Good Little Boys And Girls by rawrave
Summary: Logan and Marie at a commitment ceremony, chaos ensues. Follow up to 'Scream It out For Me Baby.'
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Series: Bein' Caught Out...
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1. Chapter 1 by rawrave

Chapter 1 by rawrave
Author's Notes:
The second in the 'Bein' Caught Out' series, next Logan and Marie having that swanky hotel to play in...
Good Little Boys And Girls

It had been nearly six months since their relationship had been ‘discovered’ by the rest of the Academy, more specifically by Kitty, Kurt and Scott and Jean. That had been a night to remember, Scott shining a light into the back of her SUV, on the back of Logan’s ass, her legs splayed and Logan nestled very comfortably between them.

He had to concede that night had something to do with their sitting here now bored out of their skulls, the itch under his claws getting worse and the both of them looking around for an escape.

Thing was if Jean hadn’t set out looking for Rogue, if she hadn’t concentrated on picking up her thoughts as a way of pinpointing them, because of her telepathy the red-head wouldn’t have a porno movie running in her mind.

The porno movie she said she had them to thank for. The sort of picture that had her runnin’ to her man, Scott, had her pullin’ him into their room all times of the day for some down and dirty rutting. Logan had almost choked laughing when she’d said that, listening to the polite Jean-Gray say something like rutting was too much.

Now having Rogue say that, well that almost set him growling again, a whole different skin flick started playing in his head starring the both of them and he squirmed uncomfortably in his seat.

Thing was for Scott, damn one-eye couldn’t enjoy the extra loving from his girl without going all sentimental, he had to go and propose to his wife again. Shit, Logan would sooner claw his own eyes out then get that soft.

No, they had to have a commitment ceremony, set up a marquee in some expensive swanky hotel, and invite the whole of the X-mansion along to witness the happy occasion. Not only that they had to make sure they had a practise run before the big day and insist the whole damn mansion came to that as well.

Logan sat at the back, Rogue beside him, wearing a thin dark green summer dress. It was cut unlawfully short, every time she crossed and uncrossed her legs in his direction, he swore she gave him an eyeful; good thing she’d decided to wear underwear or they’d be marking this ceremony in a whole different sort of way.

He forced himself to look around the room as a way of getting his mind off that space between her legs…hot…wet space…
It did the trick; he couldn’t help but set his face into a grimace at the sight of all the pink taffeta, pink bows and streamers littering the place. Add to that the flowers that practically drowned the place and he had to wrinkle his nose, and breathe only through his mouth.

The design for the ceremony had been the work of surprise, surprise Kitty Pryde. Damn that girl could be annoying. She had to be the worst keeper of secrets; it took her practically what was left of that night to tell the rest of the X-kids in the mansion just what she had seen, of how much she’d seen of Rogue and Logan. And those who didn’t hear in the night got to know first thing next morning.

Rogue had been right to laugh at Scott’s words that Kitty was gonna be scarred, yeah right, scarred my ass! Logan looked over to the girl sitting up front holding hands with her boyfriend and smiling from ear to ear as she listened to the holy-man’s instructions.

Logan wouldn’t be surprised if she was using this as a dry run to her own wedding, he had to smile a little then, poor Kurt he had no idea what he’d gotten himself into.

He sighed loudly and slumped his shoulders, seemed like this thing was never gonna end. Rogue looked across at him and smiled widely, reading his discomfort perfectly. She’d noticed the way he’d looked around at all the decorations, the pink hearts, the flowery dressed up sets, even the huge bows on the back of the chairs and she couldn’t help but share his unease.

No way was this thing ever gonna be for them, too pink by a mile. No give her a strong bed, the wall against her bare back, hell give her the back seat of her truck, just as long as there was a firm Logan around…

‘Hey…baby,’ she leaned over and spoke low, ‘it’s a commitment ceremony, and it’s supposed to be schmaltzy…’

‘Ah’m gonna need to be committed if this goes on any longer…how does Bell Reeve grab ya?’ He referred to the famous mental asylum with flippancy.

She shook her head and smiled, ‘Dunno, do they let ya make conjugal visits, cos otherwise baby, ya really are gonna lose ya mind.’

He growled low, a rumble that started in his chest and travelled downwards as her warm breath blew across his neck.

She sat back in her seat then and tried her best to look interested in what the priest was saying. Holy cow, Logan thought, she’s damn sexy even when she’s looking righteous, or trying to look righteous, all she’s managing to show him now was how sinfully sexy that knowing smile of hers was, and how much the man with the book would disapprove if he threw her to the floor here and now.

How the eyes would practically pop out his head, if he could give him a blow by blow version of just how the movie in his head was playing out.

He’d make his girl scream so loud, she’d be calling for God all over again, only it wouldn’t be as holy as was recommended by the man in the dog-collar.

Logan reached over and placed his hand on her knee, he let his touch linger there for a while before he trailed his fingers higher along her thigh, to the top of her leg.
‘Ya know what’s gonna drive me crazy?’ he whispered huskily, ‘sittin’ this damn close to ya and not bein’ able to do the things ah want.’

Rogue turned to look at him, her eyes darkened and that damned wicked smile as she licked her lips, and moved closer, ‘We’re gonna have to do somethin’ ‘bout that ain’t we baby…’

She kissed him lightly along his jaw line before settling back into her seat. Logan was confused, he’d have thought she’d do something to make good on that promise. His hand was still resting on her thigh, and even as he stared at her he saw her look across to the other side of the room towards one of the hotel staff.

Logan saw the way the prick smiled at her, and saw the way she smiled at him. It made his blood boil, the asshole was practically drooling over his girl, his tongue rolled out and panting like a dog. And Rogue was encouraging him; she flicked her two-tone hair back and winked!

That did it, they may not have needed a commitment ceremony but damn that smile of hers was his and his alone! He grabbed her chin firmly and made her look back at him. The laughter in her eyes told him all he needed, she was toying with him, nothing serious in the way she pretended to lust after the waiter, nothing at all.

He shook his head at her, ‘Eyes on the prize darlin’, eyes on the prize…’

She sniggered, devilish smile, lust filled eyes, ‘always baby…always, but ya know ah can’t resist a man in a uniform.’

Rogue set out to make her point, trailing her fingers gently over his face, she caressed his neck before heading straight for the place they both needed. She reached down and threaded her hand into the warmth of his pants. With an easy flick of the wrist she’d opened the top button of his jeans and slipped her hand further down the waistband.

He hissed in a deep breath as she lightly ran the tips of her fingers over his length. She massaged his hardness, a maddeningly slow pace that made his lids shut heavily. Still with her hand down his pants she leaned back to sit properly in her chair, grinding her hips gently until her he got her message, and moved his hand from her thigh to between her legs.

Her silk underwear seemed to melt under his hot fingers as he slipped his hand between the taut flesh of her stomach and into her underwear. He pressed firmly over her sex, his fingers curled ready at her entrance, dancing a maddeningly slow dance with his hand over her curls. He could play as easily as she could, and this time he was gonna be sure she’d be beggin’ him.

She curled her fingers tight around him, pressing firmly, but still moving at that slow place, up….down, slow, round and round, her index finger flicking at the head. He pressed the flat of his hand tight against her clit, keeping the pressure there as he curled his fingers deep into her.

Her muscles tightened closing around his fingers and he was sure he’d heard her say, ‘fuck!’ He smiled at that, maybe this was gonna be easier than he thought, he might just win this round.

It was a good thing they were sat at the back of the room, the way their hands were playing; it wouldn’t just have been the holy-man keelin’ over from the shock. Talk ‘bout givin’ the X-kids ideas.

Logan was forced to stifle a moan as she at last quickened the pace of her hand; he gripped the arm of the chair fiercely as her hand slick from his pre-cum flowed effortlessly over him. And damn, if she didn’t look over and smirk that wicked smile at him, he shook his head, ‘not this time baby, this time ah’m gonna be makin’ you scream.’

He pressed his fingers further into her, pushing upwards as she arched her back slightly, he increased his pace, his slick fingers pumping in and out of her, faster and harder, the palm of his hand smacking repeatedly against her now tightened bundle of nerves. His teasing of her clit sending her closer to the edge, but she was holding back, determined to make him come first.

At this rate, it looked like they’d hit the explosion at the same time, either way at this point he’d decided that was jus’ fine with him.

Her pace increased furiously then, rubbing him relentlessly, up and down, hard and fast, her expert fingers setting him alight, every nerve pointing in one direction, ready to burst into fire. As soon as she felt him spasm, she quickly removed her hand from his pants, just as quickly managed to remove his from her panties and sat back in her chair, her long legs crossed looking as innocent as the day was long.

Logan was too far gone by now; he grabbed the arm rests of his chair and came with a roar that had all heads turning as he ground out his release.
Unfortunately for him, what he didn’t know was that both he and Rogue had been projecting their lurid fantasy pretty damn loudly, loud enough to make Jean blush head to toe and the Professor tug uncomfortably at the collar of his shirt.

Rogue had seen it, she’d kept her eyes wide awake at the first sign they’d been caught out, as an irate Professor, a smirking Jean and extremely pissed off Scott head down the rows of chairs in their direction, followed hastily by the man in the collar, clutching his holy book. That was why she’d sped up.

Consequently Rogue was sat there very prettily, panties up and summer dress all pressed neatly into place. Logan on the other hand was holding the two arms of the chair he’d ripped to pieces through the fierceness of his orgasm. He clutched them in either hand stupidly, as he looked up to see four faces glaring down at him.

He cleared his throat and tried to smile as Rogue did her best to hide her laughter. She stood up and Logan followed, ‘Ah think we’ll go for a walk…’ Logan shrugged and looking once more at the pieces of broken chair he was holding, offered them to a red faced Scott, ‘you’re gonna want these back, right bub?’

He snatched them from him, ‘Yeah why don’t you do that, preferably a long walk, with a cold shower at the end of it!’ He called after them as both Rogue and Logan beat a hasty retreat.
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