Terms of Service
It is your responsibility to keep yourself apprised of all rules and terms of service. Ignorance of these rules will not be viewed as an acceptable excuse for breaking them.

By joining and accessing this site, you agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, or threatening material that may violate any applicable laws. This includes spamming of the site or its users, threats to site members or administrators, and hate material. Violators of this policy will be banned from the site. In extreme cases, we may contact your ISP. The WRFA reserves the right to be the sole judge in whether a story/review/message fits any of these descriptions or not.

The WRFA will make every effort to monitor the archive for material we consider inappropriate, but we do not guarantee suitability of content for all readers. You acknowledge that the WRFA is viewed/read at your own risk. If you come across material which you find offensive or inappropriate, use your back button.

All posts made to this site express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators.

The WRFA reserves the right to remove or censor any material we believe is inappropriate for this website at any time based on our submission guidelines and terms of service.

Any personal information provided to the WRFA, such as name or email address, will not be shared with any outside parties, but the WRFA cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised or corrupted.

Read our Submission Guidelines before you begin submitting stories.
Email Addresses
It may be necessary for an administrator to contact you regarding the archive or your stories. In such cases, you will have seven days to respond before any action is taken. It is your responsibility to provide a working email address and check it regularly.
Authors must rate their stories appropriately. Readers must check the rating before reading a story, and agree to any and all age requirements. The WRFA is not responsible for readers accessing material marked as unsuitable for their age.
Members caught spamming other members or administrators via emails or reviews will be banned. This includes requests to read your story, join your site/mailing list/community, write a specific story for you, participate in challenges/ficathons, or any other topic not directly related to the stories in the archive.

Professional spam--the kind that asks if you would like a bigger penis or some prescription drugs--is a fact of life. Other eFiction archives have had trouble with spammers in their reviews and emails, and in some cases even hacking into stories and leaving spam links. While we try to do everything we can to stop this, they will inevitably get through now and then. It is up to the author to delete spam from their stories and reviews.

Song Lyrics
Song lyrics are allowed in the context of songfic, but credit must be given to the artist and the song must be identified. Posting of song lyrics on their own is not allowed.
Members who are abusive to other members or WRFA administrators will be banned. This includes use of profanity, threats of contacting a member offline, posting of real names and personal information, intolerance of race or sexual orientation, and any other threatening or abusive behavior in connection with this site.
Stories written in netspeak will be deleted. Reviews written in netspeak will be mocked privately by the administrators. Grow up.
All stories submitted to this archive must be your own original work. Stories that have been plagiarized from other authors, amateur or professional, will a) be deleted, or b) be labeled as plagiarized and allowed to remain in the archive as testament to what an asshole you are. Your account will be locked down, and you will be banned from the archive, the mailing list, and the LiveJournal (and all associated journals on other sites). In instances of plagiarism, all other stories by the author will be removed from the archive. If you suspect your or someone else has been plagiarized, please report it to the administrators. Material removed by administrators is permanently gone and cannot be recovered.
Unacceptable Material
"Stories" that consist of nothing but song lyrics (yes, even if you really love the song and it totally reminds you of Wolverine and Rogue), memes, quizzes, dolls, games, lists, chat transcripts, plot bunnies, links to vids or fanart, or quotes are not allowed. These are not fanfiction. That's what you have a blog for.
We currently do not allow images to be uploaded with stories, as our research suggests this creates additional vulnerabilities to hacking.
Redirecting to other fiction sites is not allowed. "Please read my story/the rest of my story my site/blog/journal!" is not acceptable and such stories will be deleted.
Threatening for reviews is not allowed. "Please read and review!" is acceptable as long as it is not the title or summary of your story. Any other type of begging or threatening for reviews, such as telling readers you will not continue with the story unless you get reviews, is not allowed, and will lead to story deletion. This includes "Let me know if this is worth continuing," because we consider that threatening for reviews in disguise.

Reviewing your own story is not permitted.

If an author does not specify they would like to hear constructive criticism, consider it unwelcome. If you don't like a story, click your back button and get a life. Yes, even it totally sucks. Overly harsh reviews will be deleted and members who persist in leaving such reviews will be banned.

Real Person Fic/Real Person Slash (RPF/RPS)
No RPF or RPS is allowed.
Writers: WRFA writers are not required to warn for anything, but the trade off is that you will occasionally have to deal with complaints or sometimes outright flames over content. It's up to you to decide how you feel about that, and adjust your personal warnings policy accordingly.

Readers: There may be times you will come across content you feel should have been warned for, content you do not wish to read. Our advice is to use your back button and make a note of the author's name for future reference.

Story/Account Removal
Members who abuse this site, other members, or WRFA administrators will be removed from this site. The review area is to be used to review stories only, not for promoting of websites, mailing lists, or your own stories. Members who break this rule will be removed from this site.

Stories in violation of our Terms of Service or Submission Guidelines will be removed. Administrators are not required to warn authors before deleting unacceptable material.

The administrators of the WRFA are the sole judge of what is acceptable and not acceptable on this site according to the above policies.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms of Service, please direct them to an administrator.