Hormonal Harmony by aranenumenesse
Summary: It's about hormonal harmony. And little more.
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Series: Hard Times
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1. Hormonal Harmony by aranenumenesse

Hormonal Harmony by aranenumenesse
“I think Cyclops knows.” Marie’s voice shook him awake. He had been lying on the soft grass, soaking up the sun, bored to death.
“What does he know?” He asked. She shrugged her shoulders.
“About our hormonal harmony. Why else would he have left us to back up?” She looked little skittish and fidgety, fumbling grass, brushing imaginary specs of dust from her suit and trying her earnest not to look straight at him.
“You think Scooter left us here so we could screw like a couple of bunnies, while the rest of the team raids a lab?” He asked.
“Well, no! But look at you… You can hardly walk!” She stuttered blushing furiously.
“Hey! It’s not my fault! These suits are from the tighter side of the Sears!” He huffed. After their sixth time of the month he had finally given up pretense and stopped hiding his constant erection around her. That had rewarded him with a few raised eyebrow, and firm command from Summers to take care of it before he poked somebody’s eyes off with what he was packing.
“And believe me, he knows. Everybody knows. They are just too polite to talk about it,” he continued, chewing a blade of grass and wondering was an everlasting erection a health risk. For a while Marie shuffled around, he could hear her use her comm. device.
“They are in. Guards have been taken care of, and all communications cut. They should be back here in half an hour.” Her voice was coming closer and closer. When he opened his eyes she stood right beside him, nervous look on her face.
“That gives us half an hour to take care of this,” she said, dropped on her knees and jerked his suit open.

“Huh?” Logan managed to grunt when her fingers wrapped around his throbbing erection.
“Hush. Just relax.” Well, that was an easy task. He had nearly forgotten how good a simple hand job could feel.
“Marie… Please…” He practically begged, flexing his hips and thrusting in to her hand. He wanted to be inside of her so badly it hurt, but this was the next best thing. She seemed to know exactly how much pressure to apply and how fast to go.
“You like this, don’t you?” She whispered, leaning closer and licking his cock. Keening wail escaped from his lips when she took it in her mouth and started sucking, taking him deeper in with every stroke. Rest of the team could return at any minute, but he was beyond caring. Marie was his world. Scent of her arousal made his blood boil. Then she was suddenly gone. He could hear small noise, zipper opening, and squinted his eyes half open. Marie was shedding her clothes. His heart nearly stopped when she straddled him, stark naked, licking her lips.
“You sure about this?” He croaked. She just smiled and started backing against his cock.

She was so tight and wet he nearly came instantly. He stilled her movement, just enjoying the feel of her, wrapped around him.
“Wait… Wait a sec… It’ll last longer,” he gasped when she whined and tried to move.
“We don’t have much time,” she whispered and glanced around looking worried.
“We have all the time we need,” he promised and flipped them over. Movements send him even deeper inside of her and he bit his lip. He started slowly, long, lazy strokes. He had wanted this for so long, imagining this situation thousands of times in sleepless nights. He wanted this to last. Marie had closed her eyes and her nails dug to his shoulders, deeper with every stroke, nearly drawing blood. He started to pick up the pace when his comm. rattled and Cyclops informed they were on their way back. ETA in ten minutes.
ĄCome on, darling,” he hissed when Marie started convulsing and gasping for air. She was close, he could tell. When she came, muscle spasms inside of her sent him over the edge, too.

“Wolverine? Are you alright?” Marie’s voice, calling him. Wolverine? He was about to ask her to call him Logan, when he opened his eyes. He lay on the grass. Marie was sitting few steps away from him. They were both fully clothed. Thin sheen of perspiration covered his face, and there was something, slick, wet and warm inside of his suit, on his crotch and stomach. He checked for the tell tale wet spot, but evidently leather didn’t stain.
“Are you alright? Did you have a nightmare? You were growling,” Marie asked, scooting to him.
“Yeah… I’m fine, now…” He muttered, trying to calm his racing heart.
“Oh, come on. It’s alright now…” She whispered, cradling his head to her lap and raining small kisses on his face. All right? If you say so, darling.

He squirmed on his seat on the flight back home. Moist leather caressed his lower parts more snuggly than ever. Cyclops cast a curious glance towards him.
“Ants in the pants?” He asked. Oh, if you only knew, Logan thought to himself, then plastered on grimace that almost resembled a smile.
“Something like that…” he answered.
“Oh, before I forgot, Rogue told me she wanted to talk to you about something. She asked you to wait her before you go to shower,” Cyclops said.
“Ok.” He swallowed. Suddenly his mouth felt awfully dry.

He stayed in the plane obediently when the rest of the team left, waiting for her. So, she wanted to talk? About what? He had been a good boy. He hadn’t tried anything. If this was going to be some sort of comfort session because he had had a “nightmare”… Her arrival interrupted trail of his thoughts. She walked in to the cockpit and sat on his lap, straddling him.
“Hi.” She greeted him. Scent of her arousal filled his nostrils, and he was almost hundred percent sure this had to be another dream.
“Hi. What’s up?” He squeaked. She ground her pelvis against his, and his lower parts started to stir awake.
“You’re up. Want to do something about it?” She asked. Shiver ran through his spine. He resisted the urge to take her then and there, and pushed her away from his lap.
“I do not want a mercy fuck, Marie. Save those to somebody else,” he growled and stood up. At first she looked confused. Then it turned to anger.
“What happened to your promise? I scratch your back, and you scratch mine. At least that’s what you said!”
“It was nearly a year ago, Marie. I have had time to think. I don’t want to be your fuck buddy.”
“Fine. Be an asshole,” she hissed and stormed out, leaving him alone, wondering had he finally lost it. She had practically thrown herself to him and he had turned her down.

He lay on his bed, unable to sleep, but finally in full control of his wayward body. He hadn’t seen Marie after their encounter in the Blackbird, and he suspected that was the reason for his lack of horniness. He tried to dig up a reasonable explanation for his behavior. Woman he had been lusting on and off for nearly a year now had offered him sex, and he had turned her down. Could it be possible he was finally over his infatuation? Or had her period ended? That stopped his thought process for a moment. What day was it again? He started to think back, and groaned out loud when he realized it wasn’t even her time of the month.

Silent knock on the door stopped him from falling to a sea of self-pity.
“Come in.” He already knew who it was. Marie entered, wearing her modest and practical nightgown. Reminder from the time her skin had been out of control.
“Why the fuck do you still wear that rag?” Logan asked when she sat on the bed next to him.
“This rag is my only nightgown. I usually sleep naked,” she said. He thought it would be safe to get closer to her, when that confession didn’t cause a reaction. He turned on his side and spooned her sitting form against his stomach, offering her a backrest. They both just stared to distance, not moving, not talking.

“We really have to talk,” he finally broke the silence.
“Yeah. That’s why I came.”
“This has been probably the longest year in my life,” he said, trailing the seam of her nightgown on her side lightly with his fingertips.
“Mine, too,” she whispered, shivering slightly.
“Maybe it begun because of our hormonal harmony, as you put it. I would like to think it has turned to something else.” His fingers trailed the line of her jaw and she closed her eyes.
“I’m not well known because of my long, meaningful relationships. But the thing you seemed to want… I can’t do that. Marie, you mean too much for me. I don’t want just to fuck you when it’s convenient for the both of us.” She opened her eyes when his hand cupped her cheek.
“I don’t want it either. But I thought… The way you behaved…” she stuttered, looking desperately right words. Logan pulled her beside him and silenced her with a gentle kiss to her lips.
“This is what I want from you,” he said, laid his head on her chest and listened to her heartbeat, breathing in her scent.

Morning sun streaming through the window woke him up. At some point in the night Marie had discarded her nightgown, and now they lay on his bed spooned, skin on skin. She was warm and soft, still asleep. He closed his eyes and squirmed closer to her. His semi-erect cock ended between her buttocks. It seemed to fit there perfectly. As a matter of fact, everything in her seemed to fit with him perfectly. Round and firm buttocks against his lower abdomen, back molding against his torso, head just high enough to fit under his chin. He sighed, wrapped his long limbs around her and tried to imagine what would it be like? To wake up every morning like this? She stirred in her sleep a bit.
“I want this, too…” he heard her whisper, and her scent changed subtly from sleepy to something else.

Now he was sure he had to be dreaming. He had his hands full of fully aroused, sleeping Marie. He would have given an arm, probably both of his legs, too, just to see what she was dreaming. She had turned to a better position in his embrace, and now his cock was nestled between her thighs, awfully close to her sex. She was writhing and squirming, making tiny noises of pleasure. Every squirm drove her hot center closer to his cock, until he was bumping to her whenever she moved. Every bump sent jolt of pleasure coursing through his body.
“I want it so bad…” She murmured, and he could have sworn she was talking directly to him. Yet he didn’t move a muscle, afraid that it was only a dream from her part.
“Logan… Please…” She keened and scooted even closer to him. He had to stifle a gasp when his cock sunk half way in her. Thin sheen of perspiration broke on his skin and he had to bite his forearm to stop himself from moving.
“Ohh… Logan…” She muttered and took him in deeper, squeezing him with her inner muscles, and he couldn’t take it anymore. He took a firm hold from her hips and buried himself inside her completely. She stopped moving.
“Darling?” He asked carefully. He would go nuts if she left now. She wriggled her ass against him.
“I thought it was just a dream. I’m glad it wasn’t,” she said, and turned her head to get a good look of him.
“You have no idea how glad I am,” he gasped. After that higher brain function was forgotten.
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