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Reviewer: Jahunta4974 Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 06/20/2021 9:29:56 AM Title: Chapter 5

Yes! That was the. Best. Ending. Ever! Xavier is a smart man; he'll figure out where Rogue is eventually.

This was a wonderful story! The only thing that would have made it better would to find out if she was pregnant.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you loved it. I avoided the pregnancy side plot because some people don't like it, and most of my stories end up with Wolvie-babies I have noticed - what can I say, daddy!Logan/mommy!Marie is my favourite character arc.

Reviewer: Jahunta4974 Signed star star star star half star [Report This]
Date: 06/20/2021 9:21:41 AM Title: Chapter 4

More awesome smut! I love it! If it's not clear that these two belong together by now, nothing will convince them!

I'm glad to see that at least Hank wasn't involved in the scheme to use Logan like that! I've always liked him! And it looked like he's come up with a treatment for the virus! Way to go, uber genius!

This was a great chapter! Keep it coming!

Author's Response: Forgot to add re "Marie can touch Logan!", not sure if I explained that well, the implication is she assimilated his DNA, which changed her own, and now her body recognizes him as an extension of her - even her mutation knows they are meant to be!

Reviewer: Jahunta4974 Signed star star star star half star [Report This]
Date: 06/20/2021 9:00:54 AM Title: Chapter 3

Wow!!! That. Was. Hot! And everyone was awake this time! I actually laughed when he asked her age! I mean, it was a little late for that! Even if she was younger, who was going to complain? Certainly not the people guilty of kidnapping, assault, medical experimentation without consent, and unlawful confinement.

And Marie can touch Logan! Too bad he spent most of the last scene listing all the reasons why they couldn't have a relationship. *Sigh* Can you actually ASK her before you go all gloom and doom, Logan? Besides, I think that broken condom might just be a factor in any future relationship they have.

P. S. Where's Scott? Is he sick, too?

Author's Response: "Can you actually ASK her before you go all gloom and doom, Logan?" Ah, but then there would be no juicy angst for us to enjoy. Re Scott... He never came up... Let's say, he and Ororo were on a mission when the virus hit the school, so they are staying somewhere else so they can keep being X-Men while the school is on lockdown.

Reviewer: Jahunta4974 Signed star star star star half star [Report This]
Date: 06/20/2021 8:21:33 AM Title: Chapter 2

Holy sh*t! Oh my God! Holy sh*t! I can't believe the Professor did that! I can't believe he turned Logan into a walking, talking, beer guzzling petri dish! He's no better than the humans that experimented on Wolverine! What's even worse is that he didn't even do it right! Logan wasn't even unconscious; he could see and hear everything! I can't even imagine how awful being aware but unable to move or speak would be. I'm kinda shocked he even wants to stay and help!

Well, at least Marie was able to make his confinement not so...argurous. And you know she did a great job because instead of running off to slice and dice Xavier as soon as he could move, he just continued, activities.

This was a shockingly but very good chapter! I'm eager to see what's next!

Reviewer: Jahunta4974 Signed star star star star [Report This]
Date: 06/20/2021 7:33:44 AM Title: Chapter 1

Legacy. I get the feeling that this story probably won't end well for most of the characters. Despite that, I'm still very eager to read it! And I'm VERY concerned about the strange way they're treating Logan and Marie. Something very odd other than Legacy is going on here. The fact that they're keeping Logan in a coma makes NO sense. Coma patients have a LOWER immune response because the human body isn't meant to be immobile for long periods of time. They are actually decreasing their chances of success. What's even stranger is Jean's only response to Marie practically molesting her patient is "Lock the door next time."

This is a great first chapter! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: I've just found all the reviews you've left, thank you! I've gone back and re-read the 'lock the door next time' part, it is a little ambiguous I've realised, sorry, that wasn't Jean picking up what she had been doing, that was Rogue having a mini panic attack at almost getting caught and resolving to lock the door next time.

Reviewer: smilinghoney Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 05/20/2020 3:56:24 PM Title: Chapter 5

LOVE THIS STORY!!!!! I caught up in a single sitting and loved every bit of it. Really hated that Xavier did that to Logan but glad to see Hank still being Hank. And of course, who could miss the sexy steaminess between our fav couple. Thank you so much for this!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. Can I interest you in some other twists on our favourite pairs story... ;)

Reviewer: ML Wolverine Reader Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/22/2020 3:23:44 AM Title: Chapter 1

It was a great start, i'm waiting to see what happen in the next chapter, keep going!

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