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Reviewer: Gamma meta Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/19/2007 6:04:51 PM Title: Chapter 1

Oh, don't worry about your story summaries! I suck at them, too. And titles. But people aren't judging them - it's just a quick little 'there' so you know what you're getting into, the type of fic. But shorter is best - we're all skimming. :) I think the two sentences you have after the disclaimer work well.

Now - onto the story. I really enjoyed this, especially as the chapters progressed. Probably because I've done that kind of research, I loved Rogue's time in the library and the archives, finding out information on the family tree, digging up relatives and yearbook photos. I thought you described the high you get from that well - and the delight - and the speculation: what was he like? What did his friends call him? Did he have a girlfriend? All really true, and I think this version of Logan is fascinating. I can picture him. *bunnies dancing about* :)

But my favorite chapter was this Xavier chapter. I liked his 'little smile' like he gets a high from reading minds. I loved Rogue's paranoia, how that wasn't really appeased because he kept trying to reassure her while reading her thoughts. Heh. Unintentional comedy.

But I also loved that the professor *knew*. I see this getting really interesting now. Is the professor right? Is Logan suppressing these memories for a reason? Or is the professor up to some nefarious plot of his own - because he came off like a fatherly benefactor *and* a little control-freak-y. I love that you don't really answer that question.

And now I can't wait to hear what Rogue does. Because I think Logan could react a variety of ways to this information. The secrecy, the knowing, and the not knowing. And if he really is suppressing a horrible past, WHAT IS IT? And if she decides, like the professor, not to let him know, even if it's for his own good, what will that do to their tentative relationship? What will his knowing that she dug up ANY part of his life do? He's a private man. It was behind his back.

*intrigue* Good job. As I say - especially this last chapter.

Author's Response: Good gawd, Gamma!! You always manage to see more than even I do, and I'm writing the damn thing!! I always love your FB, so much really useful stuff, even when your giving criticism, it's ALWAYS constructive.
I'm the unofficial genealogist of the family, so I know first hand the thrill of "the hunt", I'm glad it showed thru in the library setting.
As for the Prof and his convo w/Rogue, this whole story is just sort of writing itself! That whole chapter wasn't even a spark in my head until I laid my fingers on the just all sort of spilled out!
Now I'm all nervous, wanting to live up to your expectations! I was gonna have chapter 5 end it, but you've got my brain workin' overtime now, dammit! I guess, though, I'll just put my hands on the keys again and see what happens, it hasn't done me wrong yet!

Again, thanks for the FB!

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