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Reviewer: Gamma meta Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/20/2007 9:38:49 PM Title: Chapter 9

I don't mind the angst. In fact, I rather like it. This has gotten personal for Marie now. She knows she was a part of his past, too. And now that she knows that he definitely *had* a past, that he didn't just spring from some lab somewhere, she knows that that past may interfere with *their* future -whatever it is.

I think it's a very male-female conversation. A woman trying to feel a man out for a possible reaction. The man knowing something more is going on but not quite knowing. Not wanting to be pushed yet on this difficult issue. Still not quite sure himself. Nothing going as planned - the news *still* not being told. "All will be revealed in its own time..." Hehe. You got that right.

I didn't mind the dream sequences. They were expositional. Sometimes they need to be that way. I still more strongly identify with your Rogue-centric scenes than your Logan-centric ones. But that may be know...I'm a girl. *lol* I find Logan difficult to write.

It looks like the series is wrapping up. I wonder how Logan will take the actual news, however.

I love the little detail about how she had enough of his senses that she could detect him coming. But she didn't let him know. Heh. And then she gives him a little something - "I always keep an ear out, sugar." And it's true. Aw...

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