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Reviewer: bima140277 Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/25/2015 8:42:47 PM Title: Chapter 1


*wipes eyes*

Thank gawd there is a sequel!!!

Author's Response: Didn't mean to make you sniffly. Sequels can fix things. :)

Reviewer: ct_xfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/18/2015 5:43:58 PM Title: Chapter 1

ARRRGGHHHH!!!  Not a great place to end a story!! So glad a sequel just popped up in the Most Recent category! (CT runs off to read the sequel!!)

Reviewer: RedLotus Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 08/06/2014 12:17:56 AM Title: Chapter 1

This was a beautiful story, so well-written! Love the conversations she has with hallucination-Logan, and how she knows it's only a hallucination, but finds comfort in having him there with her. It's so heart-wrenching, but there is a beauty in the pain. Please, please, just a little more--we need closure! One more chapter? Epilogue? :)

Author's Response:

Something is percolating, but I can't promise it will see the light of day.

Reviewer: Ebony10 Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/27/2014 4:08:15 PM Title: Chapter 1

OMG. I seriously just...oh. This was so heart-wrenching. I want to believe that everything turned out okay after that last line. Please?

If you ever wanted to add another chapter, that would be my vote.

Author's Response:

I love happy endings, so I envision everything turning out fine in the end.  Can't promise another chapter.

Reviewer: smilinghoney Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/23/2013 12:39:00 AM Title: Chapter 1

You made us feel so much in just a single chapter. Awesome job! keep writing!

Author's Response:

Thank you.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: Aoria Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/11/2013 10:29:35 PM Title: Chapter 1


Author's Response:

*blushes*  Thank you.

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