquaint the little son of bitch to his adamantium claws.


Moving around the luxurious living room he lost puss. Only to see that little pussy dive under another sofa.


Walking cautiously around the couch Logan slowly lowered to floor, hand going under the sofa to get that two-face rabbit.


Biting his bottom lip he concentrated on locating the little fucker. He wasn’t going down without a fight.


If only “big one eye” saw him like this…he’d never hear the end of it.


The big bad Wolverine pissed on by a damn rabbit and what was worse was he had been the one to buy the stupid ball of hair.


Fucking hare!


Little hypocrite!


“You ought to be grateful I bought you…but noooooo…you had to go on and piss on me, why the hell not on one eye?!” he murmured, he couldn’t believe he was chatting to himself as he  hunted for a certain rabbit. The wolverine in him was grinning, almost howling with glee at his attempt at the chase. He finally caught Chewbacca by his neck as the little bastard tried to scurry the other away.


Straightening onto his long legs, he pulled Chewbacca close to him. Face to face. Logan’s straight nose twitched. Close to smell, with his high nose sense, the piss on him and on Puss.




Growling at the thing, he gazed at twitching animal.


“Why the hell did I buy you in the first place? I should have bought her a diamond necklace. But no she wanted a fluffy little wabbit. And now look what you have done? You‘ve cause me nothing but problems since day one.” He scowled, mocking Marie’s ‘wabbit’ word, eyes flashing, lips curling into a snarled grin.


As he opened his mouth to continue his rant, he without warning, felt something drop on his bare feet. Dark scrutiny laughed at him from the spawn of the devil himself, he looked down at his feet. He couldn’t believe it. Could his day get any worst? If pissing him wasn’t enough…what the hell was? Little balls of rabbit poop landed gracefully on his feet, to pool in between his big toes.. and some more and more. The rabbit’s puffy tail kept on twitching as he did his business, while his master stared mouth agape, dumbfound to the floor.


Logan roared.






Awwww. Marie sighed happily, leaning on the limestone counter. What she needed was a cold bath. And it wouldn’t’ be a bad idea if she invited someone with her. A certain someone sleeping and snoring softly on a couch would do the trick.


Just as she was sipping from the tall glass at the cold refreshment again, she heard a familiar vicious, livid roar, screaming her name, coming from the living room; where Logan was sleeping.


She choked on the mouthful, sputtering water everywhere as the rest of the remaining water went up the wrong way. Her eyes watered as she cleaned her face and nose. She hated when that happened. And from the sound of it, Logan found Chewbacca. Or Chewbacca found Logan.


Maria cringed as unwanted and funny scenes emerged from her mind, recalling the events of the past three months. It seemed like Chewbacca had a vendetta going on with Logan.


Setting aside the glass, she ran as fast as she could. She just hoped Logan wouldn’t do anything to her pet, even if he was the one who bought it for her.




Ranging mad, Logan’s eyes flashed as Chewbacca, tried to get away. Squeaking, little paws moving around. Eyes flashing frantically looking for options of escape.


“How about shitting on my claws, cottontail?” He asked, close to shaking Puss’s fur off.


The doors swung open and smacked against the walls on either side and Marie entered, panting hard. If the situation wasn’t that ‘serious’ on Logan’s part…he would have appreciated Marie’s lack of clothes. Black jean cutoffs and black tank top, and he would have laughed at the status quo too.


“Don’t you dare touch my rabbit!” Marie warned him, moving her disheveled hair away from her face, walking towards him with laughing eyes. It was always like this.


He threw her a look. A look she knew all too well. A look that promised retribution for taking Chewbacca’s side.


Like always.


Scowling her way he replied,” Why the hell not? This little bastard not only pissed on me but shit too,” he darkly mumbled the last part. He expected nothing else from Marie but laughter. He had to admit that he would have laughed too if it was Marie in this situation.


Tears of humor ran down her high chiseled cheekbones. God, Marie laughed as she fell to the floor holding her stomach as she finally saw Logan’s wet stain shirt and rabbit poop stuck between his big toes.


 He waited for her to calm down. An annoyed looked crossed his features, frown etched into his face.


“HAHAHAHA. I can’t wait to tell everyone, sugah, If you could just see your face,” Marie’s face crumbled as another set of laughter attacked her.


He should haven been annoyed instead but instead his upper lip started twitching and a chuckle erupted from his lips fallowed by another and another, till the living room was filled with deep and husky laughter. Chewbacca was forgotten for the moment, as he was put aside in their minds he scurried away to hide for the time being, content with just being alive. Another memory. Another day.


Marie was still wiping her teary green eyes as she saw more than just a shadowed form towering over her. Before she knew it she was in his arms. His wet pissy shirt touching hers. She shrieked only to get shut up by a hard mouth crushing over hers, sealing her protests and scream as he nipped her bottom lip.


Pulling back slightly, he whispered on her mouth huskily,” open your mouth for me, darlin’. Let me taste you.”


Marie shivered, knowing full well what he wanted and his desires. She was more than willing to give him anything he asked for. Wrapping her slender arms around his neck, she pulled him closer, asking him for the same thing in return as she licked sucked his bottom lip into her mouth. Wanting nothing more than taste his mouth.


Groaning on her lips, Logan kissed her back, feverishly as her lips softened under his, she quickly opened her mouth to accommodate his tongue. Marie felt his arms slide softly over her back to firmly lock over her ass. Trapping her with his body.

The whirlpool of heat and passion around them rose and snatched them up, riding the sweltering familiar wave. Logan’s presence and strength surrounded her, covering her up like a warm winter blanket. Pasting them together, warming them up and his scent intoxicated her.


The taste, the feel of her so close to him, overwhelmed and excited him at the same time. Marie returned his kiss with feverish animal need she hadn’t known she possessed until three months ago…with him.


He moaned darkly and crushed her even more as the Wolverine inside him demanded to take their mate, to satisfy their desire, to mark her, to brand her as theirs, again and again. Firm breasts molded themselves against his chest, and an apt hand roamed over her round hips, urging her against him, molding his desire over her, to let her feel.


Reluctantly, he raised his head, soothing her swollen lips with gentle kisses, the pair of them breathing hard, raggedly. He watched, enthralled with darkening eyes as she opened hers. Revealing the same desire, mirroring his own. Green eyes blazed with explicit desire; greener than ever and more jewel-like than he had ever seen before.


Unceremoniously, Marie, stunned, found herself hoisted abruptly onto his broad shoulder.


Marie reached down and stretched out to pinch a firm rock hard piece of ass cheek, punishing him for such abruptness, to only feel a slap land on her own bottom in return. And then another.




“Logan!” Marie howled.


Logan slapped her bottom again. ”Now that’s what I’m talking about, darlin’,” he drawled,” But not here, save your howling for later. You are going to need it. For what I have planned” He smirked at his own remark. She was going to need it all right. After they took a bath of course.


 Marie huffed, giving up as they disappeared up stairs. Words were temporarily forgotten for the moment, clearly ignoring everything but one primal thing taking over their brains. Chewbacca was clearly forgotten, he was of course at that very moment getting better acquainted with Dr. Hank’s beautiful pet, a creamy rabbit with black spots.

With the way things were going everyone left in the mansion was in for a wild night.





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