Reviews For Holding Out
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Reviewer: Nebelwerfer42 Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 09/15/2016 10:07:45 PM Title: Chapter 1

A very touching peeking into a day in the lives of Logan and Marie. I love how concerned and gentle he is with Marie, if this was anyone else he would gone drill sergeant on them.

Its wonderful how you manage to deal with a very traumatic event for Marie seriously, while still keeping the tone light.
And if I'm reading the mood right near the end, I think Marie manage to shift their relationship a bit due to this incident.

A great read.

Author's Response: I'm a sucker for peeking in on their lives. In other circumstances I could see him drill sergeanting her too, but not here. :)

I'm not an angst writer and couldn't make her spiral down. There is an upside to everything, even if you don't see it at the time. And yes, the end is a hopeful start to another type of relationship.

Thank you!

Reviewer: Killing_time Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 03/03/2016 11:09:00 AM Title: Chapter 1

Really lovely, nothing like some comfort from Logan!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: Iamthemagicmaker Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 03/02/2016 2:26:14 PM Title: Chapter 1

Aww, Logan knows just how to fix things! I just love shipper fic :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I needed something cute and fluffy for a break.

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