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Reviewer: Jahunta4974 Signed star star star star [Report This]
Date: 03/09/2015 9:07:43 AM Title: Chapter 1

I thought this was SO impressive the first time I read it, and my opinion hasn't changed. I thought it was nice to see a Wolverine that didn't come out just to do the slicing and dicing, but also to give Logan important info about their shared pasts. Now what I'd LOVE to see a sequel where Logan figures out just what Marie is to him and Wolverine.

Reviewer: Nimriel_Silverwood Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/15/2011 1:27:55 PM Title: Chapter 1

this story has always been one of my favorites. thanks for writing it, as it has been the insperation for many a story that I never got around to writing.

Author's Response: You are very welcome, and I'm glad it's inspired some stuff from you, whether I get to read it or not. I have always thought I was just having a good writing day when I did Front Porch, because if I remember correctly, this was only the second Rogan fic I'd written, and it still pleases me. I appreciate the feedback - lets me know that folks are still reading my older stuff.

Reviewer: likelandm Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/20/2009 10:00:53 PM Title: Chapter 1

Amazing story...there was almost something epic about it..with the underlying themes of destiny and fate. I liked the analogy of Jekyll/Hyde with W/L…fascinating concept.
-I thought it was neat how the amalgamation of Wolverine and Logan was also reflected by showing their separate eye colors.
-I awwwed at Logan’s interaction with little sweet...her holding his hand...and the teddy bear...went for the heartstrings didn’t you? :P
-I kind of wanted Wolverine to just let Logan know already, you why not tell, since it was also affecting him too...but I get why he didn’t right then...Logan has to come to that place of understanding for him to be accepting....and the image of Wolverine checking up on his girl that night and reassuring ;)
-Finally, I’d like to imagine that this Logan, sometime in the future after he’s gotten together with Marie, happens upon the teddy bear and has a remnant of that memory...thinks about the concept of soulmates...and holds her a bit tighter.
Thanks for this lovely story...enjoyed it a lot...and thanks for your post re. Fangs...I’m happy to hear that a sequel’s not out of the question.

Author's Response: You hit a very important point - Logan isn't ready to know. He's still fighting the age-difference issue. Wolverine, however, doesn't give a fig. I've struggled with the idea of adding a second section to this one, but nothing ever seemed strong enough or creative enough to add. You may have hit the nail on the head with that suggestion - shoot it into the future. I'm gonna have to think on that. Thanks!

Reviewer: ct_xfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/10/2009 2:49:26 AM Title: Chapter 1

Perfect!! Just perfect!! I too, love the idea of that Jekyl/Hyde split, and like Gamma said, it makes sense that Wolverine would know stuff-be the one with the memories of this sort, but also have enough attitude to NOT just hand it over to Logan on a silver platter. Wonderful story! Goin in the favs for sure!

Reviewer: litlen Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/11/2008 11:30:39 AM Title: Chapter 1

I really like this one, unlike so many stories that when you first start them you just kind of know the start, middle and the end immediately, This one had me wondering where it was going right up until you had it all come together in style at the end. Great concept on the mix that is Logan/Wolverine and the whole story in general. well done x

Reviewer: jujubee100 Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/12/2007 3:03:49 AM Title: Chapter 1

interesting take. i was kind of expecting something else, but it's still pretty cool

Reviewer: Shadowlady Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 03/09/2007 6:26:54 PM Title: Chapter 1

This is such a great story. I love the way Wolverine seems to almost parent Logan. He seems to be willing to do more than just kill and maim. Perhaps Logan should realize this and move on.

Would you be willing to do a follow up...perhaps Wolverine in Rogue's head?

Author's Response: I'm writing that exact situation in a chaptered story I've been working on for months now (it's entirely too huge, but I'm hooked into it with both hands, pardon the pun). Look for that to happen along toward the middle-to-end of "Poison" which will hit here and on the list in chunks when it's done. Thanks!

Reviewer: Gamma meta Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/13/2007 3:21:14 PM Title: Chapter 1

I like the idea that Wolverine is the knowledgable one, the one with memories, the one who tethers Logan to his fate. It's also a great conversation in your head when you've got a bullet in the brain and you're talking to your alter-ego. :)

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed this.

Reviewer: aranenumenesse Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/13/2007 5:42:44 AM Title: Chapter 1

This is one of those stories that get stuck on me. Short and cute, but not sugary goop. Just cute, with just enough Wolverine in the mix to keep the balance. One of my favorites.

Reviewer: bima140277 Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 01/13/2007 5:17:46 AM Title: Chapter 1

Well I hope the Wolverine succeeds!

Reviewer: Aoria Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 01/13/2007 4:41:48 AM Title: Chapter 1

God, I love this story. These lines get me every time:

"The Wolverine stood up from the bed, naked, feral, hungry, and paced through the dark hallways of the mansion to where his mate slumbered peacefully. Leaning over her sleeping form, he let his green gaze feast on her: the mass of white-streaked dark hair strung out over the pillow, the innocence of long-lashed dark eyes closed in sleep, her scent warm and inviting, red lips parted, welcoming.

"Don't give up on me yet, baby. I'll make him realize that it's you he's waitin' for, that you are my mate, our mate. His, yeah, his, I'll grant him that - he's more your... style, I guess. Just remember that I've got your scent, and I know. I know. We belong together. Be patient. I'll keep workin' on him." "

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