WRFA 'fixed', no upgrade for now
The attempted upgrade from eFiction 3.3.1 to eFiction 3.5.3 did not go as planned. Nothing but "Internal Server Error" pages afterwards. I've put in a ticket to the eFiction folks and hopefully they can help my figure out what is breaking. In the meantime, I rolled back to the original files and edited the piece of code in the header.php that was generating most those errors we've been seeing, and got rid of the huge log file that was filling up all of Devil Doll's space allotment. Hopefully we won't have problems posting up stories/chapters from now on. The emailer.php file and a couple others still contain some depreciated functions, but those are less straightforward to fix so will take more time. I'll proceed with the upgrade only after I hear back from eFiction and will notify everyone ahead of time before I start.

-- Spring
--springbok7 on 07/31/2012 9:01:11 PM (0 Comments)